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An open source blogging platform which makes writing pleasurable and publishing simple.
An open source blogging platform which makes writing pleasurable and publishing simple.
An open source blogging platform which makes writing pleasurable and publishing simple.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Frik Strecker on

      You should look at

      This might be a great editor for Ghost. He is running a crowd fund raiser and there is a level that might give you Ember support too.

    2. Jamie Whitehorn on

      Ghost just went out of beta so the Kickstarter backers are starting their free hosting. Having backed at VIP level I've got a free year. The really nice thing about this is they haven't restricted the tier you can use your free backing for, so if you choose Large @ $80/month you will save over £450 for the year. ($80x12=$960 for 12 months = £580 - £120 (original investment) = £460).
      That is a serious ROI :-D
      Even at the Quickstart level your going to save £120. ($80x3=$240 for 12 months = £145 - £25 (original investment) = £120.
      And you can downgrade your tier to the level you actually need when the free period runs out.
      Nice :-D

    3. John O'Nolan Creator on

      Anyone still missing their email invitation - please send me a message - I cannot give you your private invitation link in the project's public comments area :)

    4. Missing avatar

      helder on

      @John could resend it to me it seems i could not find my invitation... i just wonder if we can already start to build something and use the hosting service, or that is still schedule to November?

    5. Mathieu Kempe on

      Hi, I'm still missing my Ghost invitation, I looked in the spam folder but I can't find it anywhere

    6. John O'Nolan Creator on

      @Firezz for support questions please post on the support forum - - where someone will be able to help you much more quickly.

    7. Firezz on

      Hi, not sure if i have it right.... i downloaded the package, uploaded it to my server and when pointing to the subdomain, i m seeing this... Is this normal ? or any steps i have missed out ?

      // # Ghost bootloader
      // Orchestrates the loading of Ghost

      var configLoader = require('./core/config-loader.js'),
      error = require('./core/server/errorHandling');

      // If no env is set, default to development
      process.env.NODE_ENV = process.env.NODE_ENV || 'development';

      configLoader.loadConfig().then(function () {
      // The server and its dependencies require a populated config

    8. Missing avatar

      kieran gill on

      Nevermind - it was in spam!

    9. Missing avatar

      kieran gill on

      Hi, I'm still missing my Ghost invitation. Didn't even receive confirmation of my username reservation which I did ages ago.

    10. John O'Nolan Creator on

      We've been diligently resending email invitations to anyone who is missing theirs - just send me a message if you still haven't been able to find yours.

    11. Evan Payne on

      I think most backers continue to get the Kickstarter updates emailed to them, so you could post a new update and tell everyone to keep an eye out for the non-kickstarter sent link, and maybe re-send the link in case (like me) people are stupid about emptying out their spam folder every few days. Looking forward to trying it out soon.

    12. Missing avatar

      Arthur Williams on

      I was finally able to get it going on Ubuntu server. I know some of you may use "forever" but if you're wanting a better solution I prefer daemonize2 which can be installed by npm. "npm install daemonize2"

    13. Moritz Kloft on

      Could you resend the mail to me please? I did not received it and I checked also the spam folder. I have now changed the mail address, to be sure, that the fault is not on my side ;) Thanks in advance!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jon Takaki on

      OK figured it out.. As some people mentioned the email was sent to the spam folder. Thanks

    15. Missing avatar

      Jon Takaki on

      I'm a Ghost backer and a Nodejs developer among other things and still can't figure out where to get my copy. Has anyone figured out how to navigate through this maze? John O'Nolan, please make things easier and clearer for those who contributed to this project... If making a pledge to the project had been as difficult as finding our way to our Ghost download link this project would be dead in the water. Please just put a backer's download BUTTON where everyone can see it! Thanks

    16. Missing avatar

      Sam Napier on

      @John: Thanks! Found the download email in spam (forgot gmail doesn't give results from spam when searching unless explicitly added)

    17. Ashton War on

      Is it possible to run Ghost on my website? I've got it running on my computer perfect but that's not what I want. Do I have to own my own server? Searching turned up lots of mentions about a SSH and a VPS being needed, what are those and are they needed to make Ghost work? How do I use them? Will configuring Ghost locally to a URL make it accessible on another computer?

      Bad first impression - lots of headaches and confusion.

    18. John O'Nolan Creator on

      We've heard from some backers that they are having trouble accessing their email invitation to We are working to resolve this issue.

      In the mean time please check that you are searching for the message with the right email address. We sent the email to the email address which you have filled out on your Kickstarter account.

      Secondly, please check, re-check, and search your spam folder. Many users who initially couldn't find their invitation email later found it sitting in there. If you do find it there - please make sure you mark it as "not spam" and move it to your inbox. This will ensure that you don't miss messages from us in the future.

