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John Wick brings 7th Sea back in a 300-page, full-color, hardbound book. Revised rules, revised Nations, updated for the 21st Century.
John Wick brings 7th Sea back in a 300-page, full-color, hardbound book. Revised rules, revised Nations, updated for the 21st Century.
11,483 backers pledged $1,316,813 to help bring this project to life.

The Colonies

Posted by John Wick (Creator)

And as quickly as we set them out before you, the Cities of Faith and Wonder have been added to our travelogue. We have journeyed the world to see such faithful places, such constructs and points of beauty, such diversity and excitement! And now we have them in print!

$830,000 means that we’ve unlocked two new sourcebooks: Cities of Wonder and Cities of Faith! All $40+ backers will receive both PDFs for free, and we’ve added both books to the list of sourcebooks unlocked for add-ons. We’ve also opened up additional tiers for folks who want eight or nine sourcebooks: ARMADA MASTER/PICAROON (eight books) and SECRETARY OF THE NAVY/BRIGAND (nine books).

With those two City of Adventure compilations under our belt, it’s time to turn our attention back to the new lands of Wabanahkik. We have many adventures left to seek on this continent, in lands where native peoples and the new colonists—from Montaigne, Avalon, and Castille—are trying to find a peaceful coexistence… 

New Stretch Goal ($865,000): Map of Wabanahkik/Acadia 

If we reach $865,000, we'll commission a map of Wabanahkik/Acadia (like the map of Théah we released for an earlier stretch goal). All $40+ backers will get the map for free as a hi-res PDF, and we'll create a new add-on for folks who want to add a physical map (roughly 24’’ x 36’’) to their order. We’ll also add it for free to the pirate’s booty, so that everyone who backed at a tier that includes pirate’s booty will have the map added to their order for free!

The map of Wabanahkik is but a prelude to our real exploration of this new continent. In addition to Quamountaine, we’re also excited to present a full sourcebook for these new lands!

New Stretch Goal ($900,000) - The Colonies 

If we reach $900,000, we’ll release The Colonies as a 7th Sea: 2nd Edition sourcebook in both print and PDF. All $40+ backers will get the book for free as a PDF, and we'll open up a new tier for folks who want to all ten sourcebooks. We'll also make it an add-on for folks who want to add to their pledge separately.

Cover Mockup of The Colonies
Cover Mockup of The Colonies

The Colonies explores the meeting of two cultures: the native peoples living in Wabanahkik and those colonists who have fled (or been sent) from Nations across Théah. In some areas—like Quamountaine—the two groups have already found a peaceful integration, a sharing of cultures that promises to build something new in the ashes of old histories. But in other parts of this vast land, there are Villains lurking on both sides, those who would turn to war, colonization, and conquest to obtain power and wealth.

This new book gives you new Quirks, Advantages, and Sorceries for playing Heroes from Wabanahkik, including tribes that taught the Montaigne how to trap in the frozen north and pueblos on the verge of open resistance in the face of Castillian occupation. When tensions run high and many openly discuss bloodshed... can your Heroes carve a path forward for both sides?

Why The Colonies? 

Given that we’ve only got a few sourcebooks left to announce, you might be wondering why we’ve selected North America as a 7th Sea sourcebook. In short, we think The Colonies offers a unique opportunity to bring more native cultures to 7th Sea and to expand the reach of Théan countries to a new land. I’m so proud that this Kickstarter has given us the opportunity to make the world of 7th Sea huge, and I think including North America allows us to add a lot of interesting flavor to the conflicts between Théan Nations as well.

I’m also proud to announce this book because it’s a passion project for both Mark Diaz Truman and Marissa Kelly, who are both stepping up to share Lead Developer duties. Mark and Marissa both grew up in New Mexico, a state whose history is inextricably tied up with Spanish colonialism, and they are so excited to bring North America to 7th Sea. I can’t wait to see what they do with it! 

Makin’ Raises! 

And finally… Rob Justice, one of our rules developers, shot a little video showing folks how to make raises! We’ve heard some concerns that “making raises out of ten dice” might be a little time consuming, so Rob rolls more than a few times to show you all how long it takes. Enjoy!

