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Pure Titanium, super strong, incredibly light-weight, solid grip, durable as hell... This is the pick that rocks as hard as you do.
Pure Titanium, super strong, incredibly light-weight, solid grip, durable as hell... This is the pick that rocks as hard as you do.
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Thank You!


The last of the Kickstarter supported EpicGrip picks ships tomorrow.  I was hoping to get everything shipped on Saturday, but I'd slightly miscounted my color options and ended up having to clean and anodize 100 extra fire, and about 20 extra gradient EpicGrips. Despite this minor delay, as of 9:00PM Sunday Nov 17th, the last of the Kickstarter orders have been packed and will be shipping out in tomorrows mail. 

 Ladies and Gentleman, we are done!  

Other than that, there's really not that much to report except that, for those that have ordered through the website, I'll be starting to knock out the EpicGrip shop order backlog this week. I expect even those should all be out by the end of next week, so it looks like everybody will get their picks before Christmas! :) 

I'm already getting photos, twitter posts, and messages from folks around the world, saying how much folks like their picks. This is awesome and super fun! Thank you!!! 

Every time I get a thank-you from some country I've never heard of before, it amazes me that we live in a world that makes it easy to connect with a global community. With a few extra weekends of work, I've been able to reach out and touch close to 2000 strangers, and suddenly the world seems a little bit smaller, and full of awesome people.  Kickstarter, and it's emergent community is fantastically, mind-bogglingly amazing.  

 Thanks for coming along the journey with me. May you enjoy these picks for a very long time, and remember occasionally when you pick one up, that you've helped some dude in a California suburb to achieve his dream of making a kick-ass guitar pick. 

 best, -J

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    1. John Wundes Creator on

      @Kenneth & @Gabriel - messaging you directly...

    2. Kenneth Hsia on

      Hey John, my picks haven't arrived either, let me know how things are, thanks!

    3. Gabriel dela Torre on

      Mine still has not arrived yet. Any updates? Thanks

    4. savagediana on

      These are awesome! Thank you!! :)

    5. John Wundes Creator on

      @Jane - Sweet! Thanks for the kind words! Have a Merry Christmas!

    6. John Wundes Creator on

      @Jonathan & @RaSaJr, messaging you directly now to discuss your orders.

    7. Jonathan Yuan on

      It has been over a month since you said that they were shipped and i still haven't received my picks. What's going on?

    8. Raul Sanchez Jr

      I'm still waiting for mine just wondering if you had shipped them

    9. Missing avatar

      Jane Childs on

      Mine arrived in Sydney last week. Christmas present for my undeserving brother. :)
      Thanks for the terrific communication - level of detail in updates was just right.

    10. John Wundes Creator on

      @Constantine - Sweet! Whichever color you start with, whatever you play will be 100% more metal than before! ;p
      @Jay - messaging you directly...

    11. Constantine Nadonenko on

      Also i don't know which i should pick first to play some Heavy Metal :D

    12. Constantine Nadonenko on

      Wow! Just got 'em! thank you john :D

    13. Mind-Ware Movies on

      Hi I'm still waiting for mine to arrive. My dad got his last week and he lives not far from me. Is their a way to track my order?

    14. John Wundes Creator on

      @James - 500mi. LOL! Thanks for the great comment! Made my day!
      @zbiggie - Thanks! Hope for her sake she is... :)

    15. James Fearnley on

      My two arrived a couple of days ago which is better than it sounds as I'm currently in the South Atlantic on the Falkland Islands.
      I think this means I have the best picks for around 500 miles!
      We'll see how the music group on the Islands feel when they see them this week but I'm betting on lots of envy :)
      Amazed how light and stiff they are - but titanium! So I shouldn't be surprised at all.
      Quality product, great campaign, good updates. Should be a template for others really.

    16. zbiggie on

      Got mine a week or two ago, doesn't really matter when. Love them. Great quality. I know my sister wants one, I might consider giving her the unopened one for Christmas. If she is nice.

    17. John Wundes Creator on

      Sweet! Thanks Cody!

