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The eco-friendly honeycomb wine rack with infinite add-on capability.
Made in USA from recyclable aluminum, WineHive® is the most customizable and space-efficient bottle racking system in the world.
Made in USA from recyclable aluminum, WineHive® is the most customizable and space-efficient bottle racking system in the world.
681 backers pledged $65,514 to help bring this project to life.

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NEW! WineHive® Stack™ is Now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Hello WineHive Family!

You are the first to be introduced to the newest member of our family. I have been listening to all of your wonderful feedback over these past 3 years, and I think you will enjoy what I have integrated into the all-new design of the WineHive® Stack™:

Click the Picture to Pledge!
Click the Picture to Pledge!

Tooling is very expensive on this puppy, so please help spread the word and pledge if you would like the latest and greatest in wine storage!

More exciting updates coming soon!



We're Getting Close!

Hello WineHive Family!

We've surpassed $10,000 funding and we're getting close to reaching our goal of $13,750 but we only have 5 days left!!!

As you can see, we've made it past the middle slow period that all Kickstarter projects experience, and we're now starting to gain some momentum as we approach the final 5 days on Kickstarter, but these last few days are critical and it's going to be a challenging group effort to reach our goal!

REMEMBER: Kickstarter is all or nothing, so if we don't reach our goal the project won't get funded and no one will receive awesome WineHives for the Holidays...

BUT, I'm confident we can reach our goal if you all please share this link with everyone you know that loves wine, great design, and getting great deals on the coolest holidays gifts:

Thank you all for your generous support, and please help spread the word now through the next 5 days to help bring WineHive to homes everywhere this holiday season!



WineHive® is Back on Kickstarter!

Original WineHive® Backers,

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying these remaining summer days. As we quickly approach Fall, it's time I begin stocking up on WineHive inventory for this holiday season, but this year is different: 

Starting TODAY, WineHive® is back on Kickstarter for NEW custom packaging, and there are TONS of GREAT DEALS on ALL things WineHive® with FREE shipping in time for Christmas!

So click the picture or link below and make sure to snag a great deal on WineHive® for that wine lover and rest assured that I'll get it to you in beautiful gift-giving packaging in time for Christmas:

WineHive® is Back on Kickstarter!
WineHive® is Back on Kickstarter!



WineHive's First Birthday!

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Hello Friends,

One year ago today, WineHive was brought to life on Kickstarter by you, the generous backers and supporters. You helped raise over 4x the necessary funds to launch WineHive into production, so I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this past year, share with you some exciting updates and future plans for WineHive, and most importantly thank you for all of your support:

Here's a quick recap of some big events since WineHive was officially born on Kickstarter on April 19th, 2012:

Fulfilling Kickstarter orders -- my anodizing factory helped me pack and ship thousands of WineHive parts all over the globe!

Still working on Antarctica sales. They drink wine down there right?

DIY Network featured WineHive on an episode of their hit show I Want That.

Audi Magazine featured WineHive in their 2012 Holiday Gift Guide.

Wine & Spirits Magazine featured WineHive in their March 2013 print article and on their website about Kickstarter-funded wine accessories.

Black Satin Anodize finish was introduced.

Chilled Magazine featured WineHive in their Cool Products section on their website, and will also be featuring WineHive in their Spring 2013 print issue.

I built a ridiculous 400-bottle WineHive wall, which was quickly one-upped by Kevin's LED-backlit installation:

Well done Kevin. Here are a few retailers that are now carrying WineHive:

Mostly online retailers, but I'm also working with wineries, retailers, and distributors around the world to bring WineHive everywhere, including brick-and-mortar locations.

Can't forget about the local mom-and-pop shops such as Hipster Home right here in Philadelphia, who is now proudly selling the Philadelphia-designed and manufactured WineHive:

I recently submitted WineHive to the 2013 Core77 Design Awards, fingers crossed!

I plan to send another update in the upcoming weeks, as I'll be launching a new website, a new size offering, a new photo shoot at the high-end kitchen manufacturer Balthaup, a wall mount kit, and a glass table top just to name a few!

I really appreciate all of your support during this past year, and look out for another update soon!



New Product Launch!

Hey Everyone,

I'm excited to announce the launch of my new product, Kordl:

My friend Joe and I designed the Kordl to clip onto the base of your earbuds and prevent them from tangling.

We just launched on the new crowdfunding site ChristieStreet, and invite you to please check it out and help spread the word!

Click here to see the Kordl in action!