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John Wick brings 7th Sea back in a 300-page, full-color, hardbound book. Revised rules, revised Nations, updated for the 21st Century.
John Wick brings 7th Sea back in a 300-page, full-color, hardbound book. Revised rules, revised Nations, updated for the 21st Century.
11,483 backers pledged $1,316,813 to help bring this project to life.

Production Update: November 2016 and Heroes & Villains Preview

Posted by Mark Diaz Truman (Collaborator)

Hey folks!

Let’s get right to the good stuff: our first sourcebook is finished! Huge thanks to Liz Chaipraditkul (Lead Developer) for getting Heroes & Villains ready for print. 

Heroes & Villains Final Preview 

Earlier today, you should have gotten an email from Backerkit with a link to download the Heroes & Villains Preview (v1). This is the complete book (minus an index and some credits), packed to the brim with 40 Heroes and 40 Villains ready for you to use at your table.

If you don’t get an email, don’t worry: The book should be available to you on your digital downloads page at this link:

If for some reason your Backerkit doesn’t have the file, please message us via Kickstarter and we’ll get it sorted out for you. We’re really excited about this book. And we can’t wait for you all to see it!

Feedback on Heroes & Villains Preview 

While the book is basically ready to go to the printer, we’d love for you all to help us make sure it’s the best book it can be. Your feedback on the Core Rulebook was incredible, and we are excited for you all to give us your thoughts on Heroes & Villains as well.

As before… please don’t email or post in the comments with your feedback. With over 11,000 backers, that would overwhelm our ability to deal with emails and comments. Instead give us feedback via this link by November 20th at 12:00pm Eastern:

Thank you! We hope you enjoy the book! 

7th Sea Production Schedule 

Heroes & Villains isn’t the only project we’ve made progress on this month. Here’s a list of this month’s update to the production schedule (


  • Heroes & Villains: Layout to Proofing 
  • Pirate Nations: Dev Editing to Copy Editing 
  • Nations of Théah, Vol 1: Dev Editing to Copy Editing 
  • Nations of Théah, Vol 2: Writing to Dev Editing


  • Pirate’s Booty: Proofing to Printer 
  • GM Screen: Copy Editing to Layout 
  • Pirate’s Booty and GM Screen: Adjusted delivery to January 2017 
  • Basic Rules: Adjusted delivery to November 2016 
  • Storium World: Outlining to Writing


  • Daughter of Fate: Copy Editing to Layout 
  • Born Under a Black Flag: Outlining to Writing

As you can see, we’re going to be sending Heroes & Villains to the printer very soon (as soon as you all get a chance to look at it) and nearly all the Pirate’s Booty materials have already been handed over to the printer. We’ll have more updates on exact delivery dates when we get them from our vendors. Look also this month for John’s first novel and the Basic Rules!

The New World Art Preview

While The New World goes through developmental editing, our art staff has been getting the first round of images finalized. Here's the Empress of Kuraq, one of the new Nations featured prominently in the book:

And here's a group of Tzak K'an warriors facing off against a dangerous rock lizard in the jungles of Aztlan:

We'll have more previews of The New World (and the rest of the 7th Sea sourcebooks) in the coming months!

Holiday Closures at JWP 

As we get closer to the holidays, we’d also like to note that we’ll be closed on the following dates:

  • November 23rd - November 27th 
  • December 22nd - January 2nd

We’ve been planning on these closures since earlier this year, so they won’t affect production, but we won’t be responding to email or messages until we return to the office. If you need something, please message us before or after these dates. Thanks!

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    1. John Wick 10-time creator

      @Soren - Pirate Nations is in layout right now! We expect to have the PDF ready in January 2017. We'll have more information in the production update this week before the break.

    2. Soren Hjorth on

      Sooooooooo... Pirate Nations anytime soon?

    3. Sean Donnelly on

      Sorry wrong thread!

    4. Sean Donnelly on

      Do you all really think that this art is SO BAD that it ruins the whole book, I rather like it... yes, it is not the same amazing quality as the rest but does it really deserve this much hate?

