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Update #18

White Creek Trailers!

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Hi all! So sorry for the long wait between updates but I am working hard at putting together a new FCF home office and putting all the finishing post production touches on White Creek. All is going great and we are very close to being done!

To wet your whistles, I give you all three White Creek trailers. The film really centers around the three family members so it only seemed fitting to give each character their own trailer!

Enjoy and stay tuned!



password: 5646

Update #17

Updates, Behind-The-Scenes, and Black Creek Screenings


Hi all! So it's been one hell of a spring/summer so far. We wrapped principle photography on White Creek and started the post-production phase! I have retreated to a dark, windowless room for the months of July, June, and August, and at the end will emerge with a close to finished product...just waiting for our original soundtrack to be added, and our sound to be professionally mixed. The post production team is assembled and will include a lot of my nearest and dearest collaborators. Sean Donnelly, the DP, is our FX guy and colorist.. Lawrence Basso from Overit Media will be handling some FX and the title sequence. The boys are back in town and doing the original music...that's Dustin, Rob, and Pete. We have a few new faces and in good time I will reveal who they are...but I can say this...they are awesome and exciting folks to be working with.

White Creek so far has turned out to be the best thing I've ever made, and your help was key in making it happen. Another key thing was the cast, crew, extras, and locations that made it all happen.

We learned a ton and had a blast making it! Check out the Behind-The-Scenes Photos at the bottom!

I will soon have another teaser trailer or two up and out to the world, as well as some posts about our final color and sound mix. In the meantime I can pass along the good news that Black Creek, our short film prologue, has found a home on PBS AND at the Maine International Film Festival...all on the same weekend! If you're in Maine this weekend and near Waterville check out the shorts program! And if you live in the Albany area...Black Creek will be playing at 10:30PM Sunday the 21st in WMHT. There's a different opening to the film now...and I can't wait to share it with you all!

Thanks so much for the support! Can't wait to share some of our next steps!

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Update #16

White Creek Teaser Trailer, FCF, and IMDB credits for all!


Hi everyone! It's been a super busy few months and today we are happy to be able to let some cats out of the bag. Over at our vimeo page we have the very first White Creek sneak peek with our new teaser trailer:

This comes right along with the launch of FCF!!! Raeanne has been working day and night to get our distribution and indie studio site done and we couldn't be happier with it! Here is to the next step in FCF's evolution!

Check out the site, set your own price, tell a friend, and support independent cinema!

And last, but not least, YOUR PERKS!! Now that the site is launched, the film 60% in the can, and a little time before the final push...I can devote some time to those perks you all deserve!
One has already been taken care of...for those of you at the $25 or higher contribution you are now all Contributing Producers on imdb, with a big thanks/shout out in the trivia section!:-) Thanks a million!

Check it out here:

Next up! Bryan Bruner's great robot postcards go out...then the DVD's!
Thanks again to all...this has been the greatest experience making a film and I couldn't have done it with out you guys and gals!!!

Update #15

Round 2! EXTRAS!


Hi all! So just before the holiday season we rolled cameras on White Creek for 4 full days of shooting and the results were awesome! Because of you we are creating some of our best work yet! As we move into our second shoot next week I wanted to take a moment to share a few stills from our last shoot and invite any and all to set on Feb 2nd and 3rd to be in the film! (You need to get yourself there and back of course.:-) We have a small crowd scene from 10AM-4PM Saturday Feb 2nd at Salem Art Works. In this scene a line of serfs wait for wood and blanket handouts to keep them warm though the winter exchange they must sign up for service in Josia's new "community". Things go a bit off the rails when a trouble maker shows up and our main character, Katie, stands up to him. A fun scene to help establish the dynamic between Josia, Katie, the community, and Noah.

On the 3rd we have a full day from 12-7PM inside a bunk house where the serfs live on top of one another. We have 3 scenes in total and need the huddled masses still yet to be free.:-)

If interested, contact me here, OR at We will provide lunch and copy of the film...and fun! The wardrobe is very simple....solid colors, the more tattered the better, no logos or denim...think of it as a modern 19th century.

