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My dream is to build historically accurate woodcraft items for you, using exclusively hand-powered tools and traditional techniques.
61 backers pledged $6,826 to help bring this project to life.

So whats going on with the Joiner's Apprentice?

Well, as I mentioned, its going to take some time to get the shop up and running.  The good news is, its all just about ready!  There's an infinite number of future improvements waiting to happen (not the least of which is building the real workbench - the one with all your names stamped in it), but I have the core tools and materials to begin working on the Packing Boxes tomorrow!  I am still waiting for a few of the "nice to have" tools, but the essential ones have been received from a collection of flea markets, antique stores, reproduction manufacturers, and from tool procurement specialists.  I've been grinding plane irons, sharpening chisels, and building sawbenches.  I've sent saws out to be sharpened, and had the UPS guy ask what I am up to with all the deliveries.  Yesterday it mostly came to a head, at last, as my order of cut nails finally arrived.

Why all the fuss over nails?  Doesn't every hardware store carry them?  Well, there will be more on that soon.  Short answer is that no... hardware stores do not carry cut nails, and the wire nails they do carry are not sufficient for the demands of traditional joinery.  If you're interested, a big hint is in the intense wedge-shape you can see on that package label.  

The patches and tool rolls are coming along, though our Texan friends have been affected by the fires and drought.  I'm told the patches are about complete, but not sure if they will be sent soon or will wait until the tool rolls are done.  In any case, your patience in the matter is appreciated.  

More information on the nuts and bolts of the project (although no nuts and bolts are involved) as it unfolds is available at :

Thanks for your support, and its really a great feeling to be so close to starting the real bulk of the experiment, now that the fundraising and procurement phase is drawing to a close!

Your loyal apprentice,