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The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
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Posted by Jollylook (Creator)

Hello, Beautiful People of The Jollylook Community!

Thank you for backing Jollylook!

The News:

Oleg went to Thailand for New Year, where he spent several days with his wife (the flight to Europe would be too far for an early return to China). On one of the sunny days, He took a few photos with Jollylook experimenting with the exposure, here are the successful shots of this heaven on earth:





Taking one of the photos, Oleg accidentally left the lens shifted up and the diaphragm of 45 worked like a pinhole! Here's how it looks:

Here are photos on a cloudy day before sunset:

Several New Year's days passed quickly and after the New Year's break, as soon as our factories continued their work, Oleg returned to China to monitor the quality of the conveyor production. The rhythm of production was satisfying, here for an example is a video of Jollylook body assembly:

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To control compliance with the assembly technology, there are technological maps that describe each operation in detail, the factory workers who are assembling on the conveyor are trained and verify their work using them:

The first batch of Jollylook is 10,000 cameras.

During pauses OIeg continued to do serial Jollylook tests. He checked how the filters worked:

He made a series of photos with different exposures. Here are photos taken on a sunny day from a window with four different aperture values, the front garden at the hotel at nine in the morning, and of course Oleg tried to make selfies with different diaphragms... these photos were taken on the same day, He stood facing the window holding the camera in his outstretched hand, the shooting distance was set to 0.6m:

Oleg was happy with the result: in many cases, the quality of the images even exceeds the quality of photos taken with an automatic camera - a wide range of aperture and a cool pinhole do their job perfectly! However, the camera requires accuracy, attention and proper exposure selection.

Unfortunately, this time again was not without a problem: testing the manufactured bellows, Oleg found periodically occurring microdamages of the light-shielded paper layer and he had to reject all three thousand already made bellows and five thousand blanks!

It is necessary to re-select the paper, and to produce the bellows again, the cause of the rejection was insufficient paper strength when forming by stamping, (before that the bellows were made on a plotter and the quality of the paper looked acceptable).

In total, about 8,000 camera bodies are ready for use today:

But the bellows will have to be remade, the total delay before the beginning of gluing of the bellows will be about two weeks from today, which means that it will not be possible to start the shipment before the Chinese New Year. We have already paid all suppliers and contractors and there is no turning back!

The grief quickly changed to the determination to get the perfect result anyway. Nobody before us made an instant camera out of paper and no one organized its mass production, as you see watching us it is not so simple. Of course we will get the perfect result! We will fulfill our obligations to you and continue the business that we started thanks to your support. We are very impatient for one more reason: all the time while preparing the production of "Jollylook" we were developing other models of Jollylook cameras, among them there are both expected models and a completely unexpected one... but all this we will be able to offer you only after the completion of the most difficult first stage, after you get your cameras and we get your feedback.

We would like to thank you All once again for your massive support and patience!

We will keep you updated.


Untill next time,

The Jollylook Team.

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    1. Gaetan on

      I new update would be appreciated :)

    2. Jason Lau on

      I have seen some advertising selling this camera, when do I receive my order?

    3. Missing avatar

      Douglas King on

      Thank you for all the had work the team has done on Jollylook! I especially appreciate your commitment to quality. Can't wait to try it out!

    4. Missing avatar

      Charmaine Rebekah Koh on

      Just want to thank you and appreciate all the work your team has put in for this! And not only just for that, but also for the transparent and detailed updates you guys have been providing us on your journey. Mistakes are inevitable during the production process, and I can only imagine how painful it must be to have to reject ready-made parts because of quality issues. Thank you for wanting to provide us with the best materials! A camera that can last will make all the wait worth it. You’re almost done, hang on in there! I can’t wait to hold the jollylook in my hands. :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      I appreciate that it is critical to get this absolutely right. I want you take as long as necessary to do so. On the other hand, I think at this point you should consider providing your backers with some compensation in the form of one of the accessories you are going to sell separately. This would reflect your appreciation for the loyalty of those who have waited so long and would also help establish a commitment by us backers to your future projects.

