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An open source blogging platform which makes writing pleasurable and publishing simple.
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Microsoft Sponsorship + Announcing The Ghost Launch Party

Posted by John O'Nolan (Creator)

As we draw closer to Ghost's Kickstarter Launch date of September 20th (and public launch a few weeks later), we've go some more exciting news to share with you.

Microsoft Backs Ghost

I'm incredibly proud to announce that last week Microsoft Internet Explorer joined the Ghost Partner List. We've been talking to their great team about this since before Ghost even went live on Kickstarter, and their generous support is going to help give Ghost a bright and exciting future.

As a part of the partnership, Microsoft will be creating an official Ghost plugin for - the amazing service that many of you have been talking about for the last few months which allows fast, painless IE browser testing. The plugin will make it so that you can run these tests on any Ghost theme which you're developing quickly and easily. Nice.

The Ghost Launch Party

To celebrate the first launch of Ghost, and mark the occasion properly, we asked the lovely people at the Trafalgar Hotel in central London if we could borrow their roof for the evening. They said yes.

On September 19th at 7pm, we'll be hosting just over 100 guests with spectacular views against a backdrop of Big Ben, The London Eye, and Trafalgar Square. All of the UK based core Ghost team will be there, as well as several flying all the way in from the US. We'll be serving a variety of food, beverages, geeky cocktails, giving away awesome prizes from our partners and, of course, we'll be launching Ghost live on the night - letting every attendee try it out for themselves!

Want to Join us?

If you backed at the Elite Developer (£666) level or higher, you automatically have an invitation. For everyone else, we're going to roll out (free of charge) tickets in the next few days. We'll be doing them in batches and announcing them in all sorts of different places at different times of day, so everyone has a chance to grab one.

Want to get a head start? Make sure you're connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and App.Net - and keep an eye out in the next few days!

As we have a very limited number of places available we just ask that you please only reserve a ticket if you're absolutely SURE you can make it to central London on September 19th! If you can't, please give someone else the chance to go.

More to follow.


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    1. Jose Marcelino on

      Microsoft goal is not IE, as John said Ghost would run nicely on IE regardless of Microsoft's partnership... The real goal is Node.js and the Google Chrome V8 Javascript engine it depends on.

      Microsoft wants leverage, they've been drumming up Node.js a lot and for sure don't want to keep a competitor Chrome engine for very long. This project sounds like it'll be the popular ticket to get that leverage. Microsoft doesn't want a repeat of J++...

      Great timing for such an announcement too, on a major US holiday. Classic.
      If you missed these details you aren't paying attention.

    2. Sumit Kumar on

      I don't know what the problem of these commenters is... Apple would've been ok i guess. Fanboys...

      I love that MS is involved and that you'll support IE. I'm a frontend dev and hate old IE as everybody else, but i love Windows (8), the modern IE and all the stuff MS is bringing lately.
      Written from my iPad mini after reading it on my Lumia 920 (cross platform tolerance <3)

    3. David Thomas on

      Ok, I hate IE as much as the next person, but let's not get out-of-control, people. This only means good things for Ghost. Complete testing on IE and Microsoft devices. They didn't buy out Ghost (which is the feeling I get from reading some of these comments). They merely backed it and also provided tools and support to make sure the platform works in their ecosystem. It's not the end of the world.

    4. Michael Larionov on

      Hurray! Congrats. Guys, I'd love to get there. Will be in London at that time.

    5. Japh on

      Fantastic work, John, Hannah, and team! As you say, having large companies like Microsoft taking an interest proves we've been successful in getting the word out about Ghost, and they're taking notice.

      Love it.

    6. Missing avatar

      Nathan White on

      @Holden I don't understand the problem you're having with Microsoft's involvement? Having another platform (one as big as what Microsoft is offering) is only good for the end user: more available, better equipped and generally more powerful.

