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John Wick brings 7th Sea back in a 300-page, full-color, hardbound book. Revised rules, revised Nations, updated for the 21st Century.
John Wick brings 7th Sea back in a 300-page, full-color, hardbound book. Revised rules, revised Nations, updated for the 21st Century.
11,483 backers pledged $1,316,813 to help bring this project to life.

Core Rulebook Preview...Round 2!

Posted by John Wick (Creator)

Hey everyone!

Thank you for your comments, questions and proofing notes on the first preview we released last week. We knew you all would catch a few mistakes, but you all put in over 700 notes for us to process. A few of them were doubles—we quickly learned there was an error in the ToC—but so many were original notes about how we could make the book better. THANK YOU!

In gave us such great feedback, we decided to delay printing the book by a week. We talked with our printer on Monday and they were fine with us delivering the book next week, giving us time to address the notes you gave us. Again, thank you! 

Preview #2 

Now that we’ve made all those changes, we’d like to give you one more chance to look for errors, typos, and problems in the text. We’ve been working on this book for more than ten months (long before the Kickstarter started), and we’re so proud of how everything came together. But we know that one more pass from you all can make it even stronger.

In a few minutes, you’ll get an email from Backerkit with a link to download the 7th Sea Core Rulebook Preview v2. The file has 304 pages of awesome, including the new “in-character” map we’re including in Chapter 2 and a preview of the map that’s going to go on the endpaper in the front of the book. I can't wait to see what you all think of it.

If you don’t get an email, don’t fret. We’ve already uploaded the file to Backerkit and it should be available to you on your Backerkit digital downloads page at this link:

Feedback on Preview #2 

We’re excited to get backer feedback on this new preview. As before… please don’t email or post in the comments with your feedback. With over 11,000 backers, that would overwhelm our ability to deal with emails and comments. Instead give us feedback via this link by June 5th at 12:00pm Eastern:

Here are a few known errors that you don’t need to report (because we already know about them):

  • Page XX references haven’t been updated 
  • The map on page 21 is not final (corrections and sizing needed) 
  • The PDF Table of Contents has not been finalized

We did, however, add an index to this draft, along with the missing art from the short story and a huge update to the language sections (especially in Eisen and Montaigne). We’ve also adjusted the Action Sequence Example to correct an error and spotlight the mechanics for guns a bit more. 

Oh, and about a thousand other changes. Those too. :)


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    1. Missing avatar

      Thomas Harrison on

      @Richard in 1st edition, each nation and secret society book contained between 2 and 4 new swordsman styles. I don't remember if any others specifically used a main-gauche, though technically any school that employ a dagger in one hand can use one. Regardless, I expect we will see several new duelist academies over the course of the line. And sure, a Valroux master teaching the technique in Avalon would be perfectly legit.
      And yes, creating a new school would be as easy as coming up with a new Special Maneuver and a name (the hard part!). You could also reskin an existing academy to make a new one. In fact, that would make a lot of sense. Imagine a variation of Eisenfaust that uses a main-gauche in the off-hand instead of a panzerhand. This is a lot easier to do with this edition than in 1st where you had to juggle 3 levels of mastery.
      Plus, I'm still holding out hope that we will eventually see secret "master" abilities for each academy (I know, I know...).

    2. Richard van Deursen on

      Greetings chaps and chapettes.
      I am re-reading the second preview edition again and am wondering a bit about duelling schools.
      Now, I am guessing that in urban centres in the various nations that there will be masters who have set up schools to teach new students their style. For a fee of course.
      I'm thinking that there is more than one school for rapier/main gauche other than Valroux or Veronica or Donovan. Is that a rapier school?
      Or, that there are other rapier only school beside Aldana?
      For example.
      I guess that all you would need to do as a GM to develop another school is create a special school effect and think of a name. Would a Valroux or Aldana master be welcome in Avalon?
      The Avalonians would develop their own rapier style no?
      Just thinking out loud here.

    3. Craig Mistlebauer on

      @Robert D; I hope so as well. As I am running a 1st ed game right now it would be difficult to convert as we have a rune mage possibly two in the game. I mean converting the runes to 2nd edition wouldn't be difficult just balancing them would be a challenge.

      Perhaps convert the TN of each rune to raises? Just a musing.