    6. Heather Bryse-harvey on

      I realize that things take time, and I certainly want the best “Jollylook” that I can get, but I originally decided to get involved because my sister-in-law used to have a Polaroid that she loved, and I thought she would get a kick out of this for Christmas. Then you said it was not quite ready yet… so I went shopping for something else for her.
      Her birthday is on February 23rd, and I would REALLY like to be able to send her a “Jollylook”!
      Are they done yet???

    7. Missing avatar

      Stacey Roberts on

      I appreciate the detailed updates! I would rather wait and receive an item that I am happy with and that will last than receive an item quickly that doesn't work as intended. Still excited here in Michigan! Thanks

    8. Ewam Lin on

      Long time waiting! When can I get my camera?

    9. Thomas Negovan

      You guys are awesome, and I can't wait to get my cameras!!! Please know that many of us remember that Kickstarter is for supporting creativity, and not a store, and we are absolutely happy to wait as long as it takes. To quote Adam Jones: "It's not good when it's done, it's done when it's good." Take all the time you need, I'm in this with you 100%.

    10. Missing avatar

      Carsten Schouler on

      Your updates are very nice and informative. Thank you for that.
      However, my patience slowly begins to crumble. I totally understand that you can run into severe problems when doing such a project, but the delay is massive meanwhile. I hope you understand that some of your backers start to complain. On the other hand, it's much better to wait because you have found some faults than getting the camera and finding those faults ourselves. We do enough beta-testing for software, so I don't need that for gear. ;)
      Really can't wait to shoot with it, though.

    11. Coral Giffin

      Good things take time and patience. Great things take longer. I appreciate the transparency as you educate us and others on how to ensure a manufacturing process can be exact and mass. This is valuable to all capable of creating and innovating. Yes l can't wait for my camera but the real value is in the process of controlling a means of production. This body of information is priceless and precious. It teaches the creative to avoid becoming factory or cannon fodder. How to avoid some pitfalls, how much time to invest in a project before taking it to backers as well as continuing your first creation to finish but not wasting down time by creating more. These are the lessons l take from your honest appraisals. They are valuable lessons indeed. Thank you. Take all comments on board but do not take critique to heart. If backers are frustrated it is because they do not yet have insight into the process of backing which often relies on patience. You get what you pay for in the commercial world. In the innovation and creation world you get what you are prepared to wait for. A superior product at a reduced price.
      Hang in there.

    12. Missing avatar

      Max M on

      Definitely some of the most detailed and routine updates out of any crowdfunded project I've seen. On the plastic parts you have probably managed a faster turnaround than Aerospace or Automobile industries can manage without thousands in expedite fees. Unfortunate with the quality control on the bellows, but issues like that with a first article delivery are really unavoidable unless you have source inspection or were already buying a similar product. Kudos to the Jollylook team, truly hope this is the last delay.

    13. Stanislav Boščík on

      I can wait. I barely sleep because of looking forward to shooting this camera but as long as the result is great I am OK. But please I want it NOW! Guys how much I want to shoot it! I know I will love it!

    14. Carleton Torpin on

      You guys give the best updates! Thank you for making us backers feel included in the production process!

      I'm very excited to try the camera and I'm happy to see you're taking such care in the production of it. :D

    15. Missing avatar

      Phillip on


      Take your time and when you're happy with the results then I will be as well. For the most part most of know this isnt Amazon, eBay etc etc. We backed your idea cause we thought it was cool and worth backing. To be very blunt..shit happens and things are sometimes out of control. You are close to the end and soon these will be in our hands. I just want to also applaud the work that has gone into this. You don't owe us anything whatsoever other then this kickass camera. I look forward to seeing and reading your next update. Again, Thank you.


    16. Missing avatar

      Derrick Morrison on

      You didn’t give us a new expectant day. I feel we should be given something in return for the MASSIVE wait. I understand problems and what not, but not a 8 month to a year delay on a project. Especially when Oleg decides to Take a full two or so weeks off to go on Vacation after a massive delay, which mightve been paid by our kickstarter money. It’s a project that amassed a large amount of money to just cause these delays. I feel like no research went into the actual manufacturing of this product prior to the completion of the actual campaign. We planned on using these for our vintage film themed wedding and now can’t because obviously we weren’t expecting a year delay. The longest I’ve waited for a kickstarter was a month delay. This seems like you weren’t prepared and the research wasn’t done. Don’t sign up for something that shouldn’t of been approved.