    5. Missing avatar

      Loxosceles on

      Got the e-mail and download link for Heroes and Villains.

      As people mentioned, repeatedly, after the preview was released, there's something disappointing about the artwork for the individual characters. The chapter headings and title artwork have these dynamic, active, emotive, clean pieces of exceptional artwork... and then the individual characters are stiff, wooden, lacking detail, anatomically off, poorly clothed, and half of them look like someone traced pictures of celebrities from a google image search.

      ... and it was still better looking than the preview for the Heroes and Villains deck.

      And this is THE BOOK where that artwork really should have been something special, something memorable. If I am running a game and find myself in need of a stand in NPC because the players went past whatever I had cooked up myself, I want a list of interesting, larger than life archetypes, with evocative artwork, to tap. I don't need drab mannequins. I'd give some examples here, but it's... y'know... all of them.

      I'd really have rather waited longer on a production schedule to get a better book. Please consider taking more time with future publications, to produce something of higher quality. Please phase out whichever artist was responsible for the character art that generated so many criticisms (or, if they are from the same artist who did some of the amazing artwork in the core book, give them the time needed to produce their best work).

      Used first edition books can go for five to ten times their original cover price, for some of the ones that are a bit tougher to find. 7th Sea is something special to a lot of gamers. It'd be really nice if the second edition was something we'd actually use, instead of ignoring it to go back to the stuff that's out of print. Ditching roll and keep, and adding nonsense like the "death spiral" already puts it pretty far away from what it it could have been. Heroes and Villains is going to sit on a shelf in my house, unused, forever. You can do better.

    6. George Fields on

      I am LOVING the style of artwork you're using for this project. Coupled with the beautiful layout, these books are some of the best looking available today.
      Great job to all involved with that!

    7. Mark Diaz Truman

      @all - Yup! It looks like we solved the Backerkit email problem. You all should be getting emails when we upload something new from this point forward. Thanks!

    8. David Chart on

      I received an email from Backerkit about six hours ago, so it seems as though the problem is getting sorted out.

    9. Netobvious

      @JakePitcher and @JohnBellando (please check your emails), today some of us received an email from John Wick via BackerKit that says:

      "Hooray! New digital content is available"

    10. John Bellando

      I didn't receive an email but I was able to log in and get my download. They really *hide* the 'log in to your account' link under the more prominent "Lost your log in" button :(

    11. Missing avatar

      Jake Pitcher on

      I did not receive an email from backerkit either, and I was unable to log in to backerkit. I tried the forgot password option and it said that my account doesn't exist as well.

      I went to an old email from the kickstarter that had a link to backerkit to download, and that link took me straight into backerkit and had me logged on, so I was able to download files from it just a few minutes ago.

      Something is definitely odd about backerkit.

    12. Mark Diaz Truman

      @all - As Netobvious notes, please try to recover your password if you can't get access to Backerkit. If that doesn't work, message us through Kickstarter and we'll get you sorted out. Thanks!

      As for the Backerkit emails, we're in contact with them about the problem. Hopefully, we can work something out and make sure emails go out correct in the future.

    13. Netobvious

      And, for those of you missing access to Backerkit, here is the link to request a password reminder:

    14. Netobvious

      With regards to the artwork, the background scenes have some beautiful paintings. :-)

      However, some of the "hero and villain" portraits come across as flat and two-dimensional, sadly. Plus, the emblems on the cards are not in the best possible positions nor are they styled as nicely as equivalent cards in Blizzard's Hearthstone deck

    15. Netobvious

      @RobertD, nice spot on the nations of faux-South and faux-Central America in 7th Sea.

