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John Wick brings 7th Sea back in a 300-page, full-color, hardbound book. Revised rules, revised Nations, updated for the 21st Century.
John Wick brings 7th Sea back in a 300-page, full-color, hardbound book. Revised rules, revised Nations, updated for the 21st Century.
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Production Update: January 2016

Posted by John Wick (Creator)

Hey everyone!

Welcome to 2017… the year of 7th Sea! While we’re thrilled to have released the 7th Sea Core Rulebook in 2016, we’re planning on delivering more than twenty different 7th titles, accessories, maps and releases this year. It’s going to be big! 

Heroes & Villains in Print!

To start, we’ll be sending Heroes & Villains out to backers by the end of January, as soon as we get them back from the printer. Obviously, the holiday slows down the process a bit, but we’ll get the books out the door before the end of the month!

As a reminder, we’ll be delivering these books with a new system through our webstore rather than using the addresses in Backerkit. Around the last week in January, we’ll be sending you a coupon through Backerkit that you can use on our store to add Heroes & Villains to your cart for free, providing us an address when we ship you the book. In other words, there's no need to update your address in Backerkit from this point forward.

The coupon will be good for one year; if you want to hold on to it for a bit because you’re moving or something, you’ve got some time to use it. You can even wait until we deliver more books and have us ship you multiple books at once or add new books to your order.

On that note, I recorded myself doing a live unboxing for the Heroes & Villains proof back in December. If you’re interested in the specifics of how we get books made, check out this short (8 min) video of me geeking out about proofs:

Sorte Deck & GM Screen Previews 

In addition to getting H&V out the door to backers this month, we’ve finalized both the Sorte Deck and the GM Screen and uploaded them to Backerkit for you all. You can access both through your Backerkit Digital Downloads. (If you’re having trouble, please email us at

Here’s a preview of the Sorte Deck:


The amazing Jabari Weathers ( illustrated these for us, and we’re incredibly happy with how they turned out. We can’t wait to get them to you in a physical form! Check your Backerkit Digital Downloads for the full set.

Here’s a preview of one panel of the GM Screen interior as well, but check your Backerkit for a full size image with all three panels:

Fabien Badilla put together a bunch of great resources for the GM Screen, and we’re excited to get it printed for use at your table. If you’ve got any feedback about the GM Screen, please fill out the feedback form here:

7th Sea GM Screen Feedback:

Thanks for all the support and feedback. It makes a huge difference to us! 

Production Update: Jan 2017 

Now that we’re back from the holiday break, we’re getting the machine rolling again to get the remaining supplements out the door. Here’s the production update for January:


  • Pirate Nations: Copy Editing to Proofing! 
  • Nations of Théah, Vol 1: Copy Editing to Proofing! 
  • Nations of Théah, Vol 2: Dev Editing to Copy Editing 
  • Lands of Gold and Fire: Writing to Dev Editing 
  • The Crescent Empire: Outlining to Writing 
  • Cities of Faith: On Hold to Outlining


  • GM Screen: Layout to Proofing 
  • Storium: Writing to Copy Editing 
  • Pirate’s Booty and GM Screen: Adjusted delivery to March 2017 
  • Basic Rules: Adjusted delivery to February 2017 
  • Storium: Adjusted delivery to February 2017


  • Daughter of Fate: Layout to Proofing 
  • Born Under a Black Flag: Writing to Dev Editing, adjusted delivery to Feb 2017

We’ll be previewing Pirate Nations and Nations of Théah, Vol 1 toward the end of this month, and we should get on a roughly once-a-month schedule with sourcebooks for the rest of the year. The Year of 7th Sea!

We’ve had a bit of delay in China for the Pirate’s Booty, mostly caused by the Chinese New Year. Early reports indicated that we’d get everything on the boat to the United States before Chinese New Year, but the size of the project (100,000 dice!) meant that things are moving a bit slower than planned. We’ll keep you all updated if there are any more delays! In the meantime, here's an awesome preview image of the Hero Points:

Finally, we’ve moved the Basic Rules and Storium releases to coincide with the launch of our Explorer’s Society platform on DTRPG (scheduled for Feb 2017). Read on for more info! 

Explorer’s Society (Feb 2017) 

Our last stretch goal for the 7th Sea campaign was the launch of a fan-created content portal through DTRPG. While we didn’t quite make it to $1.35M (!!) during the campaign, we did break that number when we factored in money raised on Backerkit. And thanks to the efforts of Hannah Shaffer (Marketing Director) and the folks at DTRPG, we’re almost ready to launch the platform!

Before we do, though, we’d like to get your thoughts on what you want from the platform. We’re hoping it becomes a portal for all kinds of fan-created content, both free and paid, similar to the Dungeon Master Guild, and we’d like your thoughts on how to make it a success.

If you’ve got a few minutes to tell us what you want from the program, please fill out this survey by Friday, January 20th:

Explorer’s Society Fan Survey:

The survey is short, but it’s going to help us make the Explorer’s Society the best program it can be for fans and creators alike. Thanks for your feedback! 

7th Sea in Brazil! 

As we start to wrap up on our first sourcebooks, our foreign licensing publishing partners are starting to get their versions of the 7th Sea Core Rulebook translated into French, Spanish, Chinese and more!

New Order Editora—our Brazilian publisher who is translating the book to Portuguese—is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to fund their version of 7th Sea (7o Mar) through January 18th. If you’re interested in getting 7th Sea: Second Edition products in Portuguese, you can pick up maps, character sheets, an A4-size book and more!

7o Mar Crowdfunding:

The campaign has been a big success, funding not only the main book but also their own GM Screen and other stretch goals. Check it out!

