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The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
6,110 backers pledged $377,429 to help bring this project to life.

The Quality Control results and shipping start!


Hello, Beautiful People of The Jollylook Community!

Thank you for backing Jollylook!

Straight to the news:

We have been testing every single camera and the first two thousand cameras passed additional control.

Light tightness test

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Shutter test in automatic and manual modes:

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The development mechanism test

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The packing of Jollylooks that passed the tests:

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We already delivered these tested Jollylook cameras to our shipping partners without waiting for the completion of the entire batch release. During next week the first 2000 Jollylooks should be delivered to our amazing backers and in the coming 2 months All our backers should receive their Jollylooks. We hope that our attention to quality and careful testing will give the expected result and you will be able to enjoy the analog photos of Jollylook.

Such a long delay and the need to correct and remake a lot of parts led to a big cost overrun, and OIeg had to invest an additional $65,000 of his own savings in order to complete settlements with contractors and pay for part of the Instax mini cassettes that come with every camera for our backers. But this is not enough for Jollylook to survive and we still need to pay for the rest of the cassettes and the costs of the shipping. We have to start selling a part of the first batch to dealers before all the shipping to backers is complete, we will use the funds received to fulfill our obligations and to continue the manufacturing, it was a difficult but necessary decision! We are also looking for an investor and we will solve this issue in one way or another.

A serious problem remains - we still need to minimize the ammount of rejects of the manufactured Jollylook cameras and we are considering many options: optimizing the design to simplify the assembly, the possible change of the contractor and even the organization of our own assembly and of course we will cope with everything. 

We thank you ALL once again for your patience and massive support, we can't wait to send you all your rewards and we beleive that all our backers will recieve their Jollylooks within the coming two months.

We will keep you updated.


Until next time,

The Jollylook team.

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    1. David Jacques about 5 hours ago

      This is absolute rubbish. I can not believe you started the update with a note about shipping product and then followed it up with but not to everyone and there are people getting cameras that didn’t even back the project. It sucks that we all are the guinea pigs for you to figure out the Chinese manufacturing system. Not at all a good experience for us backers. I want a refund or I want a camera, in the next week.

    2. Jason Lau 1 day ago

      May I know when can I receive my camera?

    3. Missing avatar

      Adi Cihen 1 day ago

      I got yesterday the camera, and unfortunately I got very disappointed - the camera didn't worked! After so much time I thought it will be awesome....
      What can I do?

    4. Missing avatar

      sergio Bruno 4 days ago

      I got the jollylook. But it doesn't work! The extraction mechanism is not working.
      How the warranty Works

    5. Missing avatar

      marcoossino 5 days ago

      Can I have the tracking number?

    6. Missing avatar

      Tom Mirga 6 days ago

      I should have known better. Backer beware.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      I posted on the main comment page as well. Not sure if people check both. Those of you who haven't received your cameras yet may have reason to be happy. Based on the input on the other camera page, almost no one has received a functioning unit. The gears on mine are missing cogs so I can't pull up the film. This is unfixable. Others are having problems with the shutter which may be fixable. My advice is to read the suggested fixes provided on the main comment page before loading your film. Good luck.

    8. Missing avatar

      Felix Cartagena on

      Kissed my 200 bucks goodbye. Will NEVER support a Kickstarter project again, no matter how cool the idea.

    9. Missing avatar

      Adam shull on


    10. Missing avatar

      Adam shull on

      Still no update. Almost a year late. Available at stores not to thoswho paid already. This is very fraudalent practice. They dont even respond. Nor send what was promised. Sorry you got over your head and every 6 months late you say 2 more months. Yet available at retail stores. DO NOT INVEST. PLEASE DO NOT INVEST. A YEAR LATE ALREADY WHAT A JOKE. REFUND ME. OR SEND PRODUCT YOU WARRANTY AND SELL RETAIL. SUCH BAD BUSINESS.

    11. Missing avatar

      Adam shull on

      Still no update. Almost a year late. Available at stores not to thoswho paid already. This is very fraudalent practice. They dont even respond. Nor send what was promised. Sorry you got over your head and every 6 months late you say 2 more months. Yet available at retail stores. DO NOT INVEST. PLEASE DO NOT INVEST. A YEAR LATE ALREADY WHAT A JOKE. REFUND ME. OR SEND PRODUCT YOU WARRANTY AND SELL RETAIL. SUCH BAD BUSINESS.

    12. Neomi David on

      Hello guys!
      It's been a while since we heard of you last. I'm wondering what's going on... also I'm a bit concerned here coz I'll move to another country in a couple of months so I'm not sure if my camera will be delivered on time here or if I should change my address already.
      Keep in touch with your backers! After all we helped you make it happen :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Olivier Charolles on

      No newssss. Desesperate. Could you tell us where is our Jollylook? Give us some news pleaaaaase?

    14. Missing avatar

      Charlie on

      So dissappointed for this project. Delay and delay. I have no idea what i still waiting for ...... its not worth for .... but i hope I could get it before the end of summer which I planed be xmas gift last time but now .....

    15. Missing avatar

      geunjune on

      I want to get my camera.