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    1. Jason

      Cathay isn't likely to be seen until all the other books promised are published. I wouldn't worry, Heroes & Villains hasn't even gone to print yet.

    2. Krista R. Borja on

      To be fair, Porte might work slightly different in the new edition...

    3. Andy Aiken on

      @John - If only there was a way you could get someone to rip a hole in reality and just teleport to wherever you want to go...

    4. John Wick 10-time creator

      @SD - I know that Mark is a big "Hamilton" fan. I wouldn't expect him to waste his shot here.

      @Edward - Théans are present on every continent but they play different roles. Everyone in Théah knows about Acadia, The New World, Ifri, etc, but travel is often dangerous and long, and not everyone wants to make the trip.

    5. Mike Brodu on

      Let me add my voice to the chorus of keeping Acadia and the New World separated, with many islands in between. My main issue with the original 7th Sea was that I first encountered the world via the CCG, which focused on ships and naval battles. And then Theah arrived to the RPG world, and it was a large contiguous landmass... The PCs never really had good enough reasons to be on ships, as most places could be reached by land.
      So, please, give the players lots of places to go to, by boat :)

    6. Edward B on

      @John Wick Can we have a description of the level of presence of Theans in each of the three overseas continents, and how well known these three continents are back I Theah? Looking at choosing my pledge I need to see which may suit me.

    7. Missing avatar

      Nathan Henderson on

      I'm not just going by the date though, I'm going by the description of Objectionists and Montaigne trappers and recent discovery. It's not possible to do an "American Revolution" story with that backdrop. Which I think is for the best.

    8. Drew Wendell on

      @Nathan Yes, but to steal a line from the Doctor, Theah was always a "wibbly wobbly timey whimey" Europe... so... who knows.

    9. Missing avatar

      Nathan Henderson on

      @SDSkuld, it's at least a century early for Hamilton. I don't think any of the colonies are that developed. We're closer to the brink of the Crucible here.

    10. Missing avatar

      SDSkuld on

      I just backed this partially because I remember how much I enjoyed reading the first edition but also so I can point out that the REAL reason you're doing The Colonies is because you're hooked on 'Hamilton'. ^ ^

    11. Missing avatar

      Nathan Henderson on

      The ideas for second edition Cathay might not be far enough long to do in this kickstarter and they're planning it for 2018 development. OR they are planning it for the last stretch of the kickstarter, but they don't want to promise it early in case the kickstarter slows down and doesn't reach high enough. Between Qing Ching, Mutapa India, Edo Japan, and the ruins of the Khmer Empire, obviously there will be a ton of great stuff to draw on for the era!

    12. Conclave27 on

      Wow... so much for 7th Sea I am so very excited!!! Curious though.... why no mention of Cathay?
      It that a surprise stretch goal....please...please...please..please.

    13. Edward B on

      @John Wick Can we get an idea of what the limited edition copy of the basic book will look like? For myself it would help me start considering my final pledge.

    14. Missing avatar

      Colin G. Wise on

      (Hit enter too soon) That way, you don't just get traditional pirates, but you may develop a culture of wreckers/smugglers like you had in the Bahamas and around Devon & Cornwall.

    15. Missing avatar

      Colin G. Wise on

      I'm also in favor of a separation between not-North and -South America. The not-Caribbean is going to develop very differently from our world without slavery and slave-based plantation economies in that region, so a passage west not only makes the area of importance to any power with a commercial interest, but also helps open up both the analogues for the American southwest and the west coast/Pacific northwest much sooner than if you're relying on overland exploration. It might make it even more interesting if the geography and climate causes sailing through there to be somewhat harrowing during certain lengthy times of the year, like it was around Cape Horn in our world.

    16. Missing avatar

      Lewis Allen on

      I like the idea of it being divided with the chain of islands in the middle for pirate and the like to hide out of. Maybe even a pirate city of some sort could be located there with everyone mixing together from Cathy to Ifri. Also I would prefer for it to have its on separate source book at a later date (After the kickstarter) where the various Theah navies maybe are trying to claim the islands whilst defeating the pirate and holding of the various other interested parties?? Or a city book for a major pirate city??

