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Two Christmas themed Halfsies Dice RPG sets for DnD and Pathfinder. Ships in time for Christmas 2018! #Quickstarter.
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Ok, so we're a little early.  It's not even Advent yet.  But we're excited for good reason!

This campaign is a "Quickstarter", it's only been 10 days total with intent to produce two new sets of Halfsies Dice™  in time for CHRISTMAS 2018 delivery! They are now in-hand and ship immediately after the Kickstarter!  

So we say "Welcome!" to you, and hope you decide to bring home a pair of the Limited Run sets we're offering here.  Less than 150 sets remain!

Did someone say... "Stocking Stuffer"!?

 Set #1: Christmas Dice 

Christmas Dice Halfsies Dice are a gorgeous and unique Red Berry and a super dark Holly Leaf blue-green, with Gold Ink, here to adore the Christ child.

 Set #2: Winter Wonderland 

Winter Wonderland Halfsies Dice are a sharp and classy Pine Green and Snow White, with Silver Ink, here to play with the Christ child. : )

Both sets are standard 7-die RPG sets, with all the quality Halfsies Dice are famous for.

Pledge confidently, knowing your friends will love these dice.

A Christmas gift for every backer! 

Every order comes shipped in a Christmas-themed dice bag, on us.

*Coal not included.

Samples shown. Final selection of 9 options have been chosen by the backers!

Size: 4x6in.  Holds 40-50 dice!  

Dice Bag Add Ons:

We invite you to add extra bags to your order as a great gift-presentation option.

  • +$4 per bag
  • Get +4 bags for only +$12 (net $3 each!)
  • Get one of each of all 9 bags for +$24 (net $2.67 each!)

All bags, both free and add-ons, are selected randomly from 9 possible designs (5 examples shown).  All bags in any given order will each be unique!, no repeats, so if you order the +8 bags option, you'll get one of every design! 

Math: That's a total pledge of $47 to get both dice sets and all 9 bags before Christmas!  That's a lot of gifts!  : )

+$3 Shipping fee applies (Flat rate, regardless of quantity of added bags.  All shipping collected after the campaign).

Final designs subject to change.

How can I get both sets by this Christmas!?

Pledge for the Limited Quantity Tier entitled "This Christmas (2018)".  Only backers at this Tier will get them before Christmas.  All other backers will get them next year for Christmas-in-July.

Can I pledge for only one set, and get it before Christmas?  

To ensure the most efficient handling of this, in the short time before Christmas, only the "This Christmas (2018)" Tier will get them in time for Christmas, which includes both sets.  A couple fortunate backers on the "Next Christmas (2019)" Tier may luck out and get them this year anyway, by a random draw. Why?  Because, Saint Nicholas is cool like that!

Can I get more than one of each before Christmas? ...or after?

For this, you have two options: 

#1) Pledge to the "This Christmas (2018)" Tier, and add +$11 per extra set you would like.  Your first two sets (one of each) will come before this Christmas.  All extra sets (beyond the first pair) will ship with phase 2 in July 2019.  You pay for all your dice shipping upfront, 2nd shipping phase is included in pricing.

#2) Pledge.  Then ask a family member to also pledge under their account.  

Can I them before Hanukkah?

Hanukkah is very early this year.  We will do our best to ship Hanukkah requests ASAP, but I don't believe we'll hit December 2nd.  There's a very good chance that in the USA you'll get them by December 10th, but I can't promise it.  Please email me if you would like me to prioritize your shipping in time for Hanukkah.  It would be my pleasure.

Who are you going to give them to?  What craft are going to make with them?

Ok, that's me asking you.  Tell me in the comments!

Got any other questions?

Ask me in the comments!  I love comments!

This campaign is the first of its kind for us!  There are no Stretch Goals! : O

We've given every offering right up front, even the free dice bag in every order!  

We want you to be able to pledge confidently, knowing exactly what you're getting from go.  This has the bonus of eliminating potential post-campaign hiccups, so we can guarantee on-time shipping.

We've decided to make this campaign 100% grass roots.  We're not going to do any paid advertising aside from a small Facebook message to spread the word on the first few days.

So we need your help telling people!  After all, that's the rule of Quickstarters!

  • You can use this link:   <-- to tell people about the campaign.  
  • You can yoink photos from above (right-click, save as), and post them to any site you want.  
  • And most importantly, you should definitely tell your friends word of mouth.

Share suggestions: Reddit, Facebook Gaming Groups, Instagram, Twitter storms #Dice #HalfsiesDice #Kickstarter, Kotaku, try to get your favorite gaming reviewer to mention it, etc.

Thank you! 

Below you'll find two Shipping Charts.  

One for the "This Christmas 2018" Tier, and another for the "Next Christmas 2019" Tier.  

To reduce confusion, concentrate only the chart relevant to your pledge Tier.  

"This Christmas 2018" Shipping Chart

If any part of your order ships in 2018, expect these total/combined shipping costs:

The above pricing includes the full total cost for two separate shippings.  One in time for Christmas 2018, and a second in July 2019.  All dice bags ordered will come with your first (2018) shipment, so you may use them as gifts if you like.

"Next Christmas (2019)" Shipping Chart

If ALL of your order ships in 2019, expect these shipping costs:

The above pricing reflects the cost for one shipment of all items together, in 2019. 

Shipping Info for both Shipping timelines:

Shipping for all pledges will be collected immediately after the campaign via our simplified pledge manager.

Estimated Ship Date: All orders will ship by December 6th, St. Nicholas Day.  If we max out early enough, and Pledge Manager addresses come in fast, we can beat that date by a whole week and ship out most orders by November 29th.  

Add on Dice Bags: Got any extra Christmas Themed dice bags in your pledge?  Expect +$3 shipping.

**Shipping for this campaign is not EU friendly.  I apologize.  Bulk-customs won't let them through fast enough to then re-ship them individually from inside the EU in time.  We are confident, though, that we can get them parcel delivered from the States to your home in time!  We will ship international orders slightly ahead of domestic orders to help ensure this.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukkah!

Thank you for backing!

Risks and challenges

The dice are completed and the first shipment has already reached our warehouse. The only risk is that you get shipped coal instead of dice. ; P

Dice creation is an art, so every die is always different. There may be some color bleed, unique inking, or color difference between from the prototypes used for photography and the final product. All this is normal and what makes creating dice so exciting! Of course if you end up with something terribly odd beyond this (like a damaged or a missing die), we will always take care of that personally. : )

Merry Christ-mass, and may the peace of the Christ child Jesus be upon your family this coming Christmas season and always.

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  1. Select this reward

    Pledge US$ 12 or more About US$ 12

    Next Christmas (2019)

    Pledge at this tier for your choice of Halfsies Dice sets.

    Add additional sets for +$11 each.

    Shipping will be collected immediately after the campaign.

    Pledges to this Tier have an estimated delivery of Christmas-in-July 2019.

    Estimated delivery
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    13 backers

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  2. Select this reward

    Pledge US$ 23 or more About US$ 23

    This Christmas (2018)

    Get 1 of each set: Winter Wonderland and Christmas Dice, in time for this Christmas 2018!

    Ships in time for Christmas 2018 - AT THIS TIER ONLY.

    Add additional sets for +$11 each.
    Please note: To ensure everyone gets a chance to participate, only the first pair of two sets ordered at this tier will ship for THIS Christmas. All additional dice sets will ship separately in mid 2019, for Christmas-in-July 2019!
    You will only pay shipping once. Thank you.

    Shipping will be collected once, immediately after the campaign.

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Limited 356 backers

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