    16. Missing avatar

      Adam shull on

      Have my cameras shipped yet?

    17. Missing avatar

      Karin Claus on

      Hi, just received my Jollylook camera. wow looking good
      everything seams to work (not yet tested with film)
      just a question I ordered the set of Polarized Filters but I only got one (grey)

    18. Annie D on

      I got my camera today and the shutter worked once, but now it’s impossible to close. I’m afraid it’s going to break if I try to fix it. How do I receive a replacement like it claims in the manual?

    19. Daniel Neal on

      Super frustrating to visit Freestyle Photo in LA a couple of days ago and see finished Jollylook cameras available for purchase at retail while I haven't seen any hint of delivery yet.

      I appreciate the note about needing to sell to retail partners before shipping to Kickstarter backers, but, yeah, it stung seeing finished cameras available for retail sale while I'm still waiting for my copy.

      On a plus note, the finished camera looks beautiful and the sample pictures on display at Freestyle looked great.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ying Fan Chong on

      Got my tracking number on Monday

    21. Sittinan Laoarakpibul on

      The jollylook team must be improve in term of communication with all backer.
      Keep silence is not the exit

    22. Missing avatar

      Thom King on

      Anybody receive a tracking number yet?

    23. Missing avatar

      Thierry ROBERT on

      Thanks for the update
      Lean start up is the right book to read
      To manage this project Oleg please read it now ! Thierry project mger in France lyon’

    24. Mario van der Niet on

      Awesome, thanks for the update and extra comment

    25. knoptop on

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. you have nothing to prove at this point with all the paper, glue and quality control issues on parts. Switch those problem components the 3D printed parts, metal or plastic components. A working camera is far better than a delicate art piece that’ll come unglued months after arrival.

      Anyway, I appreciate the update. Though, It’s sad that you have access to so many of us backers and can only ask for forgiveness instead of asking for help. There’s a lot of smart, resourceful people who would have loved to have helped you and this project.

    26. Raphael Thoulouze on

      @Adam shull : You should better explain your fictitious attorney what Kickstarter is (hint : it's not a store), he probably won't be as keen to sue afterwards.
      Besides, it's far easier to assemble a pizza. YOU get real. ;)

    27. Missing avatar

      Adam shull on

      I think backers promised a product not received a year late deserve some incentive. Imagine i wait 8 extra months for a pizza i bought?

    28. Missing avatar

      Adam shull on

      You arw trying to push wait to over a year so you dont have to pay til we all sue you. Scandolous fraud. My attorney is interested. But wait thats why you claim to be oversees. Not coked out gourd in south. Didnt you say august then november??? Scam.

    29. Missing avatar

      Adam shull on

      Scam. I want refund. Year late? Get real. You can get similar profuct any shop. Even walmarts.

    30. Julian L on

      Good news! Thanks for keeping us updated, it is appreciated! :D

    31. Missing avatar

      John Robison on

      @Brian Fried
      Most of the complaining revolves around lack of communication, not being late or why. When a project runs into this many problems then open, prompt, and honest communication is vital. Not full on official updates mind you, but posting in the comments section (just as they did yesterday). Answering direct questions backers have via this comments section within a reasonable time, say 48 hours, not 3 weeks. This comments section should be the clearing house for all honest and reasonable questions backers have. Not social media!

      Ignoring direct backers questions makes it look like the creators have something to hide and sows distrust.
      Is this too unreasonable or too much pressure to put on KS project creators? Then don't make promises, take backers money, or run a KS project.
      There is a solution of course. KS project creators could be required to set estimated delivery of reward dates AT LEAST one year after close of funding. This would result if far fewer but higher quality backers. And is much more realistic for any project that involves hardware or supplies from outside vendors.

    32. Missing avatar

      John Robison on

      If any commenters here get a shipping notice could you let the rest of us backers know. It would give some hope that this might actually be delivered at some point.

    33. Brian Fried

      To all those backers complaining about it being bad form… listen to the superbackers: this is not a store where you reserve only to find it went on the shelf before yours were given out — this is a chance to help make a dream reality.

      Yes, it sucks that some might have their product ahead of you… but the product has gone through a tremendous amount of production issues, some of which are clearly not anticipatable. When they signed for the good delivery after manufacturing, Jollylook took ownership of the equipment — and it was only be their OWN testing after that they knew there were problems.

      The extra cash is needed to make sure we get a quality product instead of shoddy one. This is a startup position, and I am extremely glad they care about not sending us something that isn't worth the money (and there have been plenty that rush to meet delivery dates without quality control).

      Soon we'll all have ours and be happy. Be patient. It's coming with the promise of excellence!

    34. Coral Giffin

      Thanks for the update. I appreciate the attention to quality control and details. Please know I have waited longer than this on a project for reward delivery and been thrilled with my reward. This is not a retail outlet, it's a source of inspiration and learning. I learn from the obstacles you encounter and overcome. I learn from your creation and it's possibilities. It is a valuable reciprocal process. This is why I participate, not to gather ever more things but to participate in partnership with others who have wonderful ideas. I am rarely disappointed often have my breath taken and am very happy. I receive access to things well designed, made well and a pleasure to use, gift or talk about. All the way to Australia and years ahead of their time, or beautiful to look at and touch, or unique and in limited numbers for a small price indeed. I am money poor but rich in time and love. I can be patient. Good things always take their own sweet time. Well done at sticking to high standards and going the extra distance to get it right.

