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The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
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    1. Missing avatar

      AA 1 day ago

      @jollylook, I am sorry to hear nothing from your side since your latest update of 'estimate' delivery will be in 2nd half of Jan. Though today is 19 Jan 2018, shall we wait till 31 Jan 2018? We do understand you all have put great effort, we do appreciate you all could update us 'shipped' or 'Pending' rather than 'no response'. Thanks.

    2. Missing avatar

      Bronwen Hazlett 1 day ago

      I have moved twice and thought the camera had been sent to an old address but I guess no one has gotten a camera yet. I would like to have a better idea when It will be shipped. Email updates have not been frequent enough to let us know any information.

    3. Missing avatar

      John Robison 1 day ago

      @Markus Pfann
      How do you figure one year? Original estimated delivery date was June 2017, it is now January 2018. So, by my rough, back of the envelope math, it is now seven months (not one year) past the original delivery date. Now, if they are not delivered until June of 2018, then they will be one year late.
      As an aside, the last two Kickstarter's I backed for photo related hardware were 22 months and 10 months late. When I backed this project I well knew the June 2017 delivery date was very unlikely. It is just the nature of hardware development and production.

    4. Markus Pfann 2 days ago

      nice, 1 year to late.

      Is this a scam or are we just stupid

    5. Missing avatar

      Rex Li 2 days ago

      Any update?

    6. Missing avatar

      Enos 2 days ago

      any updates??????

    7. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      when ship?it is a long long time

    8. Missing avatar

      AA 2 days ago

      @jollylook, please kindly update all backers. Most of us including I would like to have status of shipping. Many thanks.

    9. Marco Del Bianco 2 days ago

      I'm still waiting :(

    10. Missing avatar

      AA 3 days ago

      @jollylook, Hope that you had overcome your risk and challenge:

      We have tried to take into account all the main risks.
      Prior to the start of the project on Kickstarter, we tested the camera.
      Checked its performance and stability parameters.
      We checked the possibility of production in large quantities.
      We developed a quality control of the manufacturing processes.
      We studied delivery methods and shipping costs within the US and abroad.
      We are confident in our success!

    11. Missing avatar

      AA 3 days ago

      @jollylook We would appreciate that there will be respond for 'shipped' or 'pending'. We understand you all have put great effort, hope a simple respond is not too difficult. Many thanks.

    12. Toms Chen 3 days ago

      @jollylook can we have an update ?

    13. Missing avatar

      lee hajung 4 days ago

      when i get it???

    14. Missing avatar

      AA 4 days ago

      @jollylook Any update on shipping as 2nd half of Jan 2018?

    15. Missing avatar

      AA 5 days ago

      Extracted message from Updates: " If all goes well the shipping of Jollylook should start in the second half of January 2018.' May I know that everything goes well? @jollylook

    16. Missing avatar

      JeongSeulKi 5 days ago

      I was tired of waiting. I can't wait to get it.

    17. Missing avatar

      John Robison 6 days ago

      @N. Newby'
      These project creators are in a bind. On the one hand they can project a delivery date based on best case, everything goes to plan. Or they can figure a fudge factor for the unexpected (which always happens, see Murphey's Law). Usually the 'fudge factor' is way...way too conservative (because they've never done this before). Then the project runs 2 months, then 4 months then 9 months over and backers start to get angry, imagining that the project creators had bad motives all along or are totally incompetent. The obvious answer, based on most hardware projects I've seen is to give a 2 year completion date. But of course that will kill the project dead before it starts. People are just not interested in lead times that long. Even if they are realistic.
      What to do? Well, figure in a fudge factor on the delivery. Call it that and explain why it is there. Then, communicate, communicate, communicate, (even when there is not much to say) Nothing N-O-T-H-I-N-G destroys trust faster than radio silence, especially when the project is in overtime. Is it inconvenient for the project creators to do this? Probably. Is it necessary? Absolutely!
      I and other backers are not surprised at all about the delays, I feel only sympathy for the project creators. (I would never run a Kickstarter project, my mental health is too important to me and I'm half a bubble off anyway). And I'm willing to wait.
      For those who do not or can not wait the refund process should be as quick and easy as backing the project was.
      Finally there is the other annoying thing about Kickstarter projects;
      'Long winded backers.'

    18. Missing avatar

      Anabela 7 days ago

      I want my money back.

    19. Missing avatar

      David Bradford 7 days ago

      Hi guys the reason i was buying these is about to pass im sorry but i would like to request a refund its been too long and i have had to go with a different idea

    20. N. Newby 7 days ago

      Look at the original photo at the top of the campaign and then look at what the finished product is going to look like in update #15 and then tell me the better, more polished design isn't worth the wait? Jeez :(

    21. N. Newby 7 days ago

      @Todd Reynolds - Update #15, by far one of the most comprehensive updates I have seen ANY company on KS give. I don't always pledge on everything I want but I do pay close attention to several campaigns and how they manage the updates to the consumers. No company would go through this much trouble and not ship something that is as good if not better than what you originally pledged on. This Brand New product is being made faster than most USPTO single part patents take to get approved.

    22. Jeremy on January 11

      A year? The Kickstarter didn’t even end a year ago? How are they supposed to deliver a product that didn’t exist yet BEFORE they received funding for development?
      This is not Online shopping!

    23. Missing avatar

      Enrique Marín on January 11

      it´s have been almost one year since the day you said you will send the camera, and we dont have a shipping date yet, can we just get my money back?

    24. Missing avatar

      Jieun Lee on January 10

      Can i change shipping address???

