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Heroic choices & brilliant strategies are needed to save the realm in this cooperative play Tower Defense board game for 1-7 players.
Heroic choices & brilliant strategies are needed to save the realm in this cooperative play Tower Defense board game for 1-7 players.
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Happy 5-Year Anniversary!

Posted by John Wrot! (Creator)

Greetings TKA Backers!

Today is the 5 Year Anniversary of the launch of The King's Armory project on Kickstarter!   HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!  THIS - IS - YOUR ... ANNIVERSARY!

I was going to make it the launch day of the Second Edition Campaign, and the 4 Meta-Expansion Packs that are coming soon, but our artists had multiple family tragedies over the summer and we've been delayed on it heavily as we stand by them during their recovery.  So, I hope to be able to share it with you soon!

Instead, to celebrate we're offering 30% off EVERYTHING TKA on our webstore.  All editions of the game itself are sold out world-wide, even the extra Special Editions, but EVERY EXPANSION and ALL THE PEWTER MINIS, are all on sale!  

Use coupon code: 5yearsofTKA at Checkout at

What's on sale?

All 5 Expansion Heroes:

  • Zoe - The wind-bending ninja!
  • Artaxerxes - The chaos-loving jester!
  • Rhette - The cheater pirate!
  • Alexian - The heavy-hitting war-king! (Lim Ed.)
  • Robin Hood - The sharpshooting archer! (Lim Ed.)

Both Boss Packs:

  • The Sheriff of Nottingham - A true coward. (Lim Ed.)
  • The Elder Wyrm Dragon - The hardest boss in the game!

 The 5x5 Map Tile Expansion & Reward Pack:

  • 5x5 Expansion makes your map a 5x5 or a 6x4, allowing new routes via the extra space and the exclusive 4-way intersections and switcher tiles.
  • Reward Expansion upgrades your reward deck with new cards, upgrading the income rates!!

 And of course, everyone's favorite:

The Miniatures!!!

We made a 2nd limited print run of the metal minis, and we're almost out.

  • 35mm scale!
  • Ultra-high detail, lead-free pewter
  • Cast in real-life human body proportions!

These have never been put on sale this low ever before, and we only have about 20 sets left (and they won't be recast in metal!)  This is it!

Asphar! (Swords are longer than a standard mini is tall!)
Asphar! (Swords are longer than a standard mini is tall!)

Got stuck with only the Retail Edition?

Consider a limited pull of "Upgrade Packs" that include the Special Edition content from the original Kickstarter.  These are limited, as they're not extra prints (promised I never would), but pulls from certain copies as we made Retail Editions for Retailers!  (Lim Ed.)

  • Hero: Asphar - The Barbarian
  • Hero: Eligor - The Swordsman
  • 2 Unique Tunnel Tiles
  • 4 Equipment Cards
  • 4 Reinforcement Cards
  • 1 Armory Card  
  • ...all of it is Limited Edition!

(If you have the "Special Edition" version, see code: 703SP on your barcode, you already have this pack!  -  SKU: 701 does not include these goodies.  Asphar is widely regarded as "my favorite Hero".)

Thank you so much, and be sure to stay tuned here for more details and teasers on the overly-playtested Second Edition and Meta-Expansions that contain 7 New Heroes, new terrains with environmental effects, and new Hireables!  We've been putting the delays to good use!


Sale ends on the The King's Armory Birthday: November 27th!

Remember to use coupon code: 5yearsofTKA at Checkout at

Forever gratefully yours!  Be blessed!

John Wrot!


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