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John Wick brings 7th Sea back in a 300-page, full-color, hardbound book. Revised rules, revised Nations, updated for the 21st Century.
John Wick brings 7th Sea back in a 300-page, full-color, hardbound book. Revised rules, revised Nations, updated for the 21st Century.
11,483 backers pledged $1,316,813 to help bring this project to life.

Secret Societies!

Posted by John Wick (Creator)

Our earlier journey to Quamountaine was just a taste of what Acadia has to offer, but now we have seen it all: the Castillian occupation of the south, the Montaigne trappers of the north, and the Avalon colonies just starting to take root and spread across the eastern seaboard. There will be much conflict here… but perhaps also a chance for a new beginning!

$900,000 means that we’ve unlocked a map of Acadia/Wabanahkik and our tenth sourcebook: The Colonies! All $40+ backers will receive both PDFs for free, and we’ll add both the map and the new sourcebook to the list of add-ons. We’ve also opened up an additional tiers for folks who want all ten sourcebooks: COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF and PIRATE KING.

With The Colonies behind us, we turn our eyes to the rest of Terra, to the world that’s laid out before us in our travels. Of course, there are those who have always had their eyes watching the world from the shadows... 

New Stretch Goal ($950,000) - World Map of Terra 

If we reach $950,000, we'll commission a map of the entire world of 7th Sea (like the map of Théah we released for an earlier stretch goal). All $40+ backers will get the map for free as a hi-res PDF, and we'll create a new add-on for folks who want to add a physical map (roughly 24’’ x 36’’) to their order. We’ll also add it for free to the pirate’s booty, so that everyone who backed at a tier that includes pirate’s booty will have the map added to their order for free!

This final map completes the map collection we began with the first map of Théah at the start of the campaign. Each of the other maps zooms in on a single continent, but only this map reveals the full expanse of Terra, the grand scope of all the lands that can be found by those brave enough to travel across the world, including the lands of the East...

But long before we journey away from the lands we have seen so far, there is one sourcebook that people have been asking us about since the very first day of the campaign: 

New Stretch Goal ($1,000,000) - Secret Societies 

If we reach $1,000,000, we'll release our final 7th Sea: 2nd Edition sourcebook for this campaign in Print and PDF: Secret Societies! All $40+ backers will get the book for free as a PDF, and we'll open up a new tier for folks who want to all the sourcebooks. We'll also make it an add-on for folks who want to add to their pledge separately.

Secret Societies greatly expands on the information offered in the Core Rulebook about the secret societies that drive Théan politics. You’ll find anything and everything you want to know about these clandestine organizations, from the heroes of the Rose and Cross to the masterful manipulators of Sophia’s Daughters to the noble martyrs of the Invisible College. And there might even be a few more groups that have thus far remained secret even among those Théans who usually know such secrets!

This is our eleventh sourcebook… and to keep our promise of delivering all the books before the end of 2017, Secret Societies will the last sourcebook we fund as a part of this Kickstarter.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be more sourcebooks down the road! In fact, we’re pretty sure that you have launched our line with so much excitement and energy that we’re already planning for 2017... 

The East: Planning for 2017

Mark and I spent a long time considering the best way to tackle a sourcebook about the Far East. Eventually, we came to the conclusion that a single sourcebook wasn’t enough. We couldn’t do it justice. We wanted to do India, Japan and China… and China alone would be an entire book. Just 200 pages for all that real estate and all those cultures… it just wasn’t enough. 

So, we made a hard decision. But also, an exciting one. 

In 2017, we plan to launch 7th Sea: The East as it’s own 7th Sea brand. A 300 page full color stand alone core rulebook with 200 page supplements for every Nation.

And by “stand alone,” we mean you can play 7th Sea: The East without the standard 7th Sea rulebook. Of course, both books will also be fully compatible: you can play your Théan Heroes in The East and Eastern Heroes in Théah. 

New Backgrounds, new Sorcery, new Fighting Styles! We’ll have rules for samurai, wuxia, heku and everything else, all from the perspective of people who live in the lands East of Théah! 

What does that mean for our production schedule? A lot depends on how these sourcebooks go, but if our schedule holds, we’ll be teasing information about The East by the end of 2016! And assuming our schedule holds, we'll launch this new line sometime next year, once we've delivered most of the sourcebooks from this Kickstarter.

All the Books Reward Tiers 

For this Kickstarter, however, we’ve reached the end of adding new sourcebooks to the line… and so it’s time to announce our “All the Books” tiers! (Every stretch goal from this point forward it going to be something really special and new, but it won’t be a new sourcebook.)

