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The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
The vintage instant camera that works on Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!
6,110 backers pledged $377,429 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Stephen about 14 hours ago

      Any new updates?

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      SAMARCQ 1 day ago

      It's too great I'm too excited to receive my device.

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      Joel Vazquez 2 days ago

      While I am pleased that the comments section is lively with creator commentary, I've been wondering about what's been going on at headquarters and the project status. I'm clear on the fact that the backer surveys will arrive near the [estimated] ship date, but seeing what goes on between here and there is always fun. Also what's the status on the neck strap? I've been dying to see how it looks like on the camera. ( ॣ•͈૦•͈ ॣ)

    4. Jollylook Creator 4 days ago

      @Nix, @Benjamin Dietze,
      Thank you for supporting Jollylook and for your question. Jollylook will be available for pre-order soon on Backerkit, after we launch the backer's survey. We will post an update when it is ready.

      Jollylook team

    5. Jollylook Creator 4 days ago

      @John Robinson

      Thank you for supporting Jollylook, and thank you for caring about us and the situation around us. You are right, we are close (300 km) from Balakleya. But it is safe here in Zaporojie. We also wish all the shooting in this world would only happen with cameras!

      Jolllook team

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      Benjamin Dietze 4 days ago

      Yes, now that the initial pledge is over, you guys need a way for people to order Jollylooks via your website.

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      Nix 5 days ago

      When I get my hands on this, pretty sure my friends would ask how to get one. How do you plan on selling Jollylook aftewards?

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      John Robison 6 days ago

      Can't determine your location except it seems uncomfortably close to the conflict in eastern Ukraine. On the news there was a big ammo dump that exploded at Balakleya. Hope you and all yours safe from the trouble. If people have to shoot with something, why not try shooting with cameras?

    9. Jollylook Creator 6 days ago

      @JaeHyun Park
      Thank you for supporting Jollylook and for your question.
      We will ask for your shipping details when we send out our backer's survey via BackerKit, which will be emailed to you shortly before we ship. Jollylook will be delivered to you in June.

      Jollylook team

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      JaeHyun Park 6 days ago

      I pledged for 2cameras. But I don't know where I put my address on. I log in this site with my facebook account. And I wonder when I can get cameras. Thx :D

    11. Jollylook Creator on March 21

      @Manuel Bianchi

      Thank you for your massive support of Jollylook and for your question.
      We will be sending Jollylook from Hong Kong.

      Jollylook team

    12. Manuel Bianchi on March 20

      I have a question.

      I pledged for ten cameras, not only for myself, cause I have some acquaintances who don't have a credit Card or never pledged for a Kickstarter Project. So I started kind of a buyer's Club.

      But now we are trying to find out whether or not we might have to pay customs fee or not. So we would Need to know from where you are sending when the Destination is Germany. That would help us a lot, thanks.

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      Daniel Lockyer on March 15

      @jollylook I will need the item to be listed as a gift, and a low value cost, as I might be taxed for the import otherwise.

    14. Jollylook Creator on March 15

      @Benjamin Dietze

      Thank you for your support of Jollylook.
      When we worked on the first version of Jollylook (for the Fp100c instant film), we developed and tested an affordable one-time chemical flash, and although the results were positive, we abandoned this idea because of safety reasons when using it, and restrictions in shipping. We are very appreciative to read ideas such as yours, and although in the near future we do not plan to make a flash for Jollylook, your idea inspires us and turns on our imagination. Thank you for your support and ideas.


    15. Jollylook Creator on March 14

      @Eric Bergstrom

      Thank you for your support of Jollylook and for your question.
      We totally understand what you mean when you say about the lifetime of the rubber band used for the shutter. Yes, the rubber band can be easily replaceable! But, we are already working on a long-lasting solution, and most probably we will cancel the rubber band and use a metal spring that will last a lot longer. We will soon be posting a lot of updates on manufacturing solutions.

      Jollylook team

    16. Eric Bergstrom on March 14

      The weak point of this design is that it uses a rubber band in the shutter. We have all seen what happens to rubber bands after about a year, they start to deteriorate and lose strength. I hope the designers have made it so this rubber band is replaceable without tearing the whole front of the shutter/lens assembly apart. Otherwise, this camera is doomed to have a short shelf life. As the rubber band stretches, the shutter speed will slow down making it difficult to get a good exposure. Please comment, Jollylook team.

