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The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
6,110 backers pledged $377,429 to help bring this project to life.

The Quality Control

Posted by Jollylook (Creator)

Hello, Beautiful People of The Jollylook Community!

Thank you for backing Jollylook!

Straight to the news:

We managed to fix the shutters problem, but the solution wasn't fast, we had to take apart every single shutter of every camera

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clean the old permanent stickiness glue

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and re-glue them with the completely drying glue

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Then insert them back into the shutter block

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This didn't always work well, so we had to make more new shutters and replace a lot of them.

Finally, the factory began to produce ready cameras. But unfortunately, selective quality control showed an unacceptable percentage of rejects of a different nature.

We did not expect that this simple product will cause so many difficulties for the manufacturer, and are very concerned about not only the release of the current batch but also how we can organize further production. We took a difficult but the only right decision: hired employees who are not factory workers, to check every single camera before packing, the quality control includes checking the reliability of the gluing, cleanliness and correct assembly, the correctness of the shutter, the development unit and the light tightness of the entire camera body. It will take some more time but we are now at the final test and pack stage.

Our main goal is to send you a perfect working camera. And as one of our backers metioned, when everything ends well, Oleg should write if not a book then a detailed story of what we went through to bring Jollylook from an idea to reality.

As we said in the previous update, we are very frustrated that we are letting you down by not delivering the cameras on time. But we can not compromise on quality! We have to make sure you get a perfect product.

We thank you ALL once again for your patience and massive support, we can't wait to send you your rewards and we beleive that the next update will be about the shipment.

We will keep you updated.


Until next time,

The Jollylook team.


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    1. Lynda Doward on

      Thank you for all of the informative and entertaining updates! It’s very impressive that you are taking quality so seriously. I’m excited about receiving the Jollylook but also very happy to wait until the team are sure they have it right. 😊😊

    2. Missing avatar

      Thom King on

      3-1/2 weeks since an update. Any new news?

    3. Jeanne on

      I’m with Phil. Keep on the factory to produce the camera you envisioned. The camera you designed is the camera I funded. Cheers!

    4. Missing avatar

      Koh Boon Ping on

      thank you very much for the QC! while I can't speak for everyone, I rather get a working camera after all the wait than get one that will fail after a while.

    5. Alberto Herrero Álvarez on

      Me gusta que tengais un firme compromiso con la calidad.
      De esa calidad , no solo dependen nuestras camaras , dependen los demas proyectos futuros , que tendreis.
      Espero mas noticias con ilusion.

      I like that you have a firm commitment to quality.
      We will wait.
      Of that quality, not only depend our cameras, depend the other future projects, that you will have.
      I hope more news with illusion.

    6. Missing avatar

      Antonina on

      That is excellent, that you don't compromise on quality.
      And I understand your situation, because it is a Kickstarter !
      Keep going strong, and I'm waiting for my camera.

    7. Missing avatar

      Quiet on

      What is the next issue???... KickDisaster

    8. Missing avatar

      wong chun kit on

      hope it can ne solve soon, keep going!

    9. Missing avatar

      Lois on

      Just repeating previous comment. If you are making it perfect, do make commitment that it will be flawless, give warranty that worth all the waiting.
      Make update with warranty policy, how long the camera should be expected to last and have free replacement for units that don’t meet that standard (including damages like misaligned lens during shipment or badly assembled units for example).

      Also make sure no delay because of shipping problems later. Make commitment the product will be received and send replacement if it is still not delivered (commonly happens, some backers never received theirs months after creator claimed “all shipped”).
      Hope you will use expedited shipping with customs paid, to make sure it arrive quick as compensation to all the time given for “making it perfect”.

    10. Topher Davila

      There are times when I say “you should have planned for delays”. This is not one of them. It sounds like the issues a lot more on unique materials and a manufacturer that should have done a better job in the first place. A defective product on time won’t do me any good. Take time. Not too long but take time to get it right and find another manufacturer when you go to retail production.

    11. jonathan on

      Just keep us updated and I like 2 ideas. 1. Create an assemble yourself camera and 2. Write a book on how to do business in China

    12. knoptop on

      Please.. DO one of these two things: Switch these components to plastics and metal and stop messing around glueing paper
      just send me the item I paid for AS IS and I’ll figure out how to fix it myself.

      This level of ‘perfectionism’ is noble or maybe it’s just trying to fix bad craftsmanship and this is just evidence that I am financially supporting ‘low cost outsourcing’ from yet another company who would rather pay money to re-make flawed components, than to simply pay the cost of quality materials and quality craftsmanship.

      Thanks for the update at least.. it still gives me a hope this whole thing isn’t just a scam.

    13. Teo Choong Ching

      Please TAKE YOUR TIME. it is the right thing to do. QC as much as possible. :D

    14. Missing avatar

      Joseph King on

      Thank YOU - Thank YOU - Thank You... Better late shipment than the faulty camera. You are a wonderful person to take the decision to hold off shipment and be 100% sure of resolving the problems. I have more respect for your action than if you just rushed the shipment. Take all the time needed. We all have Faith in you... Best Wishes from Ireland, and sending you the Luck of the Irish haha...

    15. WWWetmore on

      Happy to wait for quality!!! Thanks for informing, and keep up the good work!

    16. Angie Holland on

      Thanks for being upfront! I'd MUCH rather have an excellent product at a later date than a shoddy product on schedule.

    17. Missing avatar

      Ernie Santa Ana on

      I hope this results in a valuable lesson on who to do business with in China. I’m going to assume Jollylook will break even when all is said and done. And, that’s unfortunate. This camera will come to market late in the game, and I know that many Instax shooters are moving on to the SQ6. If you’re open to advice, sell future cameras as a DIY kit for enthusiasts to assemble .themselves.

