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John Schlitt sets out to create the rock album you’ve been waiting for – be a part of it!
John Schlitt sets out to create the rock album you’ve been waiting for – be a part of it!
467 backers pledged $45,160 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Sebastian Ortega on

      I´m part of The Christmas project, too!

    2. John Schlitt 2-time creator on

      Did you see John's latest video newsletter on the Crew site? The official release date is May 8, so you WILL get the CD before that. As soon as they're processed, he'll mail them out!

    3. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    4. John Schlitt 2-time creator on

      Thank you, Steve.... That's really what it's all about, isn't it.... the message inside of the music.

    5. Missing avatar

      Steve Thompson on

      John I want to thank you for all the years of service to our Lord Jesus Christ, This was a calling on your life and you took the stand for Christ, you ministered to me through the music God has given you, and now I have the privilage to share it with my children and they love it. Thanks. My God continue to bless you and your family.

    6. John Schlitt 2-time creator on

      Glad it all worked out. Thank YOU for partnering with me!

    7. Michael Jeffers on

      Sorry my commitment took longer to go through! We went through this issue of someone stealing our card # & all that went with that. God is good! John, I'm thankful to have been & am apart of the ministry w/ you! In His Service!

    8. Alister on

      Now THAT'S what I like to hear! Thanks John - for the response to my dumb comment, for making a new rock CD, for being an awesome vocalist and all round nice guy, but above all - thanks for giving all the honor and glory for your talents and career to God! May "The Greater Cause" be used MIGHTILY for the name of Christ!

    9. John Schlitt 2-time creator on

      The 'old folks' want to rock too - and ROCK they will! ;-)

    10. Alister on


      Now I have that off my chest, let me say that I'm only going to be happy if the new record sounds like On FIre! Pt. II.

      OK - just kidding. But remember, the kids wanna ROCK!


    11. Abimael Cereda Junior on

      John, Sue and all of us: Congratulations! God bless us!

    12. Marcelo Dutra on

      Wow John, Sue, all people from TGC Crew & Staff!!
      We got it!! God blessed us and we reached the objective!!!

      All of you around the world are incredible!!

      From Brasil, I sent to all: CONGRATULATIONS!!

    13. Chris Moore on

      Sue, I sent you a "package", let me know if you didn't get it!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Scott Eikenberry on

      Let's keep supporting this guy (this ministry)! I encourage you to "up your pledge" and go the extra few miles. My life has been greatly impacted through the years - as John allowed God to work through him in so many ways. This is a great opportunity to back this even PAST THE GOAL. With my pledge, I know that Jesus is going to get the glory. Let's as supporters not only meet this goal, but greatly exceede the goal. I am sure the extra funds will be used to Glorify Jesus even more through this project! Keep rockin' !

    15. Andrew Waugh on

      Awesome! Praise the Lord for blessing this project!

    16. John Schlitt 2-time creator on

      To My TGC Crew. We made the 35K gold with time to spare. Praise God. Even some of the crew weren't sure it would happen. We now have 8 more days to keep spreading the word. It's called faze 2, costs that can be covered past the recording process, packaging, kickstarter percentages, publicity, & etc.. You all have done so much already. Let's see what can be done in this last week.
      I also want you to know that we are going to stay in closer contact than you all might have guested. The team & I are planning a web sight for you all to keep up closely with the recording process from beginning to end. Crew this is our CD. God Bless you all. John

    17. Connor Roy on

      Almost $38,000

    18. Missing avatar

      Randy Stacy on

      Brother John- You are not now, and have never ever been, a loner. We love you. You have touched our lives in eternal ways and it is an honor to participate in this project with you. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it.

    19. Mark Rockwell on

      Spent the last bit of our long drive from NC to NY today listening to Jekyll and Hyde and getting excited about The Greater Cause. Glad to be a part of it and support!

    20. Calin Valean on

      I am so so happy you made it!

    21. Missing avatar

      Adam Carr on

      can't wait to hear the message God gives our brother in Christ! :)

    22. Rob Pugh on

      We love you, John. God Bless you!

    23. Missing avatar

      Michelle Morrison on

      It's now at over 35,000, how totally cool!

    24. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    25. Missing avatar

      Carol Martin on

      I'm excited and honored to have the opportunity to be part of this project. I've enjoyed your music, John, since the late 1970s and vividly remember my first Head East concert in Peoria. After becoming a Christian and struggling with giving up my secular music for Christian music, the Lord made it clear what I needed to do when I heard your voice on the radio as Petra's new lead singer. It was as if the Lord was saying, "It's okay, I've got some good music, after all I even have John Schlitt!" Ever since, I've been blessed by your music, ministry, and the amazing gift God has given you. Being part of this project is like icing on the cake...I can't wait to hear the finished product. Keep up the good fight, John!

    26. Missing avatar

      Charles Tifft on

      I have to admit that I was a skeptic when this first started. I really had my doubts that so much money would be raised this way, but I was wrong and I am very happy to be wrong.

    27. Daniel Bass on

      $50,000 pledged is the number that I would love to see! To that end, I've doubled my pledge amount. We wouldn't all have to do that, but I encourage everyone to up their pledge amount by a minimum of $7.88 as Adam Smith has suggested.

