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The Demo + GaijinPot Column

Posted by Outlier Linguistic Solutions (Creator)


First, thank you all so much for your support!

When we first launched this campaign, we were expecting to have a demo ready within a day or two. We ran into some technical issues, and the demo took longer than we expected to finish.

But it's finally ready, and it's available in the latest version of the Japanese app!

If you have Japanese installed, update to the latest version and go to Reference > Kanji > Grade 1. Outlier Kanji Dictionary is available for all 80 grade 1 kanji!

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 If you don't have the Japanese app, you can install it for free (iOS, Android).

This demo contains:

  • form explanations for all 80 kanji
  • component breakdowns for kanji which can be broken down
  • ancient forms for "unbreakable" kanji and for any kanji which shows up as a semantic component (an umbrella term for form and meaning components) in other kanji
  • information about what the kanji can mean as a semantic component in other kanji, if applicable
  • references for each entry, so you can see where we're getting our information

It doesn't contain the following Essentials data, all of which will of course be included when it's released:

  • onyomi and kunyomi readings
  • meanings as a standalone kanji or in combination with other kanji
  • example vocabulary

It also doesn't contain anything from the Expert Edition. If you'd like to see what that will look like, check out the demo for our Chinese version here.

Kanji column at GaijinPot

I've started writing a column about kanji at GaijinPot. The first installment talks about the different types of components kanji can have, which is key to understanding the Outlier approach to explaining kanji. The next one will be about why we don't talk about radicals when discussing kanji structure, but "functional components."

How can you help?

We only have 8 days left, but there's still time for the campaign to succeed. A high proportion of people who visit the page end up pledging, so what we need most is more traffic.

So please share our campaign on Facebook, in Japanese-related groups, discussion forums, subreddits, etc., any place where people are talking about learning Japanese or living in Japan. You can also share on Facebook and Twitter by going to the main page of our campaign and clicking the icons there.



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    1. Outlier Linguistic Solutions 3-time creator on


      Yes, it's not ready for Android yet. Sorry about that; I didn't realize it when I posted this update!

      But you can check out the demo of the Chinese version here:

    2. Missing avatar

      Jim Zorn on

      I look forward to trying the demon once the update to the android app is pushed.