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The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
6,110 backers pledged $377,429 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ernie Santa Ana about 4 hours ago

      @Vince J. I’ve tried messaging through Kickstarter, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all with no response. Yet, we can see that they are responding to a few people who have already received cameras with minor faults. I’m beginning to suspect that some of these public displays of communication are fake.

    2. Vince J. about 5 hours ago

      Hello, anyone there who knows how to send a message to the Jollylook team? Is it in the "messages" area?

    3. Missing avatar

      Daehyuk Kim about 6 hours ago

      Did you deliver my camera? Or I need to change the address because I'm moving.

    4. Missing avatar

      M. K. about 8 hours ago

      I Haven't received the camera as well, seems very random who's receiving or not, please update.

    5. Missing avatar

      Clement RENAUT about 8 hours ago

      @Phaedra , you're not on amazon ;)
      When you "buy" on kickstarter it's an investment on a project. You have no garanti of having a working product in the end.

      People forget that so easily

    6. Missing avatar

      Antony Hands about 10 hours ago

      @ Michelle Millecamps

      Michelle, the issues you are experiencing are easily fixed, scroll down and read my recent comments (the long ones with hints and tips) and you will have a working and reliable camera. If you are ejecting film you don't have any issues with the rollers so it's a simple 5 minute fix.

    7. Phaedra about 13 hours ago

      Can I just get a refund? I don’t have my camera yet, but from what it sounds like, it won’t work anyway. Just save yourself the shipping cost and I’ll take a refund if my money I paid you last year.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ernie Santa Ana about 19 hours ago

      What’s very confusing is how randomly backers are getting their cameras (working or not). There are people who became backers late that are receiving cameras before people who backed early. Surely, in all fairness, early backers should have priority.

    9. Markus Pfann 1 day ago

      i am Backer 614, when will i get my camera?

    10. Missing avatar

      geunjune 1 day ago

      I'm #4,905 and I backed on FEB 2017.
      I still waiting.
      IS IT REAL?

    11. Missing avatar

      John Robison 1 day ago

      From June 124th update comments section.

      "Jollylook Creator on June 14th, 2018
      Dear backers,
      Thank you for backing Jollylook.

      We are not selling the backers cameras. The first batch that is already fully paid for is 10,000 cameras. They were all made but a huge amount of them was rejects and instead of sending them to you, we are having them remade and tested. We want to ship you a great product."

      QUESTON # 1
      If this is true, how come it seems almost every backer has received a faulty/broken camera?

      "The first 2000 cameras that were tested are already sent to our fulfillment partners, they will all be sent to our backers next week. We continue testing and packing more cameras and expect to ship the rest 6000 to our backers within the coming 2 months."

      QUESTION # 2
      QUESTION # 3


      Finally, it's not the failed promised or delays or even the shoddy product that makes most backers angry....
      It's the arrogant silence.

      The backers of this project have a right to know what you intend to do. They have a right to have question #1, question #2, and question #3 answered.

      Answered now

    12. Michele Millecamps 2 days ago

      This is really bad. Couldn't get one slightly decent photo out of it. Either all white or black and two extremely blurry ones. Settings were fine. I've used analog camera's before. A 60€ piece of decoration it is.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jose Reyes
      2 days ago

      I guess I got lucky. Mine works great. It does need a little getting used to but I got a successful 9 out of 10 good shots.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ernie Santa Ana 2 days ago

      I’m wondering if I’ll get my FILM Ferrania reward before my two Jollylook cameras.

    15. Michele Millecamps 2 days ago

      Mine just arrived in Belgium, 31,27€ import taxes. (They probably play darts calculating them) Not sure if the camera works. Hopefully or it will be a very expensive one.

    16. Missing avatar

      Antony Hands 3 days ago

      I feel for all of the people who have cameras not working correctly, or issues with their cogs in the develop mechanism. However, if your develop mechanism works, you should (with some care) be able to take photos with the camera. Here are a few hints:

      When you first place the film in the camera and wind out the film blind DO NOT force the mechanism. For some reason occasionally the film blind will catch on the exit slot - this doesn't happen with the film itself it seems. If this occurs, open the back of the camera in a dark room and jiggle the mechanism a little, then close the back and wind - it should come out normally. Don't wind too far, feel the blind or print and remove it when it is free from the rollers. With practice you will know when it has rolled the film through.

      There seems to be a real issue with the piece of card that protects the film from light when the camera is cocked. My advice is to turn the aperture to PH before cocking. then set the aperture correctly and shoot. I don't anticipate shooting many pinhole shots, so I've covered the pinhole with a piece of black tape, resulting in no chance of a light leak.

      If you choose to do this, watch the youtube video on removing the shutter and simply remove the shutter blind altogether. This way you eliminate the chance of it blocking the aperture at all (as some folks seem to have experienced, albeit not me).

