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An open source blogging platform which makes writing pleasurable and publishing simple.
An open source blogging platform which makes writing pleasurable and publishing simple.
5,236 backers pledged £196,362 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Kerry Rogers on

      I like Ghost and I was glad to be a backer, but the install processes really is not that great
      you have to pretty much have to be a programmer to install it. I have tried to put it up live but still can't get everything working right and the tutorials s**k! DigitalOcean cloud server is no help at all.

    2. Missing avatar

      Antoine Biswang on

      On September 20th, everyone who backed Ghost on Kickstarter will receive access to the latest stable version of Ghost.

      Is it done or not ? I don't received any information about this ?
      Are you a little bit late with the delivery date ?
      Would you please give us informations about the real delivery date ?
      thanks by advance and sorry for my bad english.

      PS : I thought I could trust a tatooed man, please don't make me lie :)

    3. Marco Buttarini on

      No news about kickstarter backers release? How can I get it?

    4. Jan Schmidhofer on

      Ooopps i deleted the email with the Information about the Ghost Launch. Was there a download link in it ? How to get my copy of it ?

    5. Ben Galbraith on

      Hi. I see the launched site but I can't get in with my Kickstarter email address. What gives?

    6. John O'Nolan Creator on

      @Nick - We're working hard on it, will follow up with more news about the Marketplace as soon as we have it!

      @F.E. Torkel - we're working on it, more news soon :)

      Thank you @Emile!

      @Zetura - September 20th *is* the early release for Kickstarter backers. Public release will be later.

    7. Zetura on

      I'm glad to hear that, but I have a question for the "Quickstart Ghost Pack". We still have no access at this pledge level, right ? So, we will not have a early access ? ("You get an early access copy of Ghost") Thank you !

    8. Emile Hickson on

      What you guys have accomplished in so little time is inspirational. It's people like you guys who keep the earth spinning around. Can't wait to convert my crummy Tumblr onto Ghost [heart] If there was an emoticon for cute kittens, I'd be spamming it right now.

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      F. E. Torkel on

      What about RSS and importing other blog formats? Will that be ready on-release?

    10. Danish Lukawski on

      Great to hear about the Backers release! I'm already on the verge of starting a new blog and this is just the perfect motivator to move to the Ghost platform. Anticipating the 20th!

    11. Nick Haskins on

      When will the market be ready?

    12. DJ Wilkins on

      Can't wait!

      Also I'm hopeful the big plans for the future don't mean Ghost becoming something complicated like WordPress (ahhh), but then again I'm sure you've already thought about that.

      ...3 weeks and 3 days to go!

    13. Missing avatar

      Arthur Williams on

      Do you have Plugin API documentation ready yet? If so I'd love to get started on plugins.

    14. Jennifer Bailey on

      Is that a Google+ plugin I see there? How awesome is that! :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Carsten B on

      Hey everybody,

      this is the best news since final funding! I can't wait to get my hands on Ghost and create the new blog with it. Domain and everything else is already prepared. I hope I can get everything setup till October 12th!

    16. Missing avatar

      Ben Hodder on

      Great to see that good progress is being made. I noticed there has been no mention of importers. Many of us will already have a blog running on another platform, when can we expect an importer to be available?

    17. Adam Young on

      Looking forward to all the things coming "shortly after the first release".. and very excited to dive into Ghost.

      Can we expect it to be social media ready? I assume that might come through plugins, but basic FB OpenGraph support, etc.? Will SEO get the same treatment?

    18. Ash Clarke on

      Looking forward to the first release!

    19. JimM on

      Awesome!! Can't wait to start using it!

    20. Andrea Grasso on

      What John said is that the dashboard is built upon plugins. No plugins = No dashboard. but guys, I am using ghost since more than a full month now and I can assure it's freaking great.

    21. Missing avatar

      IrealiTY on

      Is there a way to get a documentation so we can start building designs?

    22. Sumit Kumar on

      Social Integration through plugins? I thought that's something that'll be built in!?

    23. Adam Le Feuvre on

      Thanks for the update and good to hear we'll all have something to look at and play with so soon. It's often a disappointingly long lead time with KS projects, glad you're on and it and steaming ahead.

      I agree with Jason's comment too - Dashboard should take priority over plugin capability, but hey, as long as they both come along as speedily as it seems then I'm happy!

      Keep it up!

    24. Missing avatar

      Jason Bayton on

      Ugh, my bad - precedence!

      With my previous comment said, I'm very happy to be able to finally get my hands on it :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Jason Bayton on

      I may be in the minority, but I'd much rather a fully functional dash than plugins initially, it is after all being pushed as "just a blogging platform" and I don't see how plugins take preference over the core experience.