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The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
6,110 backers pledged $377,429 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mihir Patel 2 days ago


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      John Robison 4 days ago

      @Mihir Patal
      Please read the posting guidelines on the clickable link labeled "Be respectful and considerate." before posting.
      Thank you

    3. Mihir Patel 5 days ago

      Bunch of losers here in the comment section. Just let them do their job, stop discouraging them and don't make, those who care for the product, angry. You are lucky that it is a KS comment section, or else....

    4. Toms Chen 5 days ago

      @Ben Lindstorm, agree with you.

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      John Robison 6 days ago

      I have a question for Oleg. How is the developing unit held in the camera? Can it be removed intact and functioning? After a few packs of film I really want to build my own camera body for the developing unit. I have in mind a 75mm f6.3 lens from a Zeiss Nettar. I'm sure is will cover the frame.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ben Lindstrom 6 days ago

      @Private Equity Clearly you just want to complaint. As @jollylook has already offered to refund you. Please do us a favor, do so and walk away.

    7. Private Equity 6 days ago

      To cut down on the light leaks, how about just making the whole camera out of plastic....seeing as you've already made most of the inside plastic... Can't wait to get my camera made "entirely out of recycled cardboard and paper" and chuck it in the bin... If anyone in Australia wants mine, please send me a DM and I will sell it to you.

    8. Missing avatar

      alienmeatsack on September 19

      I for one find their transparency while doing the builds, their updates and the product itself to be more then what I got on board for, so those of you who are complaining, give them a break. This is a HUGE deal here, they are building a brand new Instax Mini folder camera out of nothing and trying to make it the finest they can, while also keeping it paper and recycled and true to its promises. I think they are doing a darn fine job. And Ive seen some KS's that were not run like this, many times, product arrives and is awful. You should appreciate the fact that this is a group who cares and is putting everything they got into this work of love! It's also fascinating to watch, like the ONDU folks, as the cameras get built and ups and downs come and go. I'm very happy to be allowed to be part of this historical camera and its making.

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      Thomas Rode on September 19

      in your recent update you write that you had some troubles with exposures that looks like Air coming through the camera. That are actually light leaks. Some gaps are opening while you crank the wheel I guess, since when you turn is slower there are no light leaks. Are you pressing the cardboard too hard and the seams get apart? Please fix that if this is an issue. I wouldn't like to tape the camera like a commentator wrote below.

    10. Missing avatar

      AA on September 19

      @jollylook, many thanks for your update. Hope you all will gain experience that a product development is not as easy as what you expected before. Thanks for you effort!!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Lynn on September 18

      Kindly update the progress, thanks a lot~

    12. Missing avatar

      AA on September 18

      @jollylook, please update the status and progress

    13. Toms Chen on September 18

      Hi Jollylook team, it's time for some updates.

    14. Missing avatar

      CS Tonini on September 18

      I need an estimate on date of completion and shipping date.

    15. Missing avatar

      John Robison on September 18

      To Oleg and the rest of the gang.
      Sounds like the hoi polloi are getting restless. You might want to issue an update.

    16. Missing avatar

      John Robison on September 18

      Simmer down PE,
      The Jollylook is not "mostly plastic". Everything that CAN be made out of paper, IS made out of paper. What is more, did you really believe the roller and crank assembly and associated hardware needed to position and hold the film cartridge could be made out of paper? I certainly don't have an engineering degree but understand that paper, even highly compressed and resin impregnated paper never could be used to burst the chemical pod, and then spread the chemicals evenly to develop the image. The pressure on the rollers also has to be regulated in some manner. I cannot think of any way this could be done with any paper, metal springs are required and they have to be firmly secured. Sticking them into a hole in a paper backing won't work. The camera body and bellows and bed and front standard IS made out of paper. The inner mechanism to position and eject and develop the picture MUST be made out of other material for the whole thing to work at all.

      (Careful about the 'rat and roach' comments. You are describing US style hot dog ingredients.)

      About Kickstarter projects that are producing a hardware or mechanical related item. If I recall correctly about 75% of such projects are late in delivery, sometimes very late. I backed the much promoted (at least among large format photographers) TravelWide handheld 4X5 camera. My reward was shipped 22 months later than the original estimate. The creators of that project had very good intentions but vastly under estimated the problems they would run into.
      The sad truth is most folks with a great idea for a product are just not well educated in the problems they will surely run in to trying to actually produce that "great idea" I've seen this over and over again, have backed a few photography related hardware projects and never......NEVER expect them to make their too optimistic deadlines. Sometimes even large, well funded Kickstarter campaigns collect your money and fail completely. For an example search 'Zano drone', a very good read on how a very large KS project can crash and burn.