Kickstarter Staff: Hannah Shaffer and Lenny Balsera 

Over the next few months, a few more JWP staff members are going to be posting on the Kickstarter page, both in the comments and the updates. Please give them a hearty welcome! Here’s a bit more about them:

Hannah Shaffer is a game and web designer, and the Marketing Director for John Wick Presents. Her design credits include websites for John Wick Presents and 7th Sea, Bully Pulpit Games, and the Misspent Youth roleplaying game. Hannah is a co-owner of Make Big Things, a tabletop cooperative responsible for Questlandia, 14 Days, Noirlandia, and the upcoming Damn the Man, Save the Music! 

Leonard Balsera is the Creative Director at John Wick Presents. He is best known for his design and development work on Evil Hat Productions' various Fate system games, such as the award-winning Dresden Files RPG, but has worked across the breadth of the industry, with credits from Pelgrane Press, Fantasy Flight Games, Green Ronin, Margaret Weis Productions, Onyx Path Publishing, Steve Jackson Games, and many others. When he isn't eating, breathing, and sleeping hobby games, he spoils his cats rotten, reads voraciously, performs on stage occasionally, and plays a lot of video games. He lives at the intersection of memory and dream, but his physical body resides in Austin, Texas.

Whew. Big update. Thanks again for all your support! We’ll send out more updates this month when Pirate Nations and Nations of Théah, Vol 1 are ready for review!

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    1. Missing avatar

      David Mitchell on

      Interestingly I find the Sorte Deck to be spot on for me. They are tools drawn and designed by women who are forbidden formal education and who experience the world through symbolic visions. Renaissance art that was primarily propounded by highly educated men who were obessed with proportion and who studied anatomy to become better artists doesn't seem to fit with the experience of being a fate witch. Vague deeply symbolic images done in a more primitive style with dreamlike colours that are either overly bold or dreary seems more apt to me. I feel it would be another example that Vodacci men would use to promote their misogynistic society but images a mystic would find much more useful for subconscious and prophetic uses than the more "reality reproducing" quest of the renaissance artists. Just my opinion but the deck works for me.

    2. Missing avatar

      Simon Aebli on

      I must admit that I too can't quite get myself to like the Sorte deck. Now since we're purely talking about the artwork I hold myself to the standard of "de gustibus non est disputandum", so Id like to say the following not as critique but rather just to offer my personal viewpoint.
      First is the art style. Since the deck was announced as a prop for fate witches I expected something being inspired either by actual art styles from the 17th/18th century or a neutral style like that shown in the first mockups. The final designs look more like something you'd see in a modern arts museum (actually if you google Picassos blue period you'll find a quite similar style). The second Point kinda connects to that: the Arcana seem overall too "light",lacking dramatic weigth. Aren't those used to predict peoples destinies? The most dramatic feelings most of them evoke range from "Theus, it would really be cool if I owned my own jazz lounge" to "right, I'm almost outof Havanna cigars". So while the cards as an individual set surely look nice, I find them not at all connected to Thea or the 7th sea as a whole regarding their flavour.

    3. Roger on

      Quite disappointed with the Sorte deck. I expected something entirely different. In fact, I expected something on par with the book's artwork. Something beautiful. I find the result sub-standard.

    4. Make Big Things on

      @Lex: Most of those are due in March, and we're waiting on an updated estimated delivery for the maps. There's a more detailed breakdown here if you'd like to take a look.

    5. Lex Pergerson on

      What about the others goodies? The Maps and things? Did I miss them?

    6. Seth Petrus Woolwine on

      Any news about rules for using Sorte Deck instead of dice to resolve raises and actions?

    7. Antinea on

      @JWP: just out of interest, which editor is doing the french translation?

    8. Missing avatar

      Mat on

      They're no longer going to use your backerkit account for mailing purposes, which was mentioned in the update. When it comes time to mail you your Sorte deck you'll receive an email with a coupon . You can use that coupon to redeem your Sorte deck and update your mailing information.

    9. Leathra on

      Hey! I see that the shipping stuff in Backerkit is locked, but it doesn't have my correct address for the Sorte deck. How can I fix this?? Halp!

    10. Pavel Gurov on

      I've supposed that Sorte Minar arcana would have their own colors (yellow, blue, red and green).

    11. Thomas Krømke on

      What is "Basic Rules" and "Storium"?

    12. John Wick 10-time creator

      Whoops! Our mistake. Should definitely be 2017. :D

    13. Netobvious

      @JohnWick, the Time Machine stopped a year short. The title seems to say the following:

      "Production Update: January 2016".

      Please add that one more year to get us back on the 2017 track. ;-)

    14. Missing avatar

      Mat on

      Wow. The Sorte Deck looks amazing! Really looking forward to both the pdfs this month as well. Great way to start off 2017.

    15. Morgan Hua on

      Sorte deck looks great, just wished the suited cards were in full color vs muted browns.

    16. John Wick 10-time creator

      @Stephen - We're working on getting the Explorer's Society up and running with Basic Rules and adventures. Let's chat when those go live and see if getting them into print for your store makes sense!

    17. Stephen Struharik on

      So if 2017 will be the year of 7th Sea, will there be some small quick rules and short adventure module? As a comic/game store owner, I would love to have a small $5 or $10 book I can use to get people hooked on the game. We sell more Savage Worlds Explorer's Guide at $10 than any D&D book, and have had much better feedback and reaction for that game. It could be a B&W paper cover book, I don't care, the problem in tabletop roleplaying is there's no longer a marketplace in shops, just a few worn stalls and lots of "for rent" signs...