    17. Clinton Ausmus on

      Thanks for the update. I appreciate the attention to quality through out the process, and applaud Oleg catching the issue that would effect our continued use of these cameras. Thank you for keeping us up to date and informed on all the issues.

    18. Eric Bergstrom on

      Thanks for the update. As a fellow kickstarter creator, I know first hand the setbacks you can run into. Communication is so important, and you folks have been very open with your progress. I Look forward to using this little cardboard camera.

    19. Tri Ch

      Welcome to Thailand

    20. Missing avatar

      John Robison on

      @Joe Russo
      Yep, took a look at that one. My opinion on his presentation is that the camera needs some development, such as, a standard 1/4-20 tripod tap and fitment for standard cable release, a two speed shutter (they can keep 1/200 but need 1/30 and 'B' also. They also need a means to focus the standard lens.
      Besides all that I already have a Zeiss Box Tengor that, except for the 1/200 shutter speed has all those features plus a PC connection for flash.
      But, that said, I applaud his initiative.

    21. Joe Russo on

      @John Robinson - have you seen the 'The Box is Back' kickstarter? Right now it's just a simple 6x9 box camera, but with a modular design that lets you swap the front element. Future designs include instax backs and more lens options.

    22. Missing avatar

      Erik te Nijenhuis on

      With every update my respect for the JollyLook team, and Oleg as man in the field, grows more! People can complain about the delay's, but if i see what kind of troubles you did find on your way to the final product. And now this last one. A very brave and wise decision to keep the Quality standards high, and reproduce the whole batch. Others would just cover it up, and deliver in time and leave you with a crappy product, I prefer to wait patiently, and wish you all luck with the final sprint to the finish! And of course curious waiting for updates about the new products developed

    23. Keldrin

      Call me crazy, but, the updates and information on the development process. The problems. The solutions. Has been worth the price of backing, in and of itself. You have made great efforts to explain things. I have found your updates very informative, and to a extent entertaining. Not that I want you to have issues. But issues happen, and it's been great reading about the issues, and the way you have adjusted to fix them.

    24. Marlies Platvoet

      Thank you for another extensive update! I’ve backed a lot of campaigns and yours is elaborate and clarifying.

      Backing on Kickstarter means backing an idea. That’s it.
      I get a bit sad because on a lot of campaigns I start seeing more and more - sometimes very - angry comments from people who feel they are ripped off just because a project takes a bit longer.

      People, Kickstarter is NOT a store. 90% of the time delivery dates are not met. Why? It’s a work in progress, it’s a new product! If you want security, wait a bit longer and buy it in a store.

      Okay, just wanted to get this of my chest. :-)

      @creator I wish the jollylook team success on creating a great camera!

    25. Missing avatar

      John Robison on

      Thanks for the update. I do have four questions.
      (1) Are the bellows the ONLY thing you have to get right to assemble and ship the camera?
      (2) Is there any way to insure the next bellows will be good?
      (3) If the replacement bellows are good will you have every thing you need to ship the camera?
      (4) How much delay will the Chinese new year cause?
      If you do or don't know the answers to these questions, it would be fair to backers to let them know now.

    26. Missing avatar

      Antonina on

      Thank you for the update, Jollylook !
      You are great !
      Ya, I guess it is not that easy to make a new product. I'm very happy that you keep us in the picture during the whole process, so that we know what is going on.
      And "yes", quality is something I wish to wait for even more time.
      Great and keep it up !