      I hope my reply has been "respectful and considerate" just as it says on the 'leave a comment' section.

    17. Missing avatar

      Orange Li on September 18

      I don't care what you have done and what surprises is coming up, i just want my cameras on hand! Please give out the actual delivery date and stop fool us!

    18. Private Equity on September 18

      So glad @john that you don't feel misled by you "camera made entirely out of recycled cardboard and paper" being mostly plastic. I look forward to one day selling you a burger made from 100% prime beef and have you OK with it being a mix of beef, rat and roach because words mean nothing...

    19. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Gatniejewski on September 18

      I really start to wish I hadn't put my money in this project. Waiting now since months over the promised time of delivery.. The two cams I've ordered where supposed to be gifts and it starts to get quite embarrassing to tell my friends over and over again that there is no news about it or a date when they will be shipped..

    20. Missing avatar

      BangAhrim on September 17

      Please let me know when it will be delivered. Can I get it this year?

    21. Missing avatar

      Kwon Seobin on September 17

      It's middle of September. I'd like to know when delivery starts.

    22. Paul Leite on September 16

      Are there any updates? I hope I can at least give the two I ordered as gifts for Christmas this year. As they were supposed to be gifts for other occasions and the delays have ruined that.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kerry Martin on September 14

      @john - Not surprised at all, since the campaign even said there was plastic in it.

    24. Missing avatar

      Wooram Bae on September 14

      @Jollylook How's it going?

    25. Piotr Musiał on September 13

      @creator Thank you very much for not responding to the messages, it really builds trust and true faith in the success of the project. I'm disappointed and I wish I supported this project...

    26. Toms Chen on September 12

      Actually I don't think anyone concern about the inner part is made by cardboard or plastics, what we want is a working camera. Jolly has done a great job to offer refund someone that 'Think too much' . 99.9% is ok with the design but 0.1% is not happy, how? Tired of seeing the 0.1% silly question here while we all hope to see more positive messages here. JOLLYLOOK!! Ignore these funny talks and focus in the production, we 99.9% backers is waiting for the exciting moment when the camera is in our hand.

    27. Manuel Bianchi on September 12

      No surprise with me. I wouldn't even care about the material, it's just a cool and simple design.

    28. Missing avatar

      Joel Vazquez on September 12

      No I'm not surprised, should've been obvious

    29. Missing avatar

      Nobel Teo on September 12

      I believe what Jollylook meant was, "The shutter, aperture, body - everything made from paper." I am not surprised that other materials are involved. It's pretty obvious that's not possible to maintain the build and quality.

    30. Missing avatar

      John Robison on September 12

      Ok folks, time for a poll of the backers!
      How many of the backers who pay attention to this comments section are even slightly surprised or concerned that the inner workings of this camera are plastic and metal?
      (And if fact these parts cannot be made out of paper which should be obvious)
      Just yes or no, no need to get all verbose like me.
      My vote, no, of in the least concerned.

    31. Private Equity on September 11

      @jollylook. Certainly I didn't expect the lens to be made out of cardboard... you clearly show it in your pitch video.. When you say the camera will be made ENTIRELY out of recycled paper and cardboard, I don't see how you can be surprised when the entire inner workings are plastic that people who bought it based on your misleading statement are upset.

      I've sent you DMs and you have not replied to any of them.

    32. Jollylook Creator on September 11


      Hi Dagmar,

      Thank you for backing Jollylook and for your question.

      You will receive one Jollylook polarized filter, tripod mount and neck strap with every camera pre-ordered on Kickstarter.

      If you also want a set of filters, then you can add them to your order in the survey here:

      Jollylook team

    33. Jollylook Creator on September 11

      @Private Equity

      Hi Private,

      Thank you for backing Jollylook!

      We are surprised to hear that you expected the development mechanism and lens to be cardboard.

      If you no longer wish to support our project because of this missunderstanding, please send us a direct message and we can issue you a refund.

      Jollylook team

    34. Missing avatar

      Dagmar on September 10

      I did back for two Jollylooks - and I am a bit lost right now: do I have to order the filter kit, tripod mount, neck strap separately, or will they be included?

    35. Mihir Patel on September 8

      @Raul, because it hasn't shipped yet.

    36. Missing avatar

      Raul Cavalheiro on September 8

      I wonder why I have not received my camera yet?

    37. Private Equity on September 8

      The two parts you mention is way different than the entirety of the inner workings being made out of plastic.

      I bought enough to be pissed that I'm adding to landfills.