    17. Kjetil Kverndokken on

      I like the thought about it beig divided. Maybe there is a point with a narrow straight just a few hundred meters?

    18. Drew Wendell on

      Also, the Humboldt currents aren't that cool (nautical humor).

    19. Drew Wendell on

      My gut instinct is to push for the two land masses to remain separated by a narrow channel, simply because of the political pressure it puts on that region. It would, in large part, concentrate the machinations of the various Thean nations into a contained area, which I think in turn might alleviate pressures to orient the setting as "Theah vs New World" and allow longstanding conflicts between not-Amerindian cultures to at least share center stage. I think the tensions between not-Aztecs, not-Incans, and other indigenous cultures ought not to get buried too much in the "colonial vs native" culture battle.

    20. Craig Mistlebauer on

      Since it's next on the block will the store be open after the kick starter is done and over with? I still have my first edition shirt :D

    21. Timothy Schuster on

      Every day, I'm even more surprised and delighted at where 7th Sea is going during this kickstarter. I'll admit up front that my most anticipated book/setting is The New World... and area largely ignored in most RPG's. And now to find out that pre- or just starting to be colonized North America is coming our way also, is almost too good to be true. I am still holding on to the hope (like many others) that Cathay is coming... and personally I hope it has a heavy India/Southeast Asia flavor as well as Asian. Regardless, Hallelujah on what we've already got coming!

    22. Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese on

      May I make a suggestion or two for another stretch goals?
      How about a bonus for the writers and artists? I've seen this as a stretch goal for other games, and I think it's a worthy offering to those who work hard to write and illustrate the content of the book.
      Or even more artwork? Fill these with more great artwork. Make special posters, and props for printing out and showing to players?
      Illustrated maps. Graphical and precise maps are cool, but I'd love to see "hand drawn" cartography. The maps used historically were never accurate, and I'd love to see what the map makers of The think their world looks like.

    23. Missing avatar

      James Stephens on

      I love the idea of the New World and Acadia not being connected as well and look forward to all of this. Not so worried about Cathay as I'm sure that John and company are wanting to make sure they get it right. That being said, the westward expansion principle could still be used as in 1st edition Theans were blocked from Cathay by a wall of Magical fire. Some enterprising individual may have decided that it would just be easier to sail the other way and also getting the math wrong may have stumbled on the New World. THere are hundreds of ways it could have happened and looking back at some old maps created during the age of exploration are absolutely hilarious to modern mindsets. you might also want to recall that there was a rather sizable minority that thought the world was hollow in our own history. I just can't wait to see what's next and wish that I could pledge more money. My wife thankfully sold a baby blanket she made so that she could gift me with the money to make the purchase (We're both gamers and long time fans of the setting).

    24. John Wick 10-time creator

      Great feedback, everyone! Thanks for your thoughts. :D

    25. Schuyler Atkinson on

      Or better where is our Rokugan/Theah crossover?

    26. Missing avatar

      Matthew Bowman on

      I'd like to second the thought of them being disconnected, but with the space between filled by islands. There are two reasons, one which is great for story and the other for gaming.

      First, other than the slave trade, the main reason for European colonization of Africa was because the only safe ocean route to India and the Far East was around that continent. This required ports of call along the way.

      As I understand it, Ifri isn't connected to Cathay by land, which means there's already a sea passage to the Far East for trade purposes. Therefore, a connected pair of not-Americas doesn't provide a barrier like it did in our history.

      However, even if Ifri is land-locked with Cathay and therefore Theah, allowing a passage through the Tropics on the western hemisphere still preserves both the idea of the bustling trade with not-India and not-China, while not wrecking not-Africa. We can much more easily have alternate histories of great Ifrian empires that can thrive and push back against Thean expansion.

      Further, those who love the Pirate Age stories which developed only after a great deal more colonization in the New World would be able to have that happen even faster. I'm not just talking about the logistics, (that's the second point, which is more game-oriented), but rather looking at the way the East India Company expanded into the Caribbean as they increased their power with the help of Parliament granting them monopolies. That drives a lot of the Pirate Age stories, especially for those who want to recreate the feel of Pirates of the Caribbean. Giving the East Cathay Company (or other equivalents) reasons to set up bases of their own on an archipelago between two continents would accelerate that situation by at least a hundred years, and then create further divergence from real-world situations while still keeping that 7th Sea feel of something ALMOST the same.

