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Heroic choices & brilliant strategies are needed to save the realm in this cooperative play Tower Defense board game for 1-7 players.
Heroic choices & brilliant strategies are needed to save the realm in this cooperative play Tower Defense board game for 1-7 players.
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Expansion Teaser, Poll/Survey, & Gen Con Recruitment

Posted by John Wrot! (Creator)

Greetings, The King's Armory Backers!

Coming to you today with a great bit of news: We're officially working toward releasing a full expansion for The King's Armory, and a 2017 reprint!  Pretty cool.

Here's the first Expansion Hero: The Paladin!

The expansion will have 7 new heroes, new Hireables, active (stronger) Towers, lots of new monsters (and monster abilities!), Terrain modification, and all the new equipment and reinforcements you'd expect!  ...and let us not forget: NEW ARMORY CARDS!

The reprint will actually be a "Second Edition", taking the first, replacing some art, modifying a few monster stats, cleaning up the rule book, and generally improving the game over what it already is!

To measure interest, I've made a very short poll/survey here.  2 real questions.

Gen Con 2016

Gate Keeper Games is going to be at Gen Con 2016, and could use your help.  I'm looking for a few TKA fans to host game events of TKA.  The events are already on the books, we just need your help to host it.  You get to play too, and swag is yours for helping!  Can you help out?  Check the schedule of GKG events here, where you can also sign up to help.

Oh, and do stop by and say hi, helping or not!  Our booth will be decorated like a Castle Tower!  I think you'll love it.

Find us at Booth #2926 here...

(We're basically a Pokestop! ; )
(We're basically a Pokestop! ; )

...Hey... You're still my first backers.  I'll always be indebted to you.  Come by, tell me you're a TKA backer, and I'll give you our weekend best discounts at any time, promo running at the time or not.  -  Anything I can do for you, I will.

Love and Gaming,

John Wrot!

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    1. John Wrot! 11-time creator on

      @Brian - Understood. I honestly don't know what could be re-written - i mean, large-chunk-wise. There are afew things I want to better clarify, the FAQs so-to-speak, and I've been given "the rulebook is mess" a few times, but they never give me any specific feedback as to why it was a mess. (I'm thinking it's an approach-thing, but not sure.) I've also got several "this is the best rulebook I've ever read"s. So - what's a guy to do with that!? :) So yeah.
      Basically a lot of words to say: I've always taken care of you. I always will take care of you. You can EXPECT nothing but the best from GKG. ...especially you folks.


    2. Brian Denning on

      Not that I'm expecting you to be rewriting large chunks of the rulebook, or that I would expect you to give us the shaft, if you did. I just put that in there for the sake of comparison.

    3. Brian Denning on

      I'll echo some sentiments here. If all that's changing for the second edition is some typos and a couple tiny balance modifications, then great! I have no issues with that whatsoever. If you're editing major portions of the rulebook, though, I would expect -- at the very least -- a downloadable, updated rulebook (for free!) and/or a printed errata, included for free in the expansion box or as a small purchase on your website.

      As for other things:
      Updated art: awesome! That's cool. Go for it.
      Balancing monsters: I would hope you would tell us what the changes are, so we can change them, and it would be nice (though, assuming the above, not necessary) if you sold an update pack with just the updated monsters and cards.
      Updated cards: see updated monsters.

    4. John Wrot! 11-time creator on

      @Jedra - That makes sense. Thanks.

    5. Jedra7609

      John, a few tweaks here and there isn't an issue. Games that get away with a complete reprint and re-sell usually do so after a few years, and that's OK. As long as the expansion is compatible with the original then I am not going to worry too much. If you change anything major though (rule book, cards etc) then I would like the opportunity to get them at a reasonable cost without having to buy the whole game again. A lot of publishers include these 'erratas' in the expansion for anyone that own the originals (CGE and Fantasy Flight amongst others, both have done this in the past).