    38. Missing avatar

      John Robison on September 8

      Good grief man, didn't you become a bit suspicious when the video did not match the narration? You could very well see that the shutter was metal, and down the page you can see the developing module is metal with a metal crank. At that point you could have thought. 'Hey, he said "everything" out of paper but I see metal being used, I better contact him to make sure "everything" is made out of paper (although you wouldn't have to be a mechanical engineer to know that simply was not possible).

      I'm quite curious, how many cameras did you sign up for?

    39. Private Equity on September 7

      @John - - - thank you for stating the obvious. Of course that's NOT what the video pitching the project said now is it?... The creator said:

      "I used cassettes for instant photos...
      Recycled paper and cardboard, shutter, aperture body, everything from paper!
      And I created what you will enjoy, a simple folding paper camera.
      Always ready for instant photography.

      Now what we're seeing is a camera that has MOSTLY plastic internal workings.

      If you ordered a crab salad in a restaurant and they said it was 100% all natural crab and then learned that it was actually a mix of fake crab meat and actual crab, would that leave you a little miffed?

    40. Missing avatar

      John Robison on September 7

      Oh yeah, don't forget to tape up all the seams and corners with black electrical tape after you load it to prevent light leaks. This is obviously a one shot camera.

    41. Missing avatar

      John Robison on September 7

      I really don't see how it can be called 'mostly plastic'. The parts that can be made out of paper; the outer body, bellows, front and rear standards, rear cover, are made out of paper. The parts that cannot be made out of paper; developing rollers, springs to keep constant pressure on rollers, gears and attached handle, guides to align film cartridge so that cover and subsequent prints can be extracted, are made out of plastic. And even in the original campaign gif's a person can clearly see a print being rolled through metal rollers via a geared mechanism and all held within a metal bracket. the guillotine shutter can also be seen to be metal. To be sure, the plastic comes in lots of little and big pieces as can be seen in the photograph in update #10.
      When all those pieces are assembled as shown in update #11 they form a neat, slim package.
      Bottom line. I believe they could not reduce the plastic or metal content any more and still have a working camera. They have used paper wherever they could.

      An all paper camera? The closest you can come to that is a cardboard box about 6 inches square. Cut a 1X1 inch hole in one side and cover it with aluminum from a drinks can. Using a small needle push throught the foil to make a pinhole, smooth the rough edges of the hole with fine sandpaper. Tape a black construction paper flap to cover the pinhole on the outside of the box. In safelight tape a piece of 4X5 photo paper to the side opposite the pinhole. (Ilford MG4 RC pearl finish works good, cut four 4x5 pieces from 8X10, that is the cheapest way).
      Lift the flap to uncover the pinhole, expose in sunlight for 1~2 min. Develop normally in safelight, dry, and contact print to get a positive. You will have a picture taken with a camera made of 99% paper.

    42. Private Equity on September 7

      I hear you @John... when I backed this all paper and cardboard camera, I too never in my wildest dreams thought it would mostly be plastic.

    43. Missing avatar

      Conchi Martínez Jiménez on September 6

      Thank you for your answer John! I suppose I have to be patient,...

    44. Missing avatar

      John Robison on September 6

      Did you read update #10? In that update on July 9th they estimated that rewards would begin to ship in September.
      Personally I think that is a very optimistic estimate but I guess we'll see. Please keep in mind it will not be possible to assemble and ship 8K cameras in a week (probably more like three months). When I backed this project I never....n-e-v-e-r....expected them to make the original ship date, simply not realistic. Let's face the facts folks. Most KS campaign delivery dates are based on best case scenario's and very seldom does the real world work that way.

    45. Missing avatar

      Nix on September 6

      I wish creator would provide us a realistic ETA of the camera in the next update/post.

    46. Konstantinos
      on September 6

      From my observation the creator responds to some comments every 15-20 days. It's that time paradox he is entangled in.
      Expect to hear from him from tomorrow till Sunday.
      Can he bother to do better than that? LOL

    47. Missing avatar

      Conchi Martínez Jiménez on September 6

      Hi! It's Conchi Martinez Again, the 3342 contributor (I made the payment on February) and I'd like to know when I'll receive my camera. It's supposed to be at home in June but it's September and I haven't it yet,... Best!

    48. Private Equity on September 5

      No backers have approached me from Australia, but I would happily offload my pledge to them at cost if they reach out. I find it disconcerting that since my original post on this, the creator of this project hasn't bothered to address my concerns at all.

    49. Missing avatar

      李清嵐 on September 5

      May I know when will the delivery be now?

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