    18. Cody Alexander Cormier on

      @John Unfortunately, people don't tend to film their stuff, and I missed the show. In a couple months time I'll probably have filmed at least one show. I'll have to make sure that if I put it up on youtube, I link back to the blog. More exposure!

    19. John Wundes Creator on

      @Cody - Awesome! I'm certain it will... EpicGrips have no fear of live audiences! :)
      If there is video from the show, I'd love to see it!
      @Ryan - Will do!

    20. Ryan Blackstock

      Hi John,
      I just wanted to thank you for running a top notch Kickstarter campaign! I love the picks and cant wait to give my extra one away to my cousin!
      Please keep us posted if you launch any other projects!

    21. Cody Alexander Cormier on

      Hey, John! Got my 2 pack in great time. Been playing with one, and the other was given to a friend of mine. We're both enjoying it, and he was so stoked on it. He's going to be using it in a show on Thursday, and has said that if it performs in the set like it did in practice, he will be buying more. So thank you for making an awesome product.

    22. Chad on

      Got my 4-pack yesterday. Love 'em! Great job!

    23. John Wundes Creator on

      Thanks Everybody!
      @Raymond - There have been several requests for Jazz style picks, so I think I'll probably do that next. Got some experiments to do yet. I'll update here if I start a new one.
      @Neville - Sweet, I'd love to hear a sample of your music. Feel free to post a link here if you want to share with the rest of the supporters!
      @Peter- Thanks man, totally looking forward to relax for the holidays...
      @FallenHalo - I see you PM'd me as well. Responding there...

    24. FallenHalo on

      i have not got mine yet? can you please provide the tracking number?

    25. Missing avatar

      Peter Gantenbein on

      Hi John
      I got my picks today....what better can happen on a usual working Monday? These picks are awesome to look at and also very nice to play on my Guitars with.....Great Job.....I hope you get a huge portion of Turkey on Thanksgiving this and your family definitely deserved the way....just orderd another 12 picks......Greetz from happy customer from Switzerland

    26. Matthew Brady on

      Great job! Got my 4 picks on Friday. Today I gave my dad a pair and he thought they were awesome.

    27. Missing avatar

      erik finnerty on

      Good job man! Wish you continued success with you business. It was nice to have the opportunity to be (a little) part of it! Onwards and upwards!

    28. Neville cope on

      My pick arrived in England yesterday, just in time for me to have a play with it in the studio on a track I was recording. Much lighter than I expected, but didn't have a "metallic" sound at all. Playing with it was very smooth, my only concern being scratching the guitar or damaging the plastic on the pickups (i was playing rather....heavily!)

      I have to say, this is an amazing product. I'm going to get it put on a necklace as it looks great too (i got the purple one). I'm so glad I backed your project, you really have made a quality product that is such fun to use. I may have to buy more in the future!

    29. Raymond Den Ouden on

      Mine arrived yesterday, it looks awesome.
      Immediately after picking it up it started changing colors (don't be worried, read on), it even didn't look purple anymore bot got a bit of golden glare on it. Got scared that I ruined it already like normal strings are corroding underneath my fingers.

      But after washing it with warm water and soap the color got back, phew!

      John, you rock!

      Greetings from the Netherlands

      btw what's next? titanium sliders? titanium fingerpicks?

    30. Missing avatar

      JinHansson on

      My 4-pack arrived also today, and they look... You know what, Krom said it all pretty much. But yes, they do look much better IRL than in pictures - the color looks extremely cool on these, and it's hard to pick my favorite (I got a golden, blue and two purples). Good work, thank you, and glad I joined in!
      Cheers from Finland.

    31. Missing avatar

      Krom on

      My 4-pack arrived today and the picks are plain awesome! Very pleased with this kickstarter, thank you very much.
      If you're ever going to do a new kickstarter, let me know. :)
      Again, thank you!