    35. Missing avatar

      aaron on

      The instax mini cassettes had always been part of the camera purchase from day one. so why is it part of the $65,000 Oleg had to put in of his own money? why wasn't that factored into the original price?

    36. jonathan on

      i would also...probably be cool with nixing the free instax and just ensuring we get the device (camera), i can buy my own film. if that helps curb costs in any way.

    37. Teo Choong Ching

      THanks for this update. I hope to receive it before my trip to Central Asia region.

    38. Missing avatar

      Michael Williams on

      As backer number 28, I'm going to be super cheesed off if I'm not one of those first 2000 to receive it and have to wait even longer.

    39. Eric Bergstrom on

      As a Kickstarter creator, I feel your pain. I ran the Phochon XA shutter speed tester campaign, and I ran into parts availability issues ( I couldn't get the LCDs!) that made me almost cancel the whole thing and refund everyone's money. But I only had to make 135 of them, not 6000 like you are. I have built another 200 of them and I am just now making profit 18 months later. Kickstarter is not a get rich quick scheme, and I certainly can appreciate your efforts as I've been there. Best of luck Jollylook

    40. Carleton Torpin on

      Thank you for all the work Jollylook has done and continues to do. :D

    41. Christian Castillo on

      Before anyone else comments on Jollylook selling part of the first batch, know that they clarified in a comment below. We, the backer's are receiving them first, but, since they need to cover some costs, they're selling the reject one's after they fix them up, and only a small amount of them.
      We're also going to be receiving tracking numbers and the such, so don't worry: they aren't selling them before we get them.
      Again, they clarified it in the comment below.

    42. Didi S. Gilson on

      I have had this situation: where we are angel investor, kickstarter backers who were not the first ones to receive the items/products instead we are pushed behind new purchasers when we have patiently waited. It is poor form & while I am sure we appreciate the time & trouble (& indeed extra finances) that it has taken for you to arrive at this point... it's not great optics when we supported you for these many months. You should also have a mechanism to let backers know when you are sending their camera, so we can be on the lookout, or let you know if that delivery address or window is no longer good, since your delivery date is way past the original schedule. Of course we wish you success, but it seems like some of us are going to be less important to thank (with the promised results in a timely manner) than your new customers who are jumping to the head of the receiving line.

    43. Christopher J. May on

      “We have to start selling a part of the first batch to dealers before all the shipping to backers is complete, we will use the funds received to fulfill our obligations and to continue the manufacturing, it was a difficult but necessary decision!“

      I’m sorry but that’s a very poor decision. Your backers have been waiting more than a year past your planned ship date. I think we all understand that delays happen and I know I’ll always give creators the benefit of the doubt when bringing a new product to market. To ship units to dealers prior to meeting your commitment to the people who funded you? That’s very poor treatment of those who helped you bring this to life. I’m more than a little miffed about this.

    44. Danny kaye on

      I am moving on the 19th July, is there any chance I could get my camera before that? If not, can you send it to France please?

    45. Michael Angelo Martinez on

      Patiently waiting. But just wondering how y'all will address any customers receiving defective units? Is there a plan on how you will address these issues?

    46. Missing avatar


      Thanks Jollylook. I’ve experienced when it’s faulty and already sent out . I really appreciate how hard u guys are working!!

    47. Missing avatar

      Matthew Scampoli on

      Oh no, this is what happened to the (now epic mess) Kickstarter fiasco, the "Coolest Cooler." A bunch of us backers had to appeal to the Department of Justice to get our reward when we discovered that only a fraction of the rewards were shipped to backers, and many more rewards were diverted to Amazon Marketplace for sale. I am hoping for a much better outcome for Jollylook.

    48. Missing avatar

      Rob Fahnestock on

      Your post of selling to dealers before those that backed it, is highly unethical. Wouldn't it be nice if the backers could do what your doing and just decide to back out and get a refund? Your unethical decision seems to fit with the rest of your poor choices and partners your chose. Please explain again why you are getting billed for faulty products and more importantly, why are you/we paying for this poor quality? Being reimbursed for their lack of quality, seems like a great gig.

    49. Missing avatar

      John Robison on

      One word for your next camera to use Instax film.....No Bellows! Use a rotary shutter! Just take apart a old 6X9 box camera and copy the hairpin rotary shutter.
      Well, I guess that was much more than one word.

      I mentioned this early on but, how about a camera to use Instax Square in a 'box camera' configuration with a waist level 'brilliant finder'.

    50. Clinton Ausmus on

      Excellent news Jollylook Team. I know you are relieved to start delivering the rewards. We are happy to start receiving as well.

      Thank you for working so diligently to insure a quality product is delivered.

      The development module being made available separately is also an attractive idea. I'd be interested in purchasing additional development modules if available...

      Thank you again JollyLook Team. Great work...