      Microsoft stepping up and offering money and whatever else to make sure that Ghost is tested on Microsoft products doesn't seem like a problem, and in fact something I am 100% behind! If John O'Nolan has stipulated explicitly the terms of their agreement, I don't see a problem.

    7. Holden Thomas on

      @John I guess that depends. How many of the other Silver or Gold partner's pledges came with special conditions, regardless of what they were? They're piggybacking on your incredible achievements and they diminish the "indie" brand (if such a thing exists).

    8. Akira Uchimura Moraga on

      I understand this partnership as a way to make Ghost something great and usable in all browsing platforms, but I guess what many of us backers thought was that Ghost is/was a blogging platform for the user-type shown in this picture.

      For my part, I trust your decision and believe this will work great. That is why we all trusted you on the first place(no pressure intended).

      Cheers from Japan.

    9. John O'Nolan Creator on

      @Seth They got everything in the Official Ghost Partner List reward, the contents of which you can read in the sidebar on the right-hand side of this screen ===>

      Same deal as all the other partners :)

      In addition, we agreed to test and use Ghost across Microsoft devices and browsers during development (IE9 and later) to make sure that it works great for their users - Which we would have done anyway!

      I hope you agree that's pretty reasonable?

    10. Seth Ryan Levy on

      I too am wary about Microsoft's involvement. What did they get in return for the money? Unlike Ghost, Microsoft is a for profit organization that is driven by profits first. They don't do anything out of the goodness of they're hearts, if they did they'd be violating the trust of their shareholders. I'm not ready to give up on Ghost but please be up front with us. Transparency is key. What are the terms of the partnership? Do they get to have a representative on the board? Will Bing be integrated somehow? As I asked before, what does Microsoft get out of this?

    11. Missing avatar

      Slavo Furman on

      While partnering with Microsoft... what about having Ghost as one of pre-installed app templates on Windows Azure? is that also part of the deal?


    12. Holden Thomas on

      Thanks for your response and I apologize for being rude. I love your project and I'm sure most if not all your backers will disagree with me, but I think accepting a large backer such as Microsoft undermines the "independence" of any project, if only in Spirit. For the same reason Wikipedia or any non-profit is skeptical of who gives them their public support regardless of their apparent philanthropy.

      If it weren't for Microsoft, and their so-called "innovation" we'd probably all be driving in hovercrafts and taking holidays on Mars. BEWARE of strangers bearing gifts.

    13. Jose Marcelino on

      Hopefully the upside of the Microsoft news is that Google Analytics won't come turned on by default? :-)

      I really hate when web packages just sneak that rubbish in and make me wander through several source files just to remove all trace of it. Unfortunately it's so common these days.

    14. Omar Khafagy on

      Holden, come on man. Have some faith in John. He and his team have this vision of creating a well-supported and wonderful developer platform so that all of us might have the chance to bring our own creative spin to it.

      Using our money to help develop a platform that attracts even more funding from well-established companies is something very valuable for all of us.

      We all benefit from getting to stand on the shoulders of giants, and I appreciate that John and the Ghost team have been working hard to make Ghost's shoulders firm and steady.

    15. John O'Nolan Creator on

      @Holden We are an independent non-profit organisation. Any and all money which we receive from backers (or, in future, customers) can only ever be re-invested into Ghost itself - we've fully disclosed everything about how this works, and who our sponsors and partners are.

      To answer your other question, I daresay that without the incredible support from individuals such as yourself on Kickstarter - large companies like Microsoft would never have been interested in supporting the project! So it's thanks to your generous support that we are able to get incredible partners like this to support us building the platform which we promised you.

    16. Daniel Chatfield on

      I'll be watching out for the tickets

    17. Holden Thomas on

      Now that you have Microsoft's official backing, can I have my money back? This is worse than the "Diaspora" disaster taking Zuckerberg's undisclosed CASH. What do you need money from individuals for anyway? You're either independent or you're not, you can't be both.