    25. Missing avatar

      Todd Reynolds on January 8

      I can certainly understand production issues on a new product, but this seems to have taken too long and the updates are a bit sketchy (in my opinion only). I want to cancel my pledge. I left a message, any other way to do this?

    26. Missing avatar

      Nix on January 8

      Hoping for a positive update next week. I'm afraid any further issues will setback the shipping longer to Chinese new year.

    27. Djayawarman Alamprabu
      on December 31

      So when exactly are you sending us the Jolly? @creator jolly look?

    28. Missing avatar

      John Ahn
      on December 29

      Great update. I hope you will be able to get everything done before Chinese New Year, otherwise that will be another month delay.

    29. Missing avatar

      w.y on December 29

      thank you for the detailed update and excellent quality control. looking forward to receiving my jollylook!

    30. Missing avatar

      on December 28

      Hey guys, I’ve read all your updates which have all been received excitedly (at first) and then that excitement very quickly fizzles out to ‘yet another shipping delay due to XYZ reason(s)’ disappointment. Can I just say that, if we receive a January 2018 update stating further delays and that the cameras won’t be shipped out until, say, March 2018 (going by your pattern of two month delays), I have to say that I’ll put in a request for a refund. Sorry. Call me impatient for waiting almost a year to see your idea come to fruition, but you’ve gotta admit, it IS a pretty looooong time to wait for something that seems to be constantly plagued by one set-back after another. You’ll get there in the end, I’m sure — I just don’t think I can wait long enough to find out when ‘the end’ will be in 2018.

    31. Missing avatar

      John Robison on December 27

      @Rene Terstappen
      With all due respects sir.
      May 7th. Update #8
      Shipping should begin in July
      July 9th. Update #10
      Shipping should start in September
      Sept 19th. Update #12
      Shipping will start on November
      November 16th. Update #14
      The shipment will start in January 2019

      With so many failed shipping dates (even if it is not their fault) it is common courtesy, at this time, to keep backers informed on a regular basis, once a month would be okay to keep those backers who are interested in the loop, so to speak.
      "So what should they update?"
      Well, for instance, in the last update on November 16th they said that the viewfinder lens mixup would cause 'a 20 day delay to replace the lenses.' So, they could let us know if those replacement lenses ever arrived or, has there been an additional delay due to Christmas.
      They also noted they 'fall under restrictions in the process of shipping during Holidays.'
      Please let us know how long these 'restrictions' affect shipping.
      So there are plenty of things to post an update about.

    32. Rene Terstappen on December 26

      Read the last update...
      Shipment starts in January 2018
      So what they should update?

    33. Missing avatar

      Harden on December 23

      Please update ...

    34. Missing avatar

      Joohoe Heo on December 22

      I still waiting the shipping schedule and update and no update and reply here
      near end of Dec now ,,,,,,,,,

    35. Missing avatar

      John Robison on December 20

      @N. Newby
      Regarding updates I agree that most backers don't seem to read them. That said, project creators should 'check in' on a monthly schedule just to say 'Hi, and yes we haven't forgot you.' Even if there is no big news, this is only polite and better than always apologizing for excessive time between updates. Also in the last update of November 16th they said the viewfinder lens mixup caused a 20 day delay. So it would be good at this time to confirm if the vendor has in fact replaced the lenses or they are still waiting for them.

    36. N. Newby on December 20

      If anybody complaining here even bothered to read the last update they stated the orders would not start shipping until sometime in January because of an issue with the company that provided the lenses. The further delay, for the most part, was because that company sent magnifying lenses instead of reduction lenses. Part of that is the Jolly Look teams fault for blindly believing the correct lenses were sent rather than doing an immediate Quality Control inspection of the lenses when they arrived. No reputable company would let that happen but those kinds of mistakes happen, especially in "Start up" companies of which I am sure they would be much more diligent with inspections of incoming parts in the future, however, this is regardless. The information was given regarding the delay in the last update so please, read it before asking why your camera has not shown up yet.

    37. Missing avatar

      Ivano on December 20

      any news?

    38. Szeto Yin on December 20

      Got lost in China?

    39. Missing avatar

      Kwon Seobin on December 18

      I'm waiting for new update(which is not information of delay..)

    40. Missing avatar

      Liz Powalisz
      on December 18

      @jollylook please refund

    41. Dohui Kim on December 18

      I live in Korea and there is no news for shipping. could u send me any info about camera???

    42. Missing avatar

      JoeZep on December 15

      Hey Friends, the website shows, that I have already received my camera. That is not the truth? When will you send out the cameras?

    43. Jeremy on December 15

      Whing & Whine

    44. Rene Terstappen on December 13

      Any news or shipping details?

    45. FU Harbeth on December 11

      Still in progress ? or just another flam ?

    46. Missing avatar

      Nix on December 11

      @Emmet C

      We pledged but not ordered for a product.

    47. Marco Del Bianco on December 11

      i still waiting my camera :(

    48. Missing avatar

      Emmet C on December 10

      When will we get the cameras � we pledged for its always next month. Not cool. Great design but badly managed. ! Not happy at all as I had ordered one over 6 months ago for Xmas but I guess that deadline will be missed again.

      Not cool and the customers should be kept informed via email not just check the notice board for more excuses ! Not happy

    49. Jollylook Creator on December 10

      Hi @Orange Li and @Anna Li,

      Thank you for backing Jollylook.

      If you need to review your address information or pledge status, you are able to recover your survey here:

      Jollylook team

    50. Missing avatar

      Orange Li on December 10

      I would like to change my shipping address, since I am no longer stay at the previous address. How could I do?

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