Feb 2nd
Salem Art work
19 Cary Lane
Salem, NY 12865

Park in the visitor lot and meet us in the Cary house. We need folks 10AM-5PM

Feb 3rd
Contact me for the address

If you can only make one day or another that's awesome too! Any help is great! PLUS, we'll get to share in some of the experience we've had so's been an absolute blast with a great cast and crew! And now...the stills:

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Update #14

We Did It!!! you can have your FB feeds back....


Just kidding, but seriously...
I cannot thank all of you enough for such a wonderful campaign and a huge win for White Creek!

We still have 2 we won't be as aggressive, but any extra still helps us make a better film. We'll also be coming up with the bonus perk idea, shooting the final thank you instagrams, and I'm going to make a thank you vid...because all deserve a round of applause!!


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    Join the revolution against the company and get updated on the movement. You also receive a track from the short film prologue, BLACK CREEK.

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    Super nice of you! We’ll snap an on-the-spot instagram picture of us saying thank you! All we need is your instagram and twitter handles to send them your way. You’ll also get a track from the short film prologue, BLACK CREEK.

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    Truly inspiring! The original WHITE CREEK soundtrack, which we are in the final stages of producing, inspired the film. We think it will inspire you, too. It’s yours, along with everything above.

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    NEW PERK!!! Back us at this level or higher and we'll send you 2 postcards of original works by Love and Robots artist Bryan Bruner!!

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    You are obviously excited about the film, so let’s give you all of the above and a digital download of the final film WHITE CREEK in all of its HD glory with all of its fabulous extras. You will also be credited in the film and on IMDb as Contributing Producer.

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    This level is for the fan who wants to see the film and have something to add to the collection. In addition to all the other goodies, we will send you a hand-numbered and packaged Kickstarter edition of the WHITE CREEK DVD. This film will not be put on DVD once it’s released, so this is your only chance to get it in this format.

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    With a big contribution comes a big reward! Everything above, plus a digital download of my last two films, THE BRAVE AND THE KIND and ORPHANED, complete with extras and soundtracks. PLUS, an invitation to a special fine-cut online screening where you get to give your feedback on the film before it’s even finished.

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    Doubling down deserves a double reward. In addition to every previous perk, let’s add a hand numbered and packaged Kickstarter edition of THE BRAVE AND THE KIND and ORPHANED DVDs. PLUS, a personal Skype or phone call thank you and chat about films and projects you’re working on.

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    You’re taking it to the next we should, too. In addition to every previous perk, we are inviting you and a friend to the official wrap party and a day on the set to check out what your contribution has helped produce. This will take place on October 2nd-3rd 2013 and does not include transportation to Salem, NY. PLUS, if you feel generous to this level then we couldn’t help but name a character after think of something good.

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    WOW! Super generous of you and most appreciated. You have officially sponsored a day of shooting and in addition to all of the above we’ll make a 2-minute video diary to be posted on our website to show everyone what a difference this day made to our film...made possible by you. We’ll also add you as an Associate Producer to the project AND invite you to dinner with the cast and crew in NYC for the premiere. (Wish we could pay for transportation, but alas, that’s not included.)

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    Salem, New York, is truly one of the prettiest places on earth and to help celebrate such a great donation, we’ll put you up in the B&B the film was shot in and send you to an art workshop of your choice at Salem Art Works...our home for the shoot. On top of that, you score a Producer credit and a guest spot on my Filmmaker Magazine show, SHOOTING WITH JOHN. (Sorry, transportation’s not included.)

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    Motion portraits recur in my films and photography and will be used throughout the film (See an example: At this level of generosity, you and your family deserve one of your own. I’ll come to your home and shoot as many portraits of your family we can fit in a day. PLUS, now that you’re practically family, in addition to an Executive Producer credit we want you to come hang out with our film family and find yourself in a scene of the film.

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    Well, I think it’s only fitting at this level that we give you a “YOUR NAME Presents” credit. We’ll also come to you, screen the film in your hometown, and convince anyone in your circle that filmmaking is incredibly difficult...being a lawyer will certainly pay way more. ;-)

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