    17. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Dietze on March 14

      So, just to be sure:

      a.) Here's a few more pix of the basic T-shape I'm having in mind for a Jollylook light: One handle all made of wood, one metal bare on top, with a bulb sitting on the metal bar. Could just as well be a moden LED light or somesuch. Put a battery inside the wooden handle to power the light, put a button on the handle to permanently turn the light on or of. No connection or sync to the camera, to be compatible with the Jollylook's all-mechanical design.

      b.) And here would be a few sample pix of the 1920s or 1930s reflective "beauty dish" device that could be placed behind the bulb on the metal bar to help increase and direct the light: As said, I'd just be worried the dish's 1920s design could clash a bit with the classic 19th century design of the camera and my idea for a T-shaped light resembling those 19th century powder flashlights, but a good deisgner could probably comne up with a good hybrid design that wouldn't look too modern.

    18. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Dietze on March 14

      I'd have two suggestions for future updates/upgrades to the camera:

      a.) Make an Instax Wide version! The Jollylook looks perfect to create classic group portraits with it, and those are usually shot in wide aka landscape format. In fact, I'll be pretty much using my Jollylook excluseivly for that, and as long as the camera is still in portrait orientation, you'll always have to put it on its side to make wide shots.

      b.) If you'll ever plan to add a light to the Jollylook, please stick with the classic 19th century look and make it optically resemble one of those classic powder flash lamps: Making it a sync flash would probably be a bit too complicated regarding your entirely mechanical camera design, but I guess the light could simply be a little bulb device with a button to permanently turn the light on and of, without any connection to the camera. In other words, I'm imagining a basic "T" shape for the light (to optically resemble those vintage flash lights in shape), with a wooden handle, a metal bar on top, and on that metal bar there'll sit a bulb light. Inside the wooden handle, you could place a battery to power the light. Maybe with a curved mirror aka reflective metal "beauty dish" behind the bulb to increase and direct the light, like on those 1920s and 1930s flashes, I'd just be worried about a 1920s or 1930s curved mirror or "beauty dish" design clashing a bit with the overall 19th century look, though I guess a clever designer could come up with a good hybrid design that wouldn't look *TOO* modern.

    19. Jollylook Creator on March 12

      @Zengfu Soon @Emmet C @Stephography

      Thank you for your kind words and for your support to Jollylook.

      We can't wait to send Jollylooks out to All our amazing backers and see the pictures that you will take!

      Jollylook team

    20. Jollylook Creator on March 12

      @Jeremy @Charles Hepburn

      Thank you for your support of Jollylook and for your questions.
      Choosing the suppliers is a time-consuming process, we are working hard on it. We will post an update about who we are partnering with and how things are going with the pre-production of Jollylook by the end of next week.

      Jollylook team

    21. Missing avatar

      Charles Hepburn on March 12

      I think It would be nice to show your gratude to your supporters by giving the regular updates it would just a couple of minutes out of your day

    22. Jeremy on March 10

      Any word on finding suppliers, etc? Just curious. :)

    23. Stephography on March 8

      So excited about this! Looking forward to taking many fabulous pics with this camera and introducing my young children to this fun form of photography :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Emmet C on March 8

      So happy to back this awesome inivation that brings joy back to the old school photography ✌️ Well gone �

    25. Missing avatar

      Zengfu Soon on March 8

      Can't wait for it to arrive in June !

    26. Missing avatar

      Christopher L
      on March 7

      I would be interested in the weatherproof capabilities, but it is worth noting that pretty much any non-specialized weather/waterproof camera should not be taken out in the rain.
      Moisture is the first enemy of metal components and any corrosion in the delicate mechanisms involved with shutters and film mechanisms/advances will quickly cease their function, and if the inside of lens assemblies get moisture (not as much an issue for the simple design here) it is a recipe for quick condensation haze or even fungus growth. Not to mention, with this design it appears even with the covering there will be small exposed areas where moisture could get into the camera itself.
      Just a guess that you'd want to try to keep this one dry and general good practice advice :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Natsuki Subaru on March 7

      What if it rain?