    4. Missing avatar

      Robert D on

      @Criag & Alexandre: I'm hoping the Nations of Theah vol. 2 will expand the Vestenmennavenjar Runes, so the average Vesten can have the advantage (be trained by a Skald), but a New Sorcery (Skald?) may be made available :). Hoping the two Nations volumes will also expand the 6 sorceries we've seen so far & perhaps either expand on Castille's alchemy or reveal a new sorcery for that Nation too.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Antonov on

      @Craig It's hidden in the Advantages section. Not a full-fledged sorcery anymore, apparently.

    6. Craig Mistlebauer on

      Great book it looks like things are coming together nicely!

      While reading the sorcery section I noticed that the Runes of the Vestenmennavenjar are not present. The text of the description of the country does mention them in passing. Is the Rune sorcery planned for a later book or is it going to be left out entirely?

    7. Missing avatar

      Thomas Harrison on

      Ah yes, it's unbelievably dense for the win! So when the villain rolls dice in a sequence, it isn't called an Approach. Got it! Thank you.

    8. John Wick 10-time creator

      @Thomas - rcrantz is right: Villains roll up to their Villainy Rank, then spend Raises as they like within a Dramatic or Action Sequence.

    9. rcrantz on

      @Thomas I think that, since Villains just roll up to their Villainy rank when making Risks, they would do that if they're participating in a Dramatic Sequence. They don't need to declare an Approach since they don't roll individual skills, but they still roll at the appropriate time.

    10. Missing avatar

      Thomas Harrison on

      Ouch! Sorry everyone. That didn't get posted in the right place here. My apologies.

    11. Missing avatar

      Thomas Harrison on

      @John (or anyone else) Ok, if Villains don't roll an approach, how do they have raises in a DS? Sorry if this is unbelievably dense, I just didn't see anything about it in the villains section (other than your basic roll).

    12. Missing avatar

      Thomas Harrison on

      @John (or anyone else) Ok, if Villains don't roll an approach, how do they have raises in a DS? Sorry if this is unbelievably dense, I just didn't see anything about it in the villains section (other than your basic roll).

    13. Missing avatar

      Thomas Clegg on

      Drat, missed it by just a bit. :(

      One thing I'm not seeing is a table or something with a list of Languages on Theah. I know there's one for each Nation, but what about others that might not be so obvious?

    14. John Wick 10-time creator

      Thanks everyone! We've closed the form for comments after receiving over 450 new notes. You all rock.

      We'll be posting a bit later this week once we get the book off to the printer, but please know that your efforts made the book a whole lot better. :D

    15. Andreas Timmann on

      The book looks really good. I like the art work. The clothing, weapons and armour look realistic and there is a wide variety of personalities from very divers walks of life. This is much more fun then having only he typical stereotypes many game artists use.

    16. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Antonov on

      Is there any chance for changing the naming convention for Ussura? Ussuran names in Theah sound really alien to a Russian. I know Russian patronymics may be strange for westerners, but it's really not that complex.

      Patronymic is not a middle name. It's given after the father, always. A -vich for a man and a -vna for a woman. It's the same for all sons and for all daughters of a father, firstborn or otherwise. A patronymic is never given after a mother.

      You use it with the given name as a sign of respect. Saying "Ivan Ivanovich" or "Maria Ivanovna" instead of just "Ivan" or "Maria" means that the person you are adressing to somehow stands higher than you do. In old times (19th century and earlier) children would address their parents with a patronymic.

      Even earlier a patronymic was used instead of a family name of the royal family. A popular Russian joke about tsar Ivan IV says that an English history book described him as "tsar Ivan the Terrible, nicknamed Vasilyevich due to his ruthlessness."

      Interestingly, a westerner converting into Russian culture (or more precisely into Russian Orthodox Christianity) would not be given a patronymic after his or her father. Instead he or she would be given a patronymic, which is an exception to the rule. Catherine the Great was “Yekaterina Alekseevna” and she adopted the patronymic from her mother. Who was a foreigner too and took the patronymic from her Orthodox godfather.

      Russian family names often have the ending -ov/-ev and -ova/-eva for men and women respectively, but not exclusively so. South-Russian family names often end with -o for both men and women. Common folk living in villages in the old times would often go without a family name at all and stick to nicknames.