    18. Missing avatar

      james chan on

      To be honest, it just sounds like a lot of excuses. Just provide refunds for people who want them or at least add some incentive for people to stick around.

    19. Missing avatar

      Madhujith on

      Well. while I appreciate a response after such a long absence and also empathize with your situation, my patience has unfortunately run out. Could I please get a refund ASAP!

    20. Missing avatar

      John Robison on

      Having reread carefully update#20, I have a few more questions that are of interest to me and perhaps other backers as well. Can the Jollylook team please address these questions in a timely manner.

      #1 " unacceptable percentage of rejects..." What is this percentage?

      #2 Does this mean the cameras that are not rejects are good and ready to be shipped?

      #3 6K+ backers backed 8K+ cameras. Do you intend to wait until all 8K cameras are packed and ready before you start shipping cameras to backers?

      #4 I regards to question #3, can you start sending out non reject cameras to early backers as they become available?

      #5 In regards to question #4, If the answer is 'no', can you explain why it is 'no'.

      I don't see why you would not know the answers to these very reasonable questions now. So, now, in the next 24 hours (not another month of silence please) would you please answer these questions. I believe most of the anger expressed by backers is not because the project late, it is because Jollylook doesn't even acknowledge backer questions.

      Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

    21. Gary Adkins on

      You are doing business the way business should be done. I've received 2 other Kickstarter products that had "issues" and they shipped anyway. I don't have a problem waiting.

    22. Missing avatar

      angelo maiorana on

      I can understand ALL' the issues that were not forecasted, but if now you think that worst It's over , can you estimate a delivery date? Thanks Angelo

    23. Missing avatar

      Eugene T Wilson on

      At this point, if I get my camera any time in the future and it works, I consider it a win. I mean I spent $35 two year ago and if I get a usable camera out if it, that's great but if I don't then I'm only out the price of a cheap dinner for two.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      You are not letting us down primarily because of the missed deadlines (though some might disagree). You are letting us down by not communicating with us about what is causing the delays. You could easily have avoided most of the anger and bad feelings you created by simply writing a sentence or two about these issues as they came up. There is no excuse for not doing that. Be respectful and considerate.

    25. Missing avatar

      Karin Claus on

      Well, I love to see this process developed to a "grown" camera.
      Better we will get a good camera than a not finished product.
      I'm proud to be part of this process. Keep up the good work.

    26. Missing avatar

      Zoe W on

      I haven't commented previously... but that being said... I personally am enjoying watching the process.

      I know that for the developers it hasn't been ideal but I have to respect that they want to and *are* fixing the problems that they are running into.

      I think that takes alot of respect for the backers.

      I have backed more than one camera related campaign and received what I would consider a dud now and again, so this has been fascinating to watch transpire.

      Thanks for the updates to us backers. The process has been fascinating to me. It's technically a toy camera but not being made with that expectation which is amazing.

      Thanks again for keeping me in the loop.

      I too am looking forward to playing with it when it gets to my door :)

    27. Missing avatar

      John Robison on

      I hope that as cameras are approved for shipping not one unit goes to a retailer before ALL backers have their cameras in hand. I really think that is the least you can do. tells me they are expecting to have cameras in June so I hope they understand that backers must come first.

    28. Missing avatar

      John Robison on

      I know you cannot do this for one backer but....
      I'd be happy with a box of parts. Going to disassemble the camera anyway and use the developing module to build my own camera. I could also repurpose that 110mm plastic lens.

    29. Missing avatar

      Massimo Maniscalco on

      Letta hope it's the last problem in the making :) I am still looking forward to getting my Jollylook

    30. Missing avatar

      Julia Tuttle on

      Thanks for putting in the time and effort to ship something reliable. I'd like to echo the "Kickstarter isn't a supermarket" comment -- when you back something, you *know* it's not done yet, and you *know* things can get complicated. If you're not willing to run that risk, subscribe to the project's email list, wait for it to hit retail after all the kinks get worked out, and pay a higher price for getting something faster and with less risk.

    31. johan ulburghs on

      Hey Guys,
      this a not a supermarket where you buy things.
      These people "invented" something new and want to deliver a quality product
      I think the unhappy backers would have also have complained when the product was badly made.
      The sun is shining outside so enjoy the beautiful weather and stop complaining.
      Is it really going to make a difference in your life that this camera will arrive with some delay ?
      Not for me.

      Keep up the good work and thanx for all the messages to keep us up-to-date


    32. Missing avatar

      Franz on

      Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

    33. Missing avatar

      sailorcire on

      If I recall correctly you said that you outsource this to China. Now by default paper products are hard to make, especially in third world countries.

      That said, going forward I hope you're able to find a better manufacturer or you're able to hire locals instead.

      I also hope that the manufacturer is compensating you for their repeated failures.

    34. Jamie & Tim Buckley

      "rejects of a different nature" but no info as to what that issue is...?

    35. Missing avatar

      aaron on

      So once again, and this time with no shipping date. How many times will the actual camera be taken apart before it's shipped? Really, had I known that a cardboard camera was going to take longer than it takes to get a ship into space, I wouldn't have backed you.

    36. Missing avatar

      Derrick Morrison on

      I need my $90 refund now!

    37. Mike Kerr on

      Quality over Speed! I can’t imagine the financial cost of all these setbacks. I am deeply grateful for your effort to ensure solid units! I am patient and excited for when I will receive my Jollylook!

    38. Missing avatar

      Phillip on

      Bah...shit happens. That's the thing with doing something for the first time, you never know what's gonna happen. Kickstarter is what allows the backer to see the process no matter how awesome or how frustrating it can be.

      We don't see this process with other companies ex. Samsung, whirlpool, ford or whoever cause we only see the end result. So...don't worry about the delay and just keep plugging forward. :)