    28. Jollylook Creator on March 6

      @John Robison @Terry Walker @Gerard Clos Cano @Patricia DeCesaro @Poulpy @Urtzi @Liz Powalisz @Purena Son @Michelle Lim @Yu-Mei Chang @Ch H

      THANK YOU beautiful people for your massive support and love of Jollylook.
      And thank you so much for you kind words!
      You are amazing!

      Jollylook team

    29. Jollylook Creator on March 6


      Thank you so much for your support and your question.

      We will ask for your shipping details when we send out our backer's survey via BackerKit, which will be emailed to you shortly before we ship. Our estimated shipping date is June 2017

      Jollylook team

    30. Missing avatar

      Ulrika on March 6

      When can I give you the shipping address and on what date will the product be shipped?

    31. Ch H on March 5

      Thank you for creating this great camera! I can't wait to get it!

    32. Missing avatar

      Yu-Mei Chang on March 4

      I can't wait to have this!!!!

    33. Michelle Lim on March 3

      Thanks for making a bold move by creating this! We'll be cheering for you! Can't wait!

    34. Missing avatar

      Purena Son on March 3

      I want to say thank you for giving me the chance to buy this amazing camera!

    35. Missing avatar

      Liz Powalisz on March 3

      WOOHOO!! I can't wait to have this bad boy in my hands!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Urtzi on March 3

      Y wonder why someone create this kind of camera, is so impressive, not only because of the material and old stile, the opportunity to use with or without a wonderfully!!! And all of this... on instant papers....
      I've no word to express why I decided to participate, but I Knew that, even without any test about the results, I'd like to have one of this cameras.

      The expulsion sistema is very extrange too, I love It!!!

    37. Missing avatar

      Poulpy on March 3

      Yeah, that's a good news ! I can't wait to have it in my hands :)
      Congratulations !!

    38. Missing avatar

      Patricia DeCesaro on March 3

      Good on ya! Cheers to the little guys! Power to the people! My eye is longing for arrival day and I will be stocking up on film!! Love all.

    39. Missing avatar

      Gerard Clos Cano on March 3

      Great news! Happy with this project. Congratularions.

    40. Missing avatar

      Terry Walker on March 3

      Congratulations!!! I haven't been this excited since my parents gave me my first 35mm camera as a child over 30 years ago! I cannot wait to get this camera and use it! Look forward to watch this camera line and community grow! ❤️

    41. Missing avatar

      John Robison on March 3

      Congratulations! Looking forward to sharing the journey. Post pictures of the manufacturing process if you get a chance.

    42. Such Doge backer WOW
      on March 3

      Gonna have to cancel mine since I need to buy Nintendo switch.....

    43. Jollylook Creator on March 3


      Thank you for your support to Jollylook and for your question.
      The estimated retail price will be 49$ without the instax mini film cartridge.

      Jollylook team

    44. Missing avatar

      John Robison on March 3

      Surprised there was any money to get back. Seems most of the problems are over eager amateurs who way underestimate expenses. My take on Kickstarter is don't back a project unless you are ready to walk away from the money. This is cheap enough that if it fails.....well I've lost much more $ in other aspects of life.
      Did anyone here back the Mercury Universal modular camera? He's two days late on his once a month update, but February is a short month so I won't bug him until the 5th or 6th of the month. I'm not too worried about late delivery, stuff happens. As long a regular and honest updated are posted.

    45. Missing avatar

      Nausicaa on March 3

      What would be the retail price?

    46. Noelle on March 3

      Don't feel bad Charles, I literally threatened eZelleron with a lawsuit in order to get my money back after their failed Kraftwerk product. They are still peddling perpetually hopeless backers with BS to this day...nearly 2 years after the campaign was done and financed. It was a nightmare. So I know the feeling. Thankfully, out of the dozens I have backed (All over the globe) that was the only one to be a complete loss...though one other is starting to take a turn for the worse (I try to stay positive). As a photographer, I love camera's, any camera. From old to new and everything in between. Especially the unique this one. This company seems to have a good, well thought out plan and working prototypes already so that is a good start!

    47. Missing avatar

      Charles Hepburn on March 2

      Great that this project has reached its goal. I hope it actually happens just been scammed and lost my money on the flameflex project. Starting to lose confidence in Kickstarter.

    48. Balazs Oltvai on March 2

      Congrats on your 5926 backers!!! Can I borrow a few hundred? LOOOOL !! :) Cheers!

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