      I think that many of the buyers of this camera expected it to be a point and shoot, like most instax cameras. It's not, it requires some knowledge of photography to use successfully. That said, after diagnosing the issues prior to shooting the first time, I got 10 good exposures from 10 frames. Take your time, read the tips and tricks folks on here have provided and you should get good results.

    17. Jerome Cance 3 days ago

      I offered the camera to my father which is a professional photographer. He was quite happy with the look of the Jollylook. But despite of its professional skills, he just managed to get one blur photo after 7 unsuccessful tries (and it’s difficult to really see what is on the photo). He tries various settings, manual mode, etc. Well, it’s nice to have it in its collection but don’t expect to take photo with it. It’s more a fun and cool look camera. Anyway, I was an early backer so It’s worth the money I spent on it.

    18. Missing avatar

      CS Tonini 3 days ago

      Mine just arrived, and let me say What an incredible piece of garbage. I cant believe you had this much trouble for this to be the end result. Tons of marring and pitting, so far I have counted 7 cardboard tears throughout the camera. This should have never ever made it through QA.

    19. Missing avatar

      val2g 3 days ago

      I received my camera few days ago and I'm one of the unlucky one. It seems to expose the photos OK but everything is out of focus. This are 3 pictured o a tree taken at focus marks from 1m to infinity. All out of focus. Needless to say - a big disappointment after waiting a year over.

    20. Missing avatar

      Joe Russo 3 days ago

      never mind, i found it. it's still there, but no answer to my question

    21. Missing avatar

      Joe Russo 3 days ago

      A while ago I commented on Freestyle's instagram pic of their jollylook cameras, asking about the build quality and reliability. I can't find their post about the camera at all now, it seems they took it down.

    22. N. Newby 3 days ago

      @John Robison - I have already emailed Freestyle and my concerns with the camera and the issues other people are having. If they were smart, they'd pull the camera's and do an independent test of at least one or two in their stock, otherwise they will end up with the issue of having to refund people for junk camera's. However, on the flip side, say brick and mortar places like Freestyle got all the well tested camera's and they are all, for the most part, well working examples of the camera's. Know what that leaves the rest of us? The rejects that were either not tested enough or not tested at all but shipped out to appease an ever growing KS community of angry backers...leading to the mass commentary here regarding a shoddy and ill-constructed product. Ignoring the backers here will only lead to their demise. They are choosing to smear there own name right now and it's a very sad thing to see.

    23. Lynne Whitehorn 3 days ago

      Any progress on my refund?

    24. Giovanni Albertone 3 days ago

      This little piece of junk just arrived and it is DOA. A quick inspection revealed that one of the cogwheels is missing a couple of teeth in two different places. Likely a badly conceived mechanism. Don't see any possibility of repairing it, a new piece for my paperweight collection. It's a shame that I couldn't shoot even one of the included photos. Judging from the number of people having similar issues, I wonder what exactly was the QC procedure for this product :-)

    25. Quentin P 3 days ago

      Hello ! I didn't receive a tracking number and I will have to move to another place very soon.

      So I would like to know if you will deliver soon french backers soon or I can modify my address / cancel the order to avoid being delivered at the wrong place?

    26. Sbardolini Studio Fotografico 3 days ago

      when my order arrives

    27. Sbardolini Studio Fotografico 3 days ago

      when my order arrives

    28. Missing avatar

      John Robison 4 days ago

      I'm not moving anywhere but only figure there is a 50/50 chance of getting my camera and from the comments here approximately a 0% chance that it will all. I am curious if Freestyle has sold any of the cameras and if they did, do they work. The cameras they are selling do not come with film so until a customer buys some film they don't know it works.

      I'm also fairly sure that if the retail cameras are defective then outfits such as Freestyle are stuck with them. I cannot imagine Oleg refunding anything for return of defective cameras from retailers.
      I think I'll call Freestyle tomorrow and ask these questions. Could we get a few hundred of the 2200 US backers to also call?

    29. N. Newby 4 days ago

      Since we're moving in a month exactly, I am starting to have no hope at all that I will get the two camera's I ordered before then. Very disappointing how the creators of this thing have gone completely silent while those of us on KS to literally Kick Started this project for Jollylook are getting a stick up the butt. Or at least...seem to be getting the rejects while the big box retailers like Freestyle get the ones that have clearly been QC's properly. Ouch man, seriously, ouch! You've only smeared your own name by doing this to the common backer. I very much wanted this project to succeed and I stuck by Jollylook when others were crapping on it before the reality s**t storm really hit the fan only to get this kind of silent treatment now? Wow. I'm Dumbfounded. Thanks to you i'll never shop at Freestyle again either.

    30. Missing avatar

      Ernie Santa Ana 4 days ago

      @GrantDougall You can thank me for giving The Phoblographer the news tip.

    31. Missing avatar

      c carpenter
      4 days ago

      Good morning, how do I get ahold of customer service ? It seems the crank on my camera is not functioning.