    32. Missing avatar

      Robert Gathy on

      Mine arrived today – they look even better in real life than on the pictures, and they feel awesome, too. Congratulations, you truly achieved something here! Greetings, a fan from Germany :)

    33. Jasmijn on

      Received mine yesterday, thank you! :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Josh Gilbert on

      Tossing my fan mail/thanks your way too - an amazing quality product from an open and truly professional Kickstarter business. Awesome, awesome.

    35. John Wundes Creator on

      @Chris - Sweet. Can't wait to see what you post!
      @Ant - It will probably get lost before it wears out, but hopefully you have them for a long time! Enjoy!
      @Daniel - Please let me know when it arrives. Obviously worldwide shipping is going to vary, but I'm curious to see what the range is. If it's not there in a week, msg me directly.
      @Bernard - Thanks, I'm honored! Those French picks look awesome. I will have to get one myself! Thanks for the link!
      @Daniel - You're welcome! Lysekil is now my favorite village in Sweden! :) Cheers!

    36. Missing avatar

      Daniel Tiger on

      Hi John! (and the epic-pick-family-team =)

      I just got my 2 picks here in Lysekil, a small fishing village on the west coast of Sweden. One for me and one for my friend for x-mas! He will be thrilled!


    37. Missing avatar

      bernard van breusegem on

      Hi John,

      I just received you "epic pick" today & I want to thank you for the quality of the product : light, fit perfect in hand, good grip, great sound, light weight : i was used to a bronze french pick ( which outgoes the plastic, wood, or metal picks i tried before but yours is an hell of a pick, and i must say i'm a instant fan. Since i've just ordred one, i hope i won't loose it ( there must be a parallell world wher live all the lost picks, yet mine). Anyway, congratulations, and it was worth to wait a bit ( and thank you for all this messages about this "Epic" story. Sincerelly yours. Bernard (from Brussels, Belgium).

    38. Daniel García on

      Anyone from Spain have received the picks yet? I've had some bad experiences with post service here...

    39. Ant on

      Pick arrived in the UK today, congrats on the success of your campaign! Killer product...It has the feel of a thinner pick on the fingers, but with the rigid, unbending response of an extra heavy. If it ever wears out (which feels unlikely) I'll be ordering more.

    40. Chris Rowley on

      I got mine last night. Simply awesome! I am stoked about using them. Thanks again and I will try to send a pic or two back to you (pardon the pun).

    41. John Wundes Creator on

      @William - I will never get tired of seeing photos of that pick on awesome guitars! Thanks!

    42. David Sander on

      Got mine today. Really nice! I think I'll have to give one of them to my son... Unfortunately. Maybe I just won't tell him about them. I should have done a higher level to get more.

    43. William Gallagher on

      sorry for the spam, apparently im a imgur noob.

    44. William Gallagher on

      Greetings from Connecticut John!


      What I Love about this pick honestly is the weight and fantastic grip, I feels no heavier then the .88 mm Dunlops I had been using up until now. I was testing this pick and i cant say enough about it, if you haven't gotten any get some now, if you are beginner intermediate or an advanced player, this is for you.

      My Only Regret?
      I wont be tossing these out on stage,and i wish I had gotten more then the 4 i have now.

    45. William Gallagher on

      John, I was pleasantly surprised when my letter arrived in the mail today with my picks in them.
      all i can say for right now is that Epic does not even begin to explain how awesome this is.

    46. Tanya Murphy on

      ours arrived saturday, hubby loved it. I think i will attach it to a leather string and he will wear it. :)

    47. Trevor Foster on

      My pair of picks arrived in the mailbox today and look amazing. My Brother is going to have a fancy gift in his stocking this year and the other one is mine (seems to be a common theme below ;) )

    48. Matt Kendrick on

      Eagerly awaiting my picks in Australia. Thanks for all the hard work, and thanks for the blog posts, loved reading about the whole process.

    49. Missing avatar

      Elad Rokach on

      Got mine today! It's perfect !
      Thank you very much
      Great idea.

    50. Tyson Hazelwood on

      I received my picks yesterday. One blue and one purple. They are beautiful. I wish you much continued success.