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John Wick brings 7th Sea back in a 300-page, full-color, hardbound book. Revised rules, revised Nations, updated for the 21st Century.
John Wick brings 7th Sea back in a 300-page, full-color, hardbound book. Revised rules, revised Nations, updated for the 21st Century.
11,483 backers pledged $1,316,813 to help bring this project to life.

Down the Great River!

Posted by John Wick (Creator)

And in just days--our sails full of southerly winds--we have reached Ifri. This continent has long been little more than a rumor, but now it is real to us, laid out before our feet, a land of promise and adventure, gold and fire, politics and intrigue. It is large, much larger than Théah or even the The Crescent Empire, and we can barely take it all in!

$600,000 means that we’ve funded Djen, a City of Adventure on the new continent of Ifri. All $40+ backers will receive the PDF for this new City for free, packed full of Heroes, Villains, plot hooks, and new character mechanics set in this fantastic new land. (We’re already so excited about the stuff Jerry wants to do for Ifri!)

Djen is merely the first of many cities we will visit in Ifri, land of gold and fire. But to journey further down the great river Kwara, we will need a map… 

New Stretch Goal ($630,000): Map of Ifri

If we reach $630,000 in funding, we’ll commission a 7th Sea: Second Edition map of Ifri (like the map of Théah we released for an earlier stretch goal). We love these big, detailed maps, and we think it’s going to be awesome to show off the land of gold and fire in all its glory!

All $40+ backers will get the map for free as a hi-res PDF, and we'll create a new add-on for folks who want to add a physical map (roughly 24’’ x 36’’) to their order. We’ll also add it for free to the pirate’s booty, so that everyone who backed at the PIRATE tier and higher will have the map added to their order for free!

Mark Richardson Joins the Crew 

As you may have noticed, we quietly added Mark Richardson to the crew a few days ago. Mark is going to be the staff cartographer for this project, and the announcement of this third map is a great opportunity to introduce you all to Mark!

Mark Richardson is the staff cartographer for 7th Sea: Second Edition and the game designer behind Headspace RPG. Mark has spent the last 16 years making maps professionally for the Canadian government and has provided his cartography skills to a variety of RPGs including Urban Shadows, Project Dark, No Country for Old Kobolds, and King Wens Tower. Mark lives in Ottawa, Canada.You can find him at @slavetothehat and

One of the things I love about working with Mark is that he brings a wealth of real world knowledge to the table. He’ll make suggestions about maps based on how geography works, and his work is both beautiful and functional. Originally, I just wanted these maps so our staff knew where everything was… but now I’m excited that you all get to enjoy them too! 

Achievement Update: 16 Goals down! 

We’ve finally crossed the 2k Facebook community achievement, which brings us to 16 goals unlocked! That’s enough for us to release a preview of the Sorte deck mechanics… so we’ll put the finishing touches on that preview and get it out this week. You all rock.

We’re also close on Twitter followers and LEGO ships. Just a few more of those (and a bunch of selfies) and we’re going to be at 20 completed goals. Once that happens, we'll get out a preview chapter of my first 7th Sea novel, Daughter of Fate!

We’ve also had a few actual play reports published:

We’d love to see more of these! Please give the Quick Start a try and post about your experiences. The feedback is great, and it’s a fantastic way to get out the word about the campaign. Just three more and we hit our first community achievement goal for actual play reports.

Thanks, again. A million times. Thanks. 

And once again, thank you for making this possible. Thanks to your pledges, we’ve funded a whole slew of new and interesting parts of the world of 7th Sea, much more than I ever dreamed was possible. And we’ve still got 25 days to go...

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    1. Netobvious

      @KristaRBorja, a narrative report may work just fine too. It will be interesting to get feedback on how you handled the existing ruleset.

    2. Krista R. Borja on

      We've played the QuickStart and I'd love to do a play report...but we didn't take a picture!

    3. John Wick 10-time creator

      @all - It's likely we will see a map of The New World (and perhaps other lands to the west of Théah) before the campaign is over. We'll see how far we go! And we'll take a look at doing layered maps!

    4. Adam Coleman on

      Yay, my play report got seen, awesome! :D

    5. Netobvious

      The town of Illorin in Kwara State is notable as the centre of Islamic Scholars in traditional Yorubaland and also the last major staging area in the battles to spread Islam southwards in Nigeria during the 1800s. The Islamic Cavalry (our 7th Sea Crescent Empire) was defeated in the forests of Osogbo (pronounced Oshogbo) during the Ibadan-Illorin war to the south.

      But our own Ifri takes place in the 1600s so will not encounter the above history. ;-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Nathan Henderson on

      Well the name of the Manden Empire implies that it's based on the Mali/Songhai, so I assume the Kwara is based primarily on the Niger.

    7. Netobvious

      The Ethiopian province is Qwara.

    8. Netobvious

      Kwara is actually a state in Nigeria, FYI.

    9. ldjessee on

      I would also love a layered map. I have seen for other projects in selectable layers in PDFs and as Photoshop files... or even as files for popular mapping software, like Campaign Cartographer or Fractal Mapper.

    10. Missing avatar

      Nathan Henderson on

      @Ivan, it may not be done yet.

      Interesting the map came up before the book this time. Or perhaps the Ifri book is planned for down the road rather than a stretch goal (they have to leave some stuff to actually sell us later!)

    11. Granite26 on

      I want to reiterate my request for layered maps in addition to the flattened PDFs.

    12. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Ooohh, will the Kwara be a Nile-analog, a Niger-analog, a Congo-analog, a Zambeze-analog, or a mash-up of those? They've all had great African civilizations along their banks.

    13. Netobvious

      This project is just so good. High quality maps cost a pretty penny. So proud to be funding bthe 7th Sea. And a map of Ifri is the cherry on top.

    14. Ivan Jalencas

      Can we have a preview of Ifri map as we have it for Théah, please?

    15. Chazz of The Story Told on

      Yay more maps! I'm hoping for an Ifri Sourcebook next. In fact, I've already upped my pledge for it!

    16. Krista R. Borja on

      @J michael Lanaghan that is already done... it is the very first Source Book A New World. Focus mainly on Central and South America... so Mesoamerica.

    17. J Michael Lanaghan

      Is there an ever so slight chance of a New World, ala America like continent stretch goal?

    18. Missing avatar

      Joshua Blake on

      Adding a cartographer to the team to have beautiful realistic maps makes all of my dreams for this edition come true.

    19. Twila Price on

      Wow. Just wow. I am looking forward to more Ifri, and it looks like the world is going to be so much bigger than we thought!

    20. Missing avatar

      Frederic Methot on

      Any chance for a map of the new world, I have'nt seen one mentioned anywhere?

    21. Sean Gilgore on

      Is there any thought of doing conversions to Fate or Savage Worlds as stretch goals?