      Among the noblemen and the clergy nicknames were used, but not that often. Sergy Radonezhsky, one of the most revered Russian saints, is named after the city of Radonezh. Aleksandr Nevsky, the prince of Novgorod, got his nickname after a place of a battle he won on the river Neva. Alyosha Popovich, a fabled bogatyr, is Popovich because his father was a priest, or “pop” in Russian.

      In any case a nickname referring to a geographic location requires proper declension.

      So you may understand that an Ussuran czar hopeful named “Ilya Sladivgorod Nikolovich” gives me headache. He would be properly called “Ilya Nikolovich *insert family name*, Great Prince of Sladivgorod” (Or Velikiy Knyaz Sladivgorodsky).

      BTW, stress in Russian words are a mess too. A peasant is a “moo-ZHIK”, a nobleman is a “bo-YA-rin”, Vladimirovich (if its a family name) would be “vlah-dee-mee-ROH-vich” (as in Rostropovich) and imply a Caucasus origin.

      Matushka’s touch is “pri-kos-no-VEH-ni-ye MAH-toosh-kee”. “Kosnutsya” is a verb and is translated “to touch”.

      Hope this helps.

    17. Missing avatar

      Thomas Harrison on

      @S.R. I'd say pick a section that interests you and go with that. I have a suspicion that the Chapter on Theah has more potential for error, but that's just me. But hey, if you are itching to check out the Dueling rules, by all means go through that.

    18. S. R. Dreamholde on

      Having a great time reading through the second preview, but at my current pace I'm afraid I won't manage to get through all 300 pages by Sunday. Any guidance as to which sections we should focus our attention on, proofreading-wise? Which chapters haven't gotten much feedback as of yet?

    19. John Wick 10-time creator

      @Jason - If you see anything you think needs to be changed, let us know. We may not take the change, but it's also equally likely we overlooked it!

      @Sean - This is pretty complete. Aside from the issues above, we'll likely be including everything else in future books.

      @Roy - This is a backers-only document. Thanks!

    20. Andrés Stein on

      I really loved how John and Co. valued the input about the not very logical monthly meeting The Highland Marches King did. It's now an annual thing. I appreciate a King that wants his minions to rule effectively the country.

    21. Roy Kaiser on

      Building on Sean's last comment - is this still a 'no sharing with friends' document?

    22. Missing avatar

      Sean McHugh on

      How complete (in terms of content) is the version we're looking at now? Are there still additional sections to be added, or is this pretty close to the final product?

    23. Jason Ramboz

      I really don't want to be "that guy," but I made a suggestion on the first round about the grammar of the Latin phrase "anno veritas." Should I resubmit it, or just let that one go?

    24. John Wick 10-time creator

      @Josh - Please message us through the Kickstarter messaging system or contact Backerkit support. Thanks!

      @Susan - We made tons of small changes, so we don't have a changelog. Some of the major changes are noted above, but we wrote clarifications and made adjustments in nearly every section.

    25. jherz on

      Very nice overhaul of the Eisen chapter, much easier to read, now the names and places have been corrected. Still some minor errors, I've reported. Now on to reading the rest... Keep up the good work!

    26. Susan Scott on

      Is there a way to get a changelog? TO see what was changed from the first preview to this one?

    27. Havoc on

      Will there be change to the NATO logo? :/

    28. Mike Brodu on

      I didn't have time to look through the changes in details, but from what I've seen, kudos on the French corrections!

    29. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      I've moved since supporting your campaign, is there a way to change my address that you'd be shipping things to?

    30. Roy Kaiser on

      So excited for the final release so I can share the awesomeness with my friends!

    31. Rakkatai Games

      Soooooo excited for the character sheet so I can get my campaign underway! :D

    32. Tim Gravelle on

      Once all the books are finalized and in PDFs will the PDFs be indexed and linked. So when your talking about a skill that uses Panche I can click on a link and bring me right to panache?

    33. John Wick 10-time creator

      Character sheet will be included in the final product and as a separate PDF download via DTRPG. :D

    34. Audius the Fade Avenger on

      Is the character sheet going to be included in the final product? Is there a reason it's not in the pdf? Aside from that, love how the book looks so far.