      The gameplay reason is that piracy always thrives when pirates can hide in wait. In addition to being a fiction and gaming editor, I'm also a Navy brat and work with a lot of real-world national security experts. One thing that keeps coming up is how piracy thrives today, and that the worst places are around Indonesia and similar countries. It's not just because of culture or government, though that can help; it's the simple fact that ships have to slow down while passing through narrow channels, and that a few men in a speedboat can take over a whole freighter in minutes.

      Giving players a place like that, a Caribbean that goes all the way through where Mexico might have been and with even more islands, makes it not only easy for Theans to move in but also hard to defend against pirates. The constant threat and the difficulty of patrolling the region, along with the diplomatic troubles of different Thean nations in such a small space, means that such a region is in desperate need of heroes.

    27. Missing avatar

      Colin G. Wise on

      This is fantastic. I hadn't realized that I wanted swashbuckling adventures in not-North America until you introduced Quamountaine, but I'm probably more excited about this Sourcebook than anything other than the New World one.

    28. Missing avatar

      Eric McCommon on

      @Jordi - At first, I liked the idea of fully connected. But seeing your post and thinking about it? I can dig it. It would actually be a great way to deal with there being no Portugal/Spain race and hemisphere dividing. It makes it an even more piracy friendly hotbed. The islands are presumably close enough that it wasn't hard for the people to cross pollinate ideals. Yeah, I can dig it!

    29. Uncle Twitchy on

      Jordi, most likely the not-Caribbean material will be in the Pirate Nations book -- that's where they were in the original release (The Midnight Archipelago).

    30. Jordi Estefa on

      It would be cool that the New World and Acadia were separated by many many "caribbean" islands. I just hope the world of 7th sea 2E does not get too similar to the real one.

    31. Andrzej Kubera

      OMG this is sooo amazing!
      Hope this will not be the last sourcebook to cover this theme.
      We definitely need more fluff in these so little explored/exploited settings.
      At least for the sub-arctic parts like Cree, Blackfeet, Kaska, Chinook and Inuit Plains like Crow, Cheyenne, Sioux, Cherokee, Paluta and of course southern parts Pueble, Zuni, Apache, Concho, Comanche.
      This could be so freaking amazing!

      Damn you!
      Need to increase the pledge yet once more :)

    32. sionathan on

      John, exploring westward is a new direction for Theah, and is great to hear more about! But the real million dollar question (and maybe, just maybe, the million dollar stretch goal?) is -- when do we hear about exploring eastward into notRokugan?! I :D

    33. JayDGee on

      Colonies were always something I felt was missing in 7th Sea.
      There was a group dedicated to explore with very few places to really go.
      2nd edition certainly doesn't have this issue.

      Also once again loving the artwork.

    34. Missing avatar

      Nathan Henderson on

      Just to point out, an advantage of them not being connected would be letting Castille have a colony in the southwest to have those Mexico elements you're cutting from Castille, without having had to conquer and cut up from the not-Aztec territory.

    35. John Wick 10-time creator

      @Mike - We're still deciding that. I think they will probably be connected.

      @Andy - All the sourcebooks are roughly 200 pages.

    36. Andy Aiken on

      How many pages are we talking about for these sourcebooks?

    37. Mike Brodu on

      Quick question: are the New World and Acadia a single landmass (like North and South America connected by Central America)? Or are they 2 separate continents/islands? Are they even close to each other?

    38. John Wick 10-time creator

      @Wytchwood - Yup! The book is going to be focused on Wabanahkik Heroes.

    39. Matt Gromer on

      But...! But!

      I mean, aren't the Cathayans a native culture? Of Cathay? Please?

    40. Wytchwood on

      Nice! Can we play Wabanahkik heroes too? And.. can we hope for an "Asia"/Cathay sourcebook?

    41. Francis Tommaso