    32. Missing avatar

      Clement RENAUT 4 days ago

      I did sent an email about the problem and here is the answer:

      Dear Clement,

      I am sorry for the inconvenience and thank you very much for the pictures!

      We have increased our QC. Therefore we will replace your camera once the production is complete and all the cameras are inspected.

      In the meantime, please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you.
      Best regards,

    33. Missing avatar

      Ernie Santa Ana 5 days ago

      Come on, Oleg...

    34. Missing avatar

      Jim 5 days ago

      I received an email asking me to provide images of the problem I was having (gears not engaging). I sent a photo of a gear with missing cogs and a short video of me winding the crank and showing that the mechanism that lifts the film out of the cassette was not moving. I truly hope that a working unit will be sent to replace my defective one.

    35. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      Where are my two cameras? Have they even been shipped? Please reply. Thanks.

    36. Teo Choong Ching
      6 days ago

      I got the camera. It worked for me after a few tries. I think it needs a really bright condition to work.

    37. Missing avatar

      David koenig
      6 days ago

      Oleg made a calculated decision to give the backers the rejects since we have no recourse and paid for it anyway. Pretty slick sneaky oleg.

    38. Missing avatar

      Natalie Wooding 6 days ago

      @ Antony Hands

      “It's a cardboard toy camera folks. The cost of it was next to nothing, and yet we have people on here acting like they've swindled you out of a fortune.”

      Because the cost of it was a small fortune. It was not “next to nothing” at all. Maybe if somebody is middle class or rich, this amount of money wouldn’t be missed by them when something turned out to be broken, subpar quality, or unusable, but the rest of us do expect a degree of build quality and proper testing for the amount of money that was paid for this product, cardboard or not.

      And as nice as it is of them, backers shouldn’t be having to make YouTube videos to show others how to fix manufacturing faults and defects that should have been picked up during the testing stage.

    39. Missing avatar

      Natalie Wooding 6 days ago

      Got my camera today (England) after having to pay an extortionate £13.10 customs charge just for something that’s made out of cardboard! Anyway, my first thoughts upon opening it up were how cheaply things seemed to be glued and cut and held together. The company said they’d tested this, but did they really test the quality control from the place in China that has mass-produced these? Mine has gold paint transfer from the lens onto that lovely red inner base that has the distance marker guide cut into it. This has happened from the way it closes up. They could have used a paint that holds fast, or a surface that won’t draw paint off another surface. Speaking of the markers that you are supposed to slot the lens housing into to use the camera, my lens housing won’t even fit or stay there because the slots aren’t cut to the correct size to accommodate my lens housing! The base of the lens housing has some bits of cello tape (clear sticky tape) around the parts that should slot in (I suppose to strengthen the card there), but this is a really cheap and very temporary strengthening method and cello tape gets sticky with heat and handling and mine is going like that already after trying to get my lens housing to slot in (which it still won’t). There are also bits of glue falling off from places.

      I’ve not even tried taking a photograph with it yet as the instructions aren’t as clear as I’d have liked them to be (needs more diagrams and clarity around some areas). My verdict upon initial inspection and handling is that it’s not a very well made product. Definitely not worth the amount of money we have all paid for one of these. I would avoid buying another or recommending these until they are manufactured a bit better and had some quality control.

    40. Missing avatar

      Myeongseob Jeong 7 days ago

      When can I get my camera? It's way behind schedule. I trusted and waited, but I gradually lose faith.

    41. Missing avatar

      Clayton Fletcher 7 days ago

      Nothing yet here in Australia. Haven’t seen mine yet anyway..

    42. Missing avatar

      John Robison on

      By the end of August (this year, not 2019!!!) if they have not found a solution to the problems, then I think this is just a another failed Kickstarter and backers can consider their money lost.

      I doubt that Oleg could foresee all the problems they would encounter and perhaps the unit price would have had to be double what they charged to build reliable cameras. Of course that would have killed the project before it began.

      Since the creators of the project choose to not communicate with their backers this is all speculation. Oleg and company can hardly protest being thought of as frauds and crooks by backers as long as they remain silent. But, perhaps after all the failed promises of the last year they may feel that any answers they give now will not be accepted anyway.

    43. Shoeshine

      Got my camera today. It lasted for exactly one exposure. The second exposure, as it ejected from the camera, the seal that blocks light from getting in unglued itself and attached itself to the photo, bending it in half around the camera. So. Broken camera and ruined roll of film. God damnit.

    44. Toms Chen on

      @Madhujith totally agree with you.

    45. Toms Chen on

      @Antony Hands

      Thanks for your tips on the camera. I yet receive my 2 units of camera yet,but those received the camera please encourage those awaiting backers. "KICKSTARTER is not a shop" but doesn't mean we are dumb. I still think the creator should reply question here.

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