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Get a grip on your iPad 2 with the iLoqk mounting system. Removable tripod mount lets you imagine, stabilize and create. Read more

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Get a grip on your iPad 2 with the iLoqk mounting system. Removable tripod mount lets you imagine, stabilize and create.

About this project

The iPad 2 is a brilliant device. We have come up with an innovative way to get a grip on the iPad 2. The idea is a safe and secure removable latch system that allows you to quickly attach a universal tripod mount in portrait or landscape mode . The best part is it does not add bulk to the device. The lightweight polycarbonate skin snap fits to the iPad 2 with two small slots that accept the latch in portrait or landscape mode. So when the tripod mount is not needed, the skin does not add bulk as it is only 1mm thick.

Portable Stability

Now you have a way to stabilize your iPad 2 and get the most out of the HD back camera and VGA front camera. Set up on a tripod, stabilize and let your imagination take over on what you can do.

Attach the XShot to your iPad 2 and see what you can do with facetime, video conferencing, teleprompting, Skype, photo booth, self portraits and much more.

Be the 1st to own FlixShot and be able to activate your shutter remotely. Get in the photo without the hassle of using the self timer. Simply flick the button and the iPad 2 shutter is activated via microphone using an app that we provide.

Getting the right tripod is a must, and reward #3 will take care of you. You get a high quality aluminum folding tripod. The 3 legs open up to a wide stable stance and keep your iPad 2 safe and secure in a low profile position.

Essentially you are preordering product. Once we reach our funding goal we will build custom production injection mold tooling. This allows us to manufacture top quality components that we individually hand assemble and test to guarantee excellent quality, fit and function.



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    $1 reward

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    Thank you for helping. $1 goes a a long way. We will post your name on our Kickstarter appreciation page.

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    $40 reward

    10 backers

    Reward #1: Be the first to own the iLoqk iPad 2 case - polycarbonate injection molded skin that securely snap fits onto iPad2
    includes removable tripod mount, polycarbonate injection molded with molded in metal 1/4-20 insert
    tripod mount latches safe and securely in landscape or portrait model

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    $60 reward

    2 backers

    Reward #2: You get Reward #1 plus the XShot 2.0 with FlixShot.
    The XShot 2.0 is a lightweight telescoping shaft that holds your iPad 2 or camera at a distance to capture great pictures and films when no one is around to take your picture. The XShot extends over 3 feet (37") and closes to just 9 inches and weighs only 5 oz! It is made of durable metal and high quality components.

    The FlixShot wirelessly activates the camera of the iPad 2. Simply flick the button and the iPad 2 shutter is activated via the microphone using an app that we provide.

    (The XShot and FliXShot also works with iPhone 4 with when used with custom XShot case)

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    $80 reward

    10 backers

    Reward #3: In addition to Reward #1 & #2, you will receive a high quality tripod specially designed to support the iPad 2. The tripod features extruded aluminum legs with molded rubber feet. The legs open out wide and very low to provide excellent support and stability.

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    $500 reward

    15 backers Limited (60 left of 75)

    Reward 3 Super Backer

    As a Super Backer you will receive 3 iLoqk systems individually serialized with Kickstarter laser marking. Your choice of clear or black with soft touch silicone coating. You will also receive 3 XShot 2.0’s equipped with FlixShot and 3 tripods. It addition you will receive 3 custom design iLoqk t-shirts. The best part about being a Super Backer is you get a half day of design and engineering consulting from the inventors of iLoqk to help bring your own idea to market.

Funding period

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