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John Wick brings 7th Sea back in a 300-page, full-color, hardbound book. Revised rules, revised Nations, updated for the 21st Century.
John Wick brings 7th Sea back in a 300-page, full-color, hardbound book. Revised rules, revised Nations, updated for the 21st Century.
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Journey East to Khitai!

Posted by John Wick (Creator)

Hey everyone!

Last year, you changed my life. 

When we launched the 7th Sea: Second Edition Kickstarter, everyone here at JWP was excited to put our vision for Théah out in front of fans. We knew you all would be excited by the return of familiar faces AND the changes we were planning for the setting. We never expected to fund eleven sourcebooks, three novels, three decks of cards and more... but it's been a blast making all this amazing stuff real.

And now it's time for us to head east to new lands. Just like we promised. 

It's time for 7th Sea: Khitai.

Twenty years ago, I helped tell the story of Rokugan’s Clan War in Legend of the Five Rings. It’s been a long time since I’ve explored that territory, and this time, we’re not just limited to Japan. We’ve been talking about how to approach the the Pacific Rim for a long time. Now, we’re ready to show you what we’ve been planning.

Kingdoms of Khitai

In the East, the Hero’s role is different than in Théah. The Call to Adventure is very real, a spiritual urge to travel toward one’s destiny. It is not metaphor, but an inevitable pull all Heroes feel, a pull toward a duty that is greater than a Hero’s own desires. The Song of the World brings these Heroes together to fulfill important roles, urging them on to adventure together.

But Khitai is not a monolithic land. There are many individual Nations, lands with their own cultures and mysticism, Nations with complex histories and dynamic conflicts. From the jungles of Nagaja to the monsters of Kamerra to the courts of Shenzhou, Heroes of the East (and West!) must face Villains and problems that will challenge them in new and interesting ways.

7th Sea: Khitai Core Rulebook

7th Sea: Khitai is a standalone game; you don’t need any other books to play it. Khitai uses the same ENnie Award winning system from 7th Sea: Théah, but with new twists to make the game fit the concepts of the East. If you're interested in checking it out, you can download the 7th Sea: Khitai Quickstart right now on DriveThruRPG.

The new game will be 100% compatible with the rules from 7th Sea: Second Edition. In fact, you can use them with your Théan Heroes, allowing both Eastern and Western Heroes to adventure together across any land you like from the world of 7th Sea.

And we're not just funding a Core Rulebook...

7th Sea: Khitai and Fuso Mockups
7th Sea: Khitai and Fuso Mockups

Our campaign starts with the Fuso sourcebook already unlocked, a land of valiant samurai, mystical nispa and mysterious kamuy. The Mikado and Shogun are in a covert struggle to control Fuso, but first, they must win over the Clans. Which side will you choose? The Fuso sourcebook contains more details on this Nation. New details on the Clans, more Backgrounds, more Advantages and Fuso’s unique mysticism.

Join Us on Our Journey East!

Answer the Call to Adventure and join us on our journey to the lands of the East. We've got new sourcebooks, new dice and tokens and new stretch goals just waiting to be unlocked:

And THANK YOU! Your support means the world to us, and we're so excited to share what we've been working on with you all!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ecktown on

      @Mark Diaz Truman: I was just wondering whether the countries of Khitai are also going to be featured on the complete world map for this kickstarter.
      If not how is this going to work? It would of course be great to really have a map of the complete world without anything missing ;-)

    2. Ken

      Reading over the pledges levels, I will add that I am also disappointed. I was hoping to be able to pledge for just the print items and PDFs for the new game. You already got me for $350.00 here, so I would think that someone like me would be your target audience over there... *shrug*

    3. Alfredo Tarancón on

      I originally pledged 40$ at this kickstarter, only at the almost last minute upgrading to get the core book in print. This time I pledged the core book from the start. This ks has delivered greatly in my opinion, and I feel that I got a loooot of good value from my money, and there's still a lot ahead. Wish I could go higher, but at least I know I can trust in what's to come.
      I think that your approach to the new KS has been great. Looking forward to what else we will find in these new lands!

    4. Diego Espina Souto on


      Whatever. It's already funded anyway, congratulations.

    5. Mark Diaz Truman

      @Diego - Thanks for the feedback! We want to make sure that new backers feel included in this new Kickstarter (hence the inclusion of 2e books), but we also want to respect the support you gave us early. New backers are getting a selection of books, but they aren't getting everything (maps, soundtracks, Cities books, etc). In addition, your original $40 pledge covered the 1st Ed books as well, which are not included here for the $45 price.

    6. Netobvious

      Yes, fully funded, already (well actually not just now but this over 3 hours old since launch)

    7. Missing avatar

      Robert D on


    8. Diego Espina Souto on


      Yeah, I've pledged for that. But two years ago I pledged for a pdf option of 40$ that has not been completely published yet and today I find those same files for the same AND amount includind the Khitai new ones.
      35$ for the new ones is no big deal, as I said I'm in... but I can't find any benefit for original 7th Sea backers in this KS and that is not very ellegant

    9. Nancy Schultz on

      There is a $35 pledge for just the Khitai pdfs - which I think covers all the pdfs unlocked over the course of the Kickstarter.

    10. Diego Espina Souto on

      I'm but... This 45$ pledge including all 7th 2nd Ed with the New Khitai pdfs but no special pledge for we 7th Sea backers with only the new Khitai ones for a reduced amount?

      It looks quite unfair to me...