Here are the new tiers we’re adding to the campaign:


If you want to get all the sourcebooks for the line through the Kickstarter, ALL THE BOOKS, OFFICER is the right tier for you. For just $500, you get:

  • 7th Sea: Second Edition Core Rulebook 
  • Eleven 7th Sea: Second Edition sourcebooks 
  • All PDFs, including stretch goals and 1st Edition PDFs 
  • Any three add-ons or another Core Rulebook

We’ll ask you after the campaign ends if you want add-ons (dice, decks, maps) or another Core Rulebook. This is a deal we're only got to offer through the Kickstarter and Backerkit (immediately after we close). It's over $750 worth of stuff!


If you’re interested in getting pretty much everything this Kickstarter has to offer, you’ll want to back at the ALL THE BOOKS, PIRATE tier. For just $650, you get:

  • 7th Sea: Pirate Edition hardback book 
  • 7th Sea: Second Edition Core Rulebook 
  • Eleven 7th Sea: Second Edition sourcebooks 
  • All PDFs, including stretch goals and 1st Edition PDFs 
  • Pirate's Booty: all six maps, all three decks of cards, Hero points, dice, and a GM screen!

Yup, that’s right. It’s over $1,000 of awesome 7th Sea stuff for just $650…

Our Final Week 

Whew! We’ve still got more updates about achievements, more stretch goals for our final week, and plenty of excitement still to come. For now, THANK YOU. It’s absolutely stunning to our whole team that we’re laying out a $1,000,000 stretch goal. We appreciate you all so much for making this happen!


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    1. PandaDad on

      Cathay! Chipango! Points East! This is really neat--I was encouraged enough by the inclusion of the rest of the world, and this sort of tops it off.

    2. Drew Wendell on

      @Mike While I understand your position, I think those factors would determine the size of the run, not whether the line gets launched. As I said I expect at least one product in the main line to deal with the intersection point(s) between East and West, so JWP will have a good idea of scale and interest.

    3. Mike Brodu on

      @Nathan, Drew: "why would they change it?"
      Well, not that I wish that upon JWP, but the hype could have died down in the couple years it'll take to get to the point when The East should begin development in earnest. Sales could have been disappointing (imagine if the vast majority of the fans are already in this KS, there isn't much room for market expansion after that). Fantasy Flight Games might have re-released a L5R RPG and taken the market. Etc.
      I don't know. Just saying it could happen, not that it will happen. Wait and see.

    4. g0ld0 on

      @netobvious: Central Asian Plateau as well, Samarkand as a crossroads between east-west.

    5. Missing avatar

      Heather Rasmussen

      @John Wick, Any ETA on when the add-on for all books for the limited levels will be released? I'd like to be able to see what my total would be so that I can budget accordingly, and it'd be nice if I had that information enough ahead of time that I'm not trying to make those decisions under time pressure.


    6. John Wick 10-time creator

      @Mike - The New World is about a series of cultures inspired by South and Central America. The Colonies is about the intersection of native people and Théan colonies in what we might think of as North America. :D

    7. Missing avatar

      Colin G. Wise on

      I'm really happy to see India getting its own sourcebook for this. I hope at least the main book will get into analogs for the southeast Asian countries, too. (And I suppose by next year my Kickstarter budget will have recovered from this campaign, if you decide to go the KS route with the books for the East. ;) )

    8. Netobvious

      Really wise decisions, John Wick. This Kickstarter has blown through all expectations and The Eastern kingdoms are some of the richest in cultural history in the world, with thousands of years of Empire, courtly intrigue, trade and expansion. China, Japan and India are obvious choices. Then there is Korea, the small but inspiring Singapore and probably even through in Australia to boot.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mike Kenyon on

      @John Wick, trying to figure out how many source books I need in paper copy ... can you explain what's in "The New World" versus what's in "The Colonies"? From the cover art, it appears like they're the opposite of what the titles would suggest ... trying to understand the difference between them.

    10. Krista R. Borja on

      Yep.. I want Cathay... and I am looking forward to it in a year or two. If they release some City of Adventures in the Cathay Steeps and the like, would build up more anticipation and such.. like good ol Bruslow (spelling is probably wrong).

      I even expressed some interest about a Golden Hoard type invasion from the East, or something similar. After all, far as I can tell, it isn't seperated by a massive flame wall anymore, or perhaps they never were, and the invasion has come and gone already.. we don't know :P

    11. Drew Wendell on

      @Mike I would be shocked if they backpedal on 7th Sea: The East. That said, I would also be a little surprised if there wasn't a Cities of Adventure style book for the main line which detailed the intersection between the "classic" 7th Sea Eastern cultures and Then. Such a mini-book would satisfy the thronging masses who just want a taste of Cathay and the East as well as generate interest and excitement for the upcoming launch of the full line. You don't last as long as Wick has in the RPG business without business sense and a little showmanship: I'd expect 'teaser' or 'crossover' products rather than a retreat from the launch of new line. Interest is clearly there for both.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nathan Henderson on

      @Mike, why would they change it when they clearly want to do a line and have fan support for the brand to pull it off?