    6. John Wrot! 11-time creator on

      @All -
      You've all got the ALPHA. The thing is that the Alpha was SO Alpha, we're out of stock. I have 90 games left and they'll be gone after GenCon. - The market wants a reprint. So I'm doing one. At that point, you correct a few things. We all know there's some art in the game from a few artists that didn't put in the effort they should have and I got stuck with it, I want their art out of my game replaced with rocking art. I'm thinking of giving a minor stat adjustment to a monster or 2 (which you can do with a sharpee). And at there is a typo or two in the manual. I'm sure I'll come across a few other things too, but the 2nd edition isn't a "we backed your beta, you jerk!" moment, it's a "You sold out already! Cool! Congrats on needing a reprint" moment! - This is a good thing to celebrate! XD

      The EXPANSION is what you want, as the 2nd Edition is simply making small improvements because you're reprinting anway. Should I leave the typo? Should I leave the meh art? ... when I can fix these things!? : ) This is something many publishers do - Look at King of Tokyo... in as long they're simply redoing all the art, and calling it a "come buy it again" moment - and they'll get away with that, they'll resell another quarter million to fans who already have it.
      Anyway, I ramble on. - I'm a good guy, I'm not shafting anybody, nor would I. I'm just doing the smart thing since I gotta reprint anyway! : )
      I hope ya'll understand and that this is clear.. Do I make sense, or is there still something I'm missing? Please. You're my friends, my market voice, and my 1st 'customers'. Your word means a lot to me.

    7. kc2dpt on

      And I say this having watched it happen to other games. Puzzle Strike comes readily to mind.

    8. kc2dpt on

      John, the issue is: we don't want to feel like we were tricked into backing a beta test. When we back a new product by a new designer we all worry we are putting our money into something not quite ready for prime time. When you come out so soon and say "We're fixing and improving things" then that's exactly what we feared, that we spent our money to help you play-test. It makes a backer think, "I should have waited." Sure a game might need errata or a rules tweak. And these can be given to backers for free at little or no cost. If some cards need to be reprinted, I think most backers would expect these to be made available as cheap as possible. Requiring a backer to buy the entire game again to get the fixes will create a lot of bad will in the community.

    9. Northranger on

      More tower options in a tower defense style game? Yes, please!
      More bad guys? Bring it On!
      New terrain? Prodigious!
      I may not back for another full game since I already have first edition, but this sounds great!

    10. Jedra7609

      I think at the very least, previous backers should get a copy of the new rules. It is quite early in a game's life to be doing a second edition and it may make people nervous about backing any new game you put out.

      I want to take a look at the expansion though and some streamlined rules would be good.

    11. Greatlich, Nightmare of Valoria

      I may back the expansion but won't want to get a new edition of base game unless there is an upgrade pack

    12. John Wrot! 11-time creator on

      Thanks everybody.
      I'll look into the upgrade pack option. It sounds a might complicated given what I know about manufacturing pricing for extra components, etc., but I can sure look into it!
      Good to see all our old buddies together in the comments here. Love seeing all the names I'm used to seeing. : )

    13. Roy Evers on

      Same here. Only interested in second edition if there is a reasonably cheaper upgrade pack. Have played the game and will back any expansions though! I definately want new monsters, we know the current ones pretty well now.

    14. Jedra7609

      I would definitely expect a discount or upgrade pack having put the effort and money in to back the first edition. If I have to re-buy then I doubt I will buy the 2nd Edition or the expansion.

    15. Justin Moll on

      @Rose, I think my solo games can get up to 5 hrs, but that is 7 waves with 4+ heroes. With my gaming group we are around 2-3 hours with 6 players. I highly recommend just skipping to wave 3 as the jump ahead and that will speed up playtime a lot. Our group would rather play it from wave 1 and pray to the money gods for more Gold!

      New features sounds great!! Just hope there is an upgrade path for just the new components.

    16. Rose the Hedgehog on

      @Nakano, we haven't either. {blush} The biggest hangup for us is that we haven't put together the minis yet, despite the detailed guide to do so. That and setting aside 5 hours to play. At least we played the PnP twice.

      So I feel like I really shouldn't back an expansion. And yet ..... I'm slightly tempted.

    17. Nakano

      I haven't yet had time to try the first edition to be honest. I had it with me during one game session (was planning to test drop in feature since one player was known to come later), but we ended up playing Smash Up while waiting.
      Regarding 2nd edition, maybe I could go for an upgrade option+expansion if offered together. Though I'm trying to back less projects now since USD has got strong and never have time to play all KS games + having space issues. John makes fine KS projects, though.
      One hint if you're looking for a free pledge manager and more user friendlier experience, then this might become handy There are still issues since it opened today, but maybe within a month the most urgent issues are solved. I had no major issues with it, though.

    18. Mickaël "Froh" Garcin

      Yep I also answered, asking for some kind of upgrade pack (or very good discount if we have to buy it again)

    19. Greg Sawchyn

      Hopefully there will be an upgrade path for the second edition for us first edition backers.

    20. Nancy Hutchins

      John, make sure you ready my comment section on the survey.

    21. John Wrot! 11-time creator on

      Wow, lots of poll responses coming in already. Thanks everybody.