      We will do our best to get all issues resolved for people who are having problems over the next few days. Please be a little patient. There are just two of us working on this - there are 6,000 or you - and we've barely slept in 6 months just to be able to get this platform out to you so quickly. We're doing our very best to keep up.

      For Ghost-usage support issues, please post on the support forums rather than here - where someone will be able to help you much more easily.

    19. Filippo Cesaro on

      I wrote on Twitter, a message to the creator of the project here, but he did not answer anyone. I'm a backer, and I gave him £ 10 for this project. I changed my email because the domain has expired and I have not renewed. I have not received your credentials via email to get my local copy of Ghost. I would like to have a real help, because I want to try ghost and it is right, however, because, although a little money, I still gave you some money. Thank you.

    20. The Arrow on

      Just wanted to say that it works flawlessly for me, at least on my home computer. :)
      The editor is really as good as I expected it to be, but with a couple of bugs (that I expect to fixed quite soon ;) ).

    21. Willey on

      @ Jason - Thank you very much.. Restarting did the trick.. =D

    22. Missing avatar

      Sam Napier on

      Can't find the email yet with access...has access been sent out to all yet? If not when will it arrive?


    23. Seth on

      @Willey Have you restarted? Here's a similar error where the solution was to restart.

      Other solutions include updating your environment variables.
      You may get more support on the forum if you post there.

    24. Willey on

      I wasn't able to install Ghost "Locally".. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I've installed Node.js and tried to type [ npm install --production ] in the root folder.. It then says it's not recognized as an internal or external command.

    25. Callum Masson on

      Sorry - I see my error - I've clicked on the link in this sentence: when you're ready, use the link below to create your account on and log in to download.

      My software made a link - so I jumped in.

    26. Callum Masson on

      I'm being told I'm using bad credentials to login. I then tried password recovery and I'm told no user with my email exists.

      Tried sign up - but told only kickstarter backers could sign up. You sent the email to my email address any timelag expected on loading these?

    27. Mack Duderstadt on

      I haven't received my information on downloading ghost yet. I'm in the US and am wondering when it will arrive? Thanks!


    28. Nick DC on

      Got it! :) Apologies for the panic, but the email filed itself in a very odd folder.

    29. Missing avatar

      Arthur Williams on

      I have got mine, but I'm having a horrible time setting it up.

    30. Nick DC on

      where do we download ghost? I backed for my own copy to run locally, but I haven't received an email with instructions where to download it. :(

    31. Missing avatar

      Arthur Williams on

      dozer@server:~/ghost$ npm start

      ghost@0.3.0 start /home/dozer/ghost
      node index

      throw err;

      Error: Cannot find module 'when'
      at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:331:15)
      at Function.Module._load (module.js:273:25)
      at Module.require (module.js:357:17)
      at require (module.js:373:17)
      at Object.anonymous (/home/dozer/ghost/core/config-loader.js:2:12)
      at Module._compile (module.js:449:26)
      at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:467:10)
      at Module.load (module.js:349:32)
      at Function.Module._load (module.js:305:12)
      at Module.require (module.js:357:17)
      npm ERR! weird error 1
      npm ERR! not ok code 0

    32. Filippo Cesaro on

      I change my account email. How i CAN have my Ghost?

    33. Missing avatar

      Arthur Williams on

      Got it downloaded and installing now. Can't wait to dig into plugin dev.

    34. Shuga Kane on

      Just wandering, since it tells me when I sign up that my username is reserved by a kickstarter member, how do we claim the username reserved?

    35. Wesley Smits on

      Anxiously waiting for the release!
      Anyone know when exactly it's coming yet?

    36. Ervin Chung on

      I hope everyone like me is having fun exploring ;D.

    37. Christoph Schulz on

      Can´t wait for the release today!
      I´m sure Ghost will be awesome :-)

    38. Andres Santos on

      anxiously waiting for the download!

    39. Ben Ackles on

      Congrats on the launch! I love how things are shaping up and can't wait to get started. Have you considered using Discourse for the Ghost Forums?

    40. rodrigo franco on

      Just found this in /signup:

      Ghost isn't open to the public yet.
      If you backed us on kickstarter, you'll receive an invitation to use Ghost, by email.

    41. Christopher Hamilton on

      It starts :)

      I assume we'll receive an email detailing where and how to grab the early release code?

    42. Shuga Kane on

      What time is the release scheduled for? Has anyone gotten login links or info yet?

    43. Stan Chollet on

      I'm so excited ! when is schedule the release ? Tonight ?

    44. Nick DC on

      w00t! Today's the day. :D

    45. Kerry Rogers on

      I can't wait for the release today, it been a long wait, but something this Good! Is worth it.
      I glad to have backed such a great product.

    46. Missing avatar

      Ian Carroll on

      Can't wait for the release today! :)

    47. The Arrow on

      Is it time yet... Oh wait, it's only 6:30 in England now, better give you a little more time to recover from yesterdays part. :)

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