    13. Mike Brodu on

      With all the work to be done on this mammoth line, I doubt the East will begin development before 2018, so there's still time for changing it back to a regular sourcebook (or 2, like the Nations of Théah duology).

    14. Mark Diaz Truman

      @Richard - We've shown you all pretty much everything we have right now. We're currently commissioning more art, and we'll share it as we get it in the door.

    15. Missing avatar

      Nathan Henderson on

      @Pavel, the Crescent Empire is an EMPIRE. It includes many nations. It's equivalent in subject-matter scale to Theah as a whole. I know this was not the case in First Edition, but you pretty much ignore that book for 2E's Crescent Empire it sounds like.

      We don't know how the Eastern line will work yet in terms of how coverage is divied up.

      As has been pointed out, it getting its own line balances pretty well with Theah sharing its line with the rest of the world, if for population reasons more than anything else. East & South Asia together include over half the human race.

    16. Richard van Deursen on

      Is there any more art work that you can show us John?

    17. Richard van Deursen on


      Surely there is enough going on in Theah and the nations already without muddying the waters with eon old secrets that could change the world?

    18. Richard van Deursen on

      Hi All,
      Like where this has been going.
      For a 1st Ed player and GM the big miss for me was the not-Afrika continent.
      I'm glad that it's included not in the reboot.
      I can leave the secret societies to be honest.
      The buzz for them is so last century I feel, in our time that is.
      Conspiracies really rose with the expansion of the internet here on Earth and people having an outlet for their delusions. Like the fake moon landing people.
      Crazy talk.
      Anyhoo, looking forward to lots of reading and running a game in this edition.
      Looks good too. I likes me the look of the art work so far.

      Surely there is enough going on in Theah and the nations already without

    19. John Wick 10-time creator

      @Drew - We'll be announcing some new community achievement opportunities soon. :D

    20. Drew Wendell on

      @JWP As we're in the home stretch (no pun intended), did we ever get around to completing the Sorte deck?

    21. Lorena Morgan Wolfe on

      I don't think there's going to be meta-plot advancement, though.

    22. Drew Wendell on

      @Pavel: I would think that individual Nation books might be used to advance the plot along or as campaign style adventures. I'd expect "core" nations to get plenty of screen time as the setting matures. Also, as the basics for all the primary nations will have to be in the Core book, I think the Nations of Theah book will have enough heft to satisfy those who want to know about the old faithfuls.

    23. Gareth Hodges

      I hope there'll be at least a small mention of the Sunburnt Land Down Under in a sourcebook somewhere. New Holland was known to the Dutch in 1606, so it could easily fall under the Vesten purview as a faraway colony.

      Also, where can I sell a kidney to get the All The Books, Pirate level?

    24. Pavel Gurov on

      Will Crescent Empire, Cathay, "India" and "Japan" have their own books (like new continents), when Avalon, Castille, Montaigne and Eisen are pressed into single one? :-( It's impossible that you don't have enough material for old faithful Théan contries to make a book about each of them :-(

    25. Edward B on

      @Patrick Northedgers To be honest in 1st Edition I think the Secret Society books were the less rich compared to the Nation sourcebooks, and the secrets spread throughout were hell. Even though the secret societies were the engine of 7th Sea 1st ed. their sourcebooks were not the best. So long as the Secret Societies sourcebook concentrates secrets and is well written it has great potential.

    26. Edward B on

      - Hi! I’m the Secret Societies. I’m here to help.
      - Well, it took you long enough.
      Great news, both the Secret Societies and Cathay! A good choice I think, even if waiting for Cathay will be hard. I hope the Secret Societies will be mostly a GM book and that it will not be published last.
      As following stretch goals I am hoping we get more adventures which do not involve as much travel as the two Cities campaigns.
      Also please remember to give us an idea of what the collector Pirate edition will look like! It is time to adjust my pledge and for me that will be a big factor.

    27. John Wick 10-time creator

      @Nathan - It's "official" in the sense that it is "accurate," but that doesn't mean it's complete.

      @All - The Secret Societies book isn't meant to be the final word on all secret societies. We'll have others scattered throughout the other books (and maybe more if this one sells well)!

    28. Missing avatar

      Patrick Northedgers on

      I am slightly worried by a concept of putting all Secret Societies in a single book; 1ed had a book for every one, and each of those books was as big as any nationbook. Have some societies been dropped? Will the book be twice the size of any Nations of Theah?

    29. Missing avatar

      Nathan Henderson on

      Sorry that should say Theah's EIGHT from first edition.