      Godspeed & God Bless

    28. Connor Roy on

      Sabrina is my mom. I'm Connor.

    29. Connor Roy on

      I am so excited for this new cd!! Loved the Petra stuff. Coloring Song and the Petra Praise Collection.

    30. John Schlitt 2-time creator on

      Hey folks you all have done plenty. God's got this under control. Watch and enjoy. You all are a true blessing. Thank you

    31. Missing avatar

      Erkka Juhaninmäki on

      I'll gladly raise my pledge by $10 or $20 if needed. Or why not add those 10 bucks right now! :D

    32. Missing avatar

      Adam Smith on

      If every backer raised their pledge by $7.88 as of right now, it would hit $35,000. Let's do this!

    33. Missing avatar

      Hannah Lavoie on

      We're getting SO close now! I'm so excited to be part of this; I feel this is truly going to be a historic event with an incredible impact! Bless you John for persevering even when things look rough; you are a role model to so many and we're honored to be able to help you even a little! May HIS favor continue to rest upon you!

    34. Chris Moore on

      John, I promised myself, if you hit $30,000, I would "pony up" some funds to help you meet your goal. Thank you for the blessing you (and Petra) have been in my life and my walk w/ Christ...some day's it feels a bit more like a "crawl" than a "walk", but I suppose, as long as one keeps moving...! God Bless YOU!

    35. John Schlitt 2-time creator on

      Thank you all for your encouraging comments and pledge increases! This is a great way to start a Monday!

      (Sue Dempster for John Schlitt)

    36. Missing avatar

      George Scheller on

      Never mind it wouln't blow us past but it will help.
      I'm going to add another $15 to it to makeit to a $20 increase if everybody does that we will meet the funding goal.

    37. Missing avatar

      George Scheller on

      I just increased my pledge by $5 and I encorage everyone else to do that.
      If it is done we will blow past the funding goal.

    38. Tom Petrocione on

      C'mon Christians, those who have already pledged, please look at your pledge and ask the Lord if you can pledge up one more level!! I did it in faith, you can too!

    39. Missing avatar

      Cheryl on

      A big Amen to Julian Downward's comment, John!!

    40. Julian Downward on

      John Schlitt has invested way more in our lives than the few dollars we've pledged to this project. No need to even thank us John! we owe you anyway!
      Julian And Sarah Downward, Bournemouth, England.

    41. George D. Rivera on

      Really looking forward to this new CD, John. I remember meeting you and the other guys in Petra when you came to Pueblo, Colorado on the 1995 NO DOUBT tour. To this day, that concert ranks as the loudest show I've ever been to! It was an awesome show! Thanks for your 19 years of ministry in Petra and your commitment to Christ over the years! TCGB!

    42. Quincy Follweiler on

      Wish I could contribute more. Looking forward to rocking with ya!

    43. Andrew Waugh on

      Hey John!
      First off I want to thank you for being faithful to Christ and His calling on your life. Thanks for staying faithful to your wife and family and thank-you for being consistent in your personality and convictions on and off the stage. When I finally had the opportunity to meet you on the Farewell tour in London, Ontario, you seemed to be as genuine and real as in all the videos and interviews I've seen you in over the years. I have know other Christian artists that I can't say the same thing about....thanks. The Lord has greatly used you and the ministry of Petra throughout my life....since I was a teen. You knocked those Biblical lyrics from the Petra albums and your solo albums out of the park!! I received such encouragement, joy and power to be bold for Christ as well as peace and strength when weak and hurting from those songs. I too am a musician who longs to use my abilities as a bass player to further the kingdom of Christ and share His Gospel, while encouraging the church to do the same. I know how important and powerful music is in this cause. That is why I am more then happy to support artists like yourself who have done such a great job of doing ministry thru music well over the years. John, I believe in you and your ministry and I hope that I can support this more in the near future. May the Lord provide all that is needed to get this project done so that HE is ultimately honored, glorified and lifted high!
      May the Lord continue to bless and use you brother!
      P.S. If you ever need a bassist when you are in Ontario, give me a shout!

    44. Missing avatar

      Dan Shelley on

      I have upped my pledge from $10 to $78 based on the new offer, but not only for the new offer... The Holy Spirit led me to make the change to support your reaching others through your gifts John. God bless!

    45. Missing avatar

      Adam Smith on

      Ditto what Jayna said! Looking forward to hearing it - your CDs, both with Petra and solo, are those that always seem to "get stuck" in my CD player for about a year... I'm honored to do anything I can do to get more of your music out there to those who need it (like me)!

    46. Missing avatar

      Jayna Marrinan on

      I only wish I could do 10 times more!

    47. Missing avatar

      Harry Schüler on

      Great Music Clip!!! Hope to see you in Switzerland soon...

    48. Bruno Beyer on

      Hey John, really proud to be part of this project. Just watched "The Grafting" video clip and it is AMAZING!!! great music + great history. Can't wait to listen your next cd.
      God bless you and your family!
      Bruno Beyer from Brazil

    49. Hudson Naves on

      Hello John!
      I am Hudson (HudsonPethead from Brazil)
      It is a great pleasure, a dream come true to be part of this project.
      Excited for this new Rock Album.
      May God bless you very much!

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