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John Wick expands the award-winning world of 7th Sea into the Pacific Rim with a brand new 300-page, full color core rulebook!
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    1. Colin Anderson on

      Really neat chapter! Everything makes me more and more excited to see Khitai fully realized.
      I don’t have a list of typos or sentence corrections this time; the only thing I really noticed was that in “Current Relations” the Fusō heading doesn’t have the right formatting. Excellent writing!

    2. Geoff Washam on

      Sorry to hear about the troubles. Hope things pick up!

      Quick question about Khan of Khans: Any chance we'll see that added to DriveThruRPG? It would make it easier to keep track of along with the other books in the series.

    3. Saul Schimek on

      RE: Shenzhou PDF. The Emperor spent Unnecessary funds on trips to the Moon. I'll be curious to find out what this is about... :)

    4. Craig Wright

      Agree 2018 has been a spectacularly bad year. Hope things improve for everyone. :(

    5. Saul Schimek on

      Oh no. I know this feeling well. Best of luck, John. Fair sailing

    6. Kevin Daignault

      @John Wick - I completely understand, and appreciate the honesty on the production schedule.

      If you could do one thing when you take a break from "dancing as fast as you can", try to update the production schedule on your website. It'll probably help with some of us who check it regularly for updates.

      To clarify, however, are we looking at a May-June release for the PDF or the physical book? If we're looking at a May-June release of the physical book, do we have an idea on how soon the PDF will be available to KS Backers to start reviewing?

    7. Rafał Pośnik on

      Stay strong man. Stay strong. We are with you

    8. Cathi Gertz

      2018 has been a wicked year. My condolences on this influx of change you now have to contend with. May the skies clear and the waters calm a bit more by the time you sail into 2019.

    9. John Wick 10-time creator

      @John Christensen: Because I'm doing all the work myself. I'm dancing as fast as I can. :)

    10. John Christensen on

      So... Why the change in timeline though? Up until September, you were on track for November. Now, it’s six to seven months from now? Why? I get that the board game kickstarter failed, but what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

    11. Justin Folkerts on

      does this mean that JWP will be looking for a partner to write 7th Sea: Khitai content to fulfill this kickstarter?