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John Wick brings 7th Sea back in a 300-page, full-color, hardbound book. Revised rules, revised Nations, updated for the 21st Century.
John Wick brings 7th Sea back in a 300-page, full-color, hardbound book. Revised rules, revised Nations, updated for the 21st Century.
11,483 backers pledged $1,316,813 to help bring this project to life.

The Crescent Empire Awaits!

Posted by John Wick (Creator)

And with a gust of wind in our sails, we’ve pushed beyond $340,000 (wow) and through all three Heroes and Villains stretch goals. You all are amazing.

$340,000 means that we’ve funded both decks of cards (Heroes & Villains) as well as the Heroes and Villains sourcebook. We’ve added the decks to the list of add-ons ($20 each) and to the list of pirate’s booty. We’ve also opened up two new tiers (FLEET ADMIRAL! and FREEBOOTER!) for folks who want to pick up all five sourcebooks.

And, with Théah at our backs, we head into waters unknown, across lands we have not yet touched, to places we have not yet been. For the new world is not the only home for mystery and adventure outside of Théah. No. There are lands very close to the lands we know that harbor mysteries (and dangers) as deep as any found in far-off voyages... 

New Stretch Goal ($360,000): Iskandar, City of Adventure

We are excited to announce the Cities of Adventure series for 7th Sea. Each City of Adventure is a 40,000 word PDF detailing the Heroes, Villains, Plots and Perils of a city in the world of 7th Sea. GMs can use the many plot threads provided to build their own campaigns while players pick NPCs as allies, rivals, enemies, and lovers.

If we reach $360,000 we’ll release our first City of Adventure—Iskandar, Gateway to the East. The westernmost city in the Crescent Empire, Iskandar is a microcosm of the greater Empire, a place where many faiths, cultures and economies exist in a delicate balance, threatened by villainous plots at every turn. If a Théan wants to get to the Empire, he has two choices: brave the dangers of the Cathay Steppes or traverse the dangerous streets of Iskandar!

We will be offering more Cities of Adventure throughout this Kickstarter campaign. Keep your eyes out for them! 

New Stretch Goal ($400,000): The Crescent Empire 

If we reach $400,000, we’ll release The Crescent Empire as a 2nd Edition sourcebook in both print and PDF. All $40+ backers will get the book for free as a PDF, and we'll open up a new tier for folks who want to all six sourcebooks.

The Crescent Empire is a perilous group of highly religious, highly political Nations held together by gossamer strings. Its Heroic Emperor knows everything could fall apart at any moment, and so he must seek out fellow Heroes to assist him in his impossible task.

An ancient kingdom of pyramids, scarabs and death rituals... a kingdom of sweeping desert sands and fierce tribal rivalries... a kingdom who follows the singular voice of the One Prophet... these are just some of the lands you will find in the Crescent Empire.

The Crescent Empire contains all the rules you need to create Heroes from this distant land, including new Backgrounds, new Advantages and new Sorceries, along with NPCs, plot hooks, and adventures galore.

So much of the world to explore! So many more adventures to be had! Will we unlock The Crescent Empire before the day is out?


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    1. Netobvious

      The Crescent Empire may be my favorite destination.

    2. Missing avatar

      Robert Manley on

      @Gareth - The Land of 1,000 Venoms, where even the jellyfish are Henchmen, and the spiders can be Villains. Great idea!

    3. Gareth Hodges

      Here's to hitting $1 million and unlocking the Great Southern Land book. Go Aussies!

    4. Ronald E Glass on

      "Skipjack's so old he knew the Dead Sea when it was only sick."

    5. Edward B on

      Very happy we have Crescent Empire coming. One of my 1st edition PCs was a Crescent (Ruzgar'hala), the cultural difference was very fun to play: "He stole something? Cut his hand off!". I think the one thing from the 1st Edition I hope stays is Ajadrez, a great plot tool in itself.

    6. Wytchwood on

      Hmm. Cathay next *prays*

    7. Missing avatar

      Robert Manley on

      Re: the Crescent Empire - That's great to hear. Thanks, John.

    8. John Wick 10-time creator

      @kevin - You all have blown through most of the art we had on hand for stretch goals! We'll be releasing more art as soon as we get it. :D

      @All - We can't say a lot more about The Crescent Empire now, but we will say... it's a land all to itself, not a subcontinent compared to Théah.

    9. Ashley on

      We broke 360! Oh my goodness! I just... eeee! It's soo good to see this happening. 7th Sea has been one of my favorite rpgs.

    10. Matthew Koelling

      Curious what will be kept from the first Crescent Empire book?

    11. Missing avatar

      Robert Manley on

      Will the other continents be closer to their real-world proportions on the 2nd Edition maps? Last time Europe seemed disproportionately large compared to (non-Ussuran) pseudo-Asia and the Crescent Empire. I acknowledge it's a minor nitpick, but it always seemed odd to me. I rationalized it away by telling myself that the maps were crude approximations, until the sourcebooks confirmed that the Middle East and Far East really were that small.

      Also, with the New World having been discovered, is there any chance of a pseudo-African continent being found?

    12. Kevin Bender

      Looking forward to seeing the cover art for these sourcebooks. Actually, I'm just as excited to see the content of these books, and everything in this campaign. Thanks for bringing back 7th Sea, John (and team).

      Personally, I'm hoping there is some thought being put into a stretch goal for digital tools for character creation and GM aids. Or at least licensing character creation tools to existing digital RPG platforms.

    13. Twila Price on

      Welp, that got me to up my pledge. Coolness! I hope that this is as awesome as the first edition promised to be (I enjoyed the first edition, but it felt as if it got less and less awesome the more was revealed about the world....)

    14. Missing avatar

      Rodney Rossow on

      Awesome! I am so looking forward to sailing the 7th Sea again. :)

    15. SacredRoach

      Heading to Iskandar?

      Need to name the ship Yamato!

      I don't suppose that you have an Empire of the Comet or a Bolar Federation in the future?

    16. John Wick 10-time creator

      @Kogi - Fixed that typo. Good catch!

      @Jesse - We'll be doing an all-call at the end of the campaign. Stay tuned!

    17. Jesse Webster on

      I am really looking forward to a Crescent sourcebook. If you still have space for writers or consultants, I would really recommend Saladin Ahmed, author of Throne Of The Crescent Moon. Not only did he write an amazing 1001 nights-esque novel with lots of swordplay and sorcery, and he's well acclaimed as a source of inspiration for the DnD 5E authors. He's also a Storium author, if I recall.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kogi on

      In text of update stretch goal mentioned is 365k not 360. Just wanted to mention as it made me confused a little.

    19. Eric Steiger on

      Day? Probably not. Week? Seems likely.

    20. Gearsoul Dragon

      Yes. Yes, we will :P