      Nations of Aztlan are: Nahual Alliance, Quecha, & Kuraq (roughly analogous to the Aztec, Inca, & Maya?).
      I wonder if we will get some of those blood sacrifices notable in the faux-Aztecs inspired by historic Aztec culture, the way we have Royalist Musketeers in faux-France (Montaigne)

    16. Missing avatar

      Robert D on

      This new book is great! Lots of fantastic heroes & villains, as promised in the title :). I'll be giving it a closer read over the next 2 days. Also intrigued by the hints at Numa's culture in the Numanarian Hero & Villain set. The art on this post is amazing! Between this post & the H&V Card Deck preview it seems that the 3 new player Nations of Aztlan are: Nahual Alliance, Quecha, & Kuraq (roughly analogous to the Aztec, Inca, & Maya?).

    17. Lech Górski on

      Hi team, hi John!
      The book is great! Thank you for your work!

    18. Alexis Anglada on

      Hi team,
      I have taken the SCHOLAR pledge.
      Until today I can access to all preview.
      But now I cannot access bakerkit.
      The site said my account does not exist.
      How can I view this preview in order to help on it?

    19. Missing avatar

      Jose Maria Fernandez Lopez on

      I tried to connect to backerkit, but I said that my email is not registered ... but I have no problem getting previous rewards... :(

    20. David Chart on

      I'm another one who got nothing from BackerKit, and I usually do. In fact, I had one from another project two days ago.

      Have you heard from anyone who did get the email?

    21. Alfredo Tarancón on

      Love the new book. I have just skimmed it quickly, and so far I think it looks great, and this one was actually quite low in my expectations list. I like how the heroes and the Villains are classified, and I think it was a great idea to differentiate Heroes and Villains also by how their information is spread in the 2-pages (sheet and info for heroes, Info and sheet for villains).
      Looking forward to read all the advice that seems to be packed in there, and the great quantity of setting info that goes with the pc's... And the novel!

      PS: I don't remember having ever received a backerkit mail, but that's fine by me. The kickstarter ones never fail, and that's the ones I actually read and use to be up to date.

    22. Missing avatar

      Patrick Trapp

      FWIW, I have received previous BackerKit updates successfully but did not receive this one. It does not bother me in the slightest because you provided an alternative means to get the download before I even knew I needed it.

      Since others are sure to tell BackerKit, I will refrain from adding to the chorus unless it becomes a more common concern. Keep up the good work!

    23. John Wick 10-time creator

      @dendroaspis - We'll be talking to them as well, but it's often useful for them to have tickets filed from individual backers. Thanks!

    24. Missing avatar

      Loxosceles on

      I'll do so, because it seems like it might be the quickest route to identifying the problem, but it's disappointing to report an apparent glitch to you, the project creator, only to be told to take my complaint elsewhere.

      You have at least two people who reported an identical problem within half an hour of the update going live. Maybe someone from YOUR team should follow up with Backerkit, to determine if it's doing what you seem to think it should be. Especially given your previous attempts to roll out coupon codes through drive-thru, and how spectacularly poorly that went for a couple days and for a lot of backers.

      The issue may have something to do with Backerkit, but I didn't give my money to Backerkit. I gave it to you, as did eleven thousand other people. I believe many of us would appreciate it if you acknowledged that fact and made an effort to respect the idea that we're your customers. Not Backerkit's customers. Not a shipping company's customers. Yours.

    25. John Wick 10-time creator

      @Dendroaspis - Please reach out to Backerkit and let them know you didn't receive an email. They may be able to track down the problem!

    26. Missing avatar

      Loxosceles on

      I didn't get an e-mail from Backerkit, either. Double checked every filter and e-mail subfolder, just to be sure. While I was able to get the pdf through the link in the update, I'm still a little concerned by the fact that the direct communication from Backerkit never happened. Something's glitchy, there; and glitchy is never good.

    27. John Wick 10-time creator

      @David - Go ahead and go to the Backerkit link. Your digital files await!

      @Alan - We know! Printing on this scale is a whole new challenge, so it's taking us a bit longer to get it all settled. Soon!

    28. Missing avatar

      Alan the Alpal on

      Awww, no Pirate's Booty for the holidays? Boo. =)

    29. David Abbott

      I did not get an email from Backerkit