    30. Missing avatar

      Nathan Henderson on

      @John, will there be new secret societies beyond Theah's right from first edition? Particularly I'm wondering about groups based in other cultures. Strong genre based example would of course be the Nizari Ismaili "Assassins" in the Crescent Empire.

    31. Ramón Peña on

      @Heather. Thanks, that must be it!

    32. Missing avatar

      Nathan Henderson on

      @Ryan, that was mentioned in a podcast interview. The natives call the New World Atzlan (or at least I will assume its dominant empire does, I hope there are people's inspired by nation's other than the Aztecs there too).

    33. Missing avatar

      Heather Rasmussen

      You also get an extra standard copy of the core book, which is normally $60. So you are getting $500 worth of books for $450.

    34. Missing avatar

      Nathan Henderson on

      @John Wick, is the world map in-setting Thean perspective, or is it meant to be definitive? I'm wondering about the remaining possibility for uncontacted continents (not-Australia being the obvious possibility) that Theah doesn't know anything about yet.

    35. Ramón Peña on

      Most likely I have made a mistake somewhere, but it seems like the ALL THE BOOKS, PIRATE (I haven't looked at the OFFICE variant) is not a great deal. I mean, the difference between both pledges is $450, and you just get all eleven books. But that means you are paying $40,91 per book, when you could just get them as add-ons for just $40. What I'm missing?

    36. Missing avatar

      Nathan Henderson on

      @Adam, I was going to make a joke to that effect, but since people are apparently actually concerned: because East Asia has a wealth of source material effectively in this genre, and the other non-European continents do not.

    37. John Wick 10-time creator

      @All - Yup! We try to strike a balance between the Théan focus of the core line and the perspectives of all the peoples included in the book. We'll have a LOT more information in The New World about how the people there think about their continent. :D

    38. RyanG on

      I meant like Wabanahkik! Damn this site needs a comment editor. :/

    39. RyanG on

      Yeah I was wondering what the New World's name is. I imagine it will be explained in the book, but I hope there is a native name like for Acadia. I also hope the Thean name for it isn't just South Acadia haha.

    40. Krista R. Borja on

      I can agree with that Wes. If the New World ever gets it's own line, I could see it having it's native name instead.

    41. Wes Hilton on

      Congratulations on such a successful campaign! This is truly awesome.

      One request though: for your future line of books, can you consider giving them a name other than "The East"? If they are truly to be stand-alone materials, it would be best if they had a name that defined the region on its own terms instead of in relation to another continent.

      (The same goes for "new world", to be honest.)

    42. Carolina on

      @JohnWick "We'll be doing up an ALL THE BOOKS add-on for our upper level backers. Stay tuned!" If I understand correctly, this is other than the all books add-ons that are already in the lits, and it will be available before the campaign ends
      PS: looking at the $30000 initial goal, and now it looks tiiiiiny...

    43. John Bellando

      @John/Eric My ultimate goal is to get 1 of the "Upper Level" Pledges, an extra 'set' of Pirate rewards and all Hardcover Books. I was going to do this with my main Pledge (at $1000 or above) plus another "Pirate" Level pledge plus $440 for hardcover books. However, I'd like to do it with 1 Main Pledge Level ($1000+) and $650 for the "All the Books, Pirate". Just making sure I can do that by just pledging for the total amount on top of the Upper Pledge Level. Thanks!

    44. Missing avatar

      Heather Rasmussen

      Excellent! Thanks for thinking of us. Hopefully that'll make the decision whether to stay at the upper tier or drop down to one of the other all the books levels.

    45. John Wick 10-time creator

      @John - We'll be doing up an ALL THE BOOKS add-on for our upper level backers. Stay tuned!

      @Michael - We do love Kickstarter. :D

      @KC - Of course!

    46. Missing avatar

      Eric McCommon on

      @John Bellando - I'd imagine you could just add $440 - and get all 11 books that way (each one being $40 to add on individually)

    47. H. W. McCray on

      Wow. Just wow. It's amazing to see how far the 7th Sea kickstarter has come. It's been an exhilarating ride so far, and we aren't quite done yet!

    48. John Bellando

      @JohnWick If I had pledged for say one of the high end pledge levels ($1000 or above) which does not automatically include hardcovers of the sourcebooks, can I add another $650 for the new "All the Books, Pirate" level to one of those?

    49. Star West on

      Will this book also cover the Explorer's Society?

    50. Krista R. Borja on

      Well, I was sad in the other comments when I heard that SS beat out Cathay and the East for the last Source Book, but now knowing that it is getting it's own line, I am pleased :) More money outta my pocket, but alas, it will be worth it I think. Even with the book being kinda bad, I loved Cathay in 1st Ed... can't wait till I can bust out Lee again.. the Takair pirate sailing the Thean Colonies.