    27. Missing avatar


      Right that's the point of Kickstarter to see if people want a product then develop it on "our dime" These guys have been great about keeping everyone in the loop, updates about the process and setbacks. I have been part of other kickstarts that didn't take the time to examine the product through the process and turned out complete junk or nothing at all. The fact is these guys have been more transparent than many I have dealt with and if it takes a little extra time to get a good product I say do it right give me something good. I have to often been disappointed by things that came quickly. Kickstarter is not a store, you are not pre-ordering a product, you are investing in a team, company and process. With the returns of your investment being a product. And there is always the chance that it won't turn out well or never come to fruition at all. At least Jolly isn't just leaving us in the dark but showing actual progress even if it's slower than we would all like.

    28. Missing avatar

      Anne Oakley on

      Iv been cool with being patient till about now. I feel we need a reward for our patience especially since you devloped new products while still developing this porduct on our dime.

    29. Missing avatar

      DEMAISON Cédric on

      Thanks for keeping us in touch ! I hope this delay will give you satisfaction on the final quality of the camera (and also gives us satisfaction at the end :) ).
      Good luck !

    30. James Dimagiba on

      Thanks for the update! I appreciate the commitment to producing the best product possible and will patiently wait for the Jollylook and am excited to see the new models. Also, appreciate that you want our feedback with the Jollylook before moving forward with the new models.

    31. Marten Collins

      Thanks for the info, I realise that these things can be quite long winded but bring kept informed is fine!

    32. Vibeland design on

      This is the longest kickstarter project i been waiting even longer that a electric skateboard . Will choose who to back carefully in the future

    33. Nestor Hernan Vidales Martinez on

      Is there a guarantee to see the finished product some day? I expected the product after the second week of January and now I do not see a date soon for the delivery, it is appreciated to keep updated with the details, but it becomes a loss of confidence in the products that you develop, a lot of delay, unfulfilled deadlines , I hope you have learned and hopefully do not lose the loyalty of the users

    34. Missing avatar

      Derrick Morrison on

      Are we ever gonna see these? Are we just getting ripped off?

    35. Toms Chen on

      NEW MODEL!! Definitely in square format!!! thanks for update.

    36. Missing avatar

      Urtzi on

      I´m very impressed about your quality requirements to the producer Factory... and I can´t wait to know these new models you are developing.
      Note my request to those new models since now, specialty of the last and most surprising one. Good luck and thanks you for your good work.
      I like so much the kind of cameras you are creating and you have a fan on me.

    37. David Jacques on

      I think if a kickstarter campaign is going to be using China for manufacturing they should have to disclose it. They should also have to disclose whether or not they have had any experience in mass production of any kind in China, or whatever country they happen to be using. This project has been delay after delay after delay. I could have bought and used an instant camera from a local store long ago. These experiences make me sorry I back any crowdfunded projects.

    38. Missing avatar

      w.y on

      Thanks again for such a detailed update! Looking forward to receiving my Jollylook!

    39. Missing avatar

      Christine Alejandro on

      Thank you so much for the update. Thank you for your commitment to deliver good quality camera! Press on! Looking forward to test the camera. :)

    40. Missing avatar

      John Robison on

      Just one word for your other camera design; "Box" style camera. If or when this thing finally arrives I'm going to disassemble it anyway and build my own camera with a better lens in shutter, a 3 element, 75mm f4.5 Zeiss Novar with front element focusing. The lens is made for 6X6 and will cover. The camera body will be a 'box' style made out of hobby plywood.

    41. Missing avatar

      Karin Claus on

      Oh thanks for the update...looking forward to the other caneras

    42. Missing avatar

      Derek Rea on

      Hi Folks.
      Thank you for the update. I have two camera's on order. Both are surprise gifts for friends that are professional photographers. I'm sure they will love them. When I read your comment about feed back helping to improve your product and the newer products in your R&D, it occurred to me that my friends may have valuable feed back for you. It may be beneficial to include something like a QR code and serial number on a business card sized note to the recipients of these camera's as gifts. The QR code would take them directly to a feed back page when scanned. They enter the serial number on the card (or camera) so that you know they are a genuine Jollylook camera owner and leave the feed back.

    43. Bob St Cyr on

      I'd be very interested to hear about your other camera endeavours and help with beta testing if that was something needed.

    44. Joe Russo on

      Disappointing about the delay from the bellows, but I'm glad you caught it and are addressing it rather then sending them out as is. Can't wait!