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I am really excited to get my new songs out to my friends and fans. I'm enjoying myself more than ever. Come join us!

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  • "Lions and Thieves" picked up by Blindspot Records!
  • Fantastic new rewards coming soon!
  • $25 and up makes you an executive producer!


Welcome to my Kickstarter page! I’m honored to have you drop by. This is a great vehicle to fund the making of my new CD “Lions and Thieves”. With your help, I will record a CD that you and I will both be proud to have in our collection. Let me fill you in on the plan.

I have engaged the service of my good friend Don Peake as my producer.  Don started his career playing guitar with the Everly Brothers in 1961 and was later hired by Ray Charles in 1964, a gig that lasted well into the 90's. In the 60's Don was also an elite member of LA’s famous "Wrecking Crew".  ( they played on almost every hit out of Los Angeles during the famous 60's!)   Don later composed the music for the “Knight Rider” TV series. He was there at the start of it all and hasn't lost a beat. You can see more for yourself on Don's site

Harry Gale will sit behind the console and do his magic. I’ve worked with Harry on many projects. He’s brilliant, innovative,  who always brings great ideas to the mix.  He has no fear of pushing the boundaries to achieve something new. Harry contributes so much to everything he's involved with.

With this combination of talent we will produce a record that will have all the great qualities of the recordings that were done in the 70’s, an era many musicians, producers and fans think of as the Golden Age of recording.

This album will not only be about the technical process of making music, but about the music itself as an art form. I have an “A” team rhythm section lined up, featuring my new band, along with some talented folks with whom I've worked over the years. Elvin Bishop, Charlie Musselwhite, Charlie Daniels and Albert Lee , who have all thrown their hats into the ring. There will be a few surprise guests along the way who will lend their talents to make this a fun and outstanding CD. I have penned twelve tunes myself and there are four songs contributed by some of my talented friends. These, along with a cover or two, will provide plenty of music to choose from.  With so many great songs it will be a challenge to pare it down to stay within the 13 song time framework.

Speaking of music and fine art, the great "Outsider/Assemblage" artist Jack Howe is creating the cover art. Jack is highly respected and widely collected by museums, galleries, Hollywood Actors and Columbia Pictures.  His artwork has been featured in many block buster movies!   You can see his work at

As you can see on the side bar there are many very cool pledges.  Let’s make a record together with you as “executive producer” and become a part of my musical history!!!  I am very excited to have you along. I will be adding more “pledges/rewards” as time progresses. Please continue to check in here to see what's new.  Tell all your friends and family about this great chance to take a wonderful musical journey!

Thank You!!  Now let's make a CD!!!

Mid Point Update

We're near the half way point and we have over half the project funded! That's fantastic and I really appreciate the generosity of everyone who has jumped in. But it isn't over, if you haven't committed, please do. If you think you'll have more money later, commit what you can today and you can add to it later. You won't be billed until the project funds. Call your friends! If they don't 'get' the Kickstarter idea, then just tell them they can pre-order the record and lots of goodies at the same time.   This is a team project!

Blindspot Records picks up "Lions and Thieves"

The outstanding San Diego indie label Blindspot Records has picked up the record.   This is fantastic for everyone involved as it brings in production, manufacturing and marketing power while not effecting creativity in the least.   This is still my record, my way.   This is the way artists and labels are supposed to work.  

New Rewards Coming 

In the next couple days, I will be adding some new rewards and beefing up some existing rewards.   Here is the deal, there are some very interesting pieces of paper that come out of the recording process.   I'm going to add some of them to the rewards.  

Track Sheets

Every song will have a 'Track Sheet'  which generally provides the who and what of the track and any notes.  

For a very famous example, click here.  Now our track sheets may look very different, but they will do the same job and there will only be one for each song.  Most if not all of the track sheets will be available as rewards in the next couple days.

Original Lyric Sheets and Song Charts

Pretty much every song starts on a piece of paper, handwritten by the artist, sometimes there are chords, sometimes notes.   Sometimes they are even legible!  These are lyric sheets and often show significant differences from the recorded version.   A very cool look inside the songwriting process.

Song Charts are what the musicians follow in the studio when they are recording.  They often have handwritten notes.  There is usually one per musician per song, and one for the engineer.

These things are super rare and cannot be replaced.  You get to own a piece of history.   All of them will come with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Don't worry if you've already committed, you can change increase your pledge at any time before the clock runs out.   If there are multiple rewards at your level, you can tell me which one you want after we commit.  The only caveat is the items in limited supply.   Reach out to me if you have any concerns.

We are all Executive Producers!

This just in!   The CD will ship with a thank you to all the executive producers and if you pledge at $25 dollar level or above, that means you.   Your name will be on the credits insert!   Let's see the Stones pull that one off.


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    A HUGE shout out on the Johnny "V" Vernazza website and the band Facebook page. Free shipping! I really appreciate every thing my friends and fans do help to keep the music coming.

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    The official Johnny "V" Vernazza fridge magnet! Yeah baby! Plus, of course that HUGE warm & fuzzy shout out.

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    You get a digital download of the "Lions & Thieves" the moment it is released (pretty much) and of course, all the schwag above.

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    You get the physical "Lions & Thieves" CD plus the Digital Download plus the fridge.... you get the point. It's all there.

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    Everything above but your copy of the CD is signed by Johnny "V" Vernazza himself! And this time he promises not to sign the bottom of the CD.

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    The official "Lions & Thieves" t-shirt plus all that other stuff. Let's recap... thats a HUGE shout out, a fridge magnet, digital download of the album, a SIGNED "Lions & Thieves" CD and the official t-shirt. All that for less than it takes to get a plumber to show you his ...... well... it's a deal, lets just leave it at that. Extra shipping rate may apply to locations outside the lower 48 United States

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    You get the "Lions & Thieves" sessions DVD with video, photos, out-takes, demos and whatever we have left over from the oven and of course...everything else Extra shipping rate may apply to locations outside the lower 48 United States

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    You get a Skype call from Johnny V on your birthday or the day of your choosing (subject to Road schedules). Put Johnny V on the big screen at your next party. Oh yeah... and get everything else above as well. Extra shipping rate may apply to locations outside the lower 48 United States

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    Everything from the $50 pledge plus 4 half-hour lessons with the master himself! Local (San Diego) or via Skype. First time or long time veteran, you can learn a lot from Johnny V.

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    All of the above (you should have figured that out by now) two tickets to the next "Music Without Boundaries" show. (The MWB shows happen through out year and take place in So. California) AND (it never stops!) two tickets WITH BACKSTAGE PASSES to the "Gator by the Bay Festival" in San Diego, Mother's Day Weekend 2013. You are an adult and can find a ride and couch without our help! Extra shipping rate may apply to locations outside the lower 48 United States

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    All of the above , yes that's correct, plus a numbered artist's copy of the CD cover. This will be a limited printing for pledge's only (Wait...I might want one!). Jack Howe is a collected artist and his art is off the hook! See his work at This WILL be a collectors item of fine art to keep and value forever. Extra shipping rate may apply to locations outside the lower 48 United States

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    A guitar autographed by everyone that plays on the CD!!! Yes , you read it right. This will be very cool to have around the house for sure, and you will also get every thing above except rewards 9 &10. Well there have to be some rules! Extra shipping rate may apply to locations outside the lower 48 United States

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    The above autographed guitar , but in a custom display case fabricated by Phil Longridge at The Art Works In the case with the guitar will be a T-shirt, CD and some other neat stuff to make this a beautiful piece that will dress up your wall. Oh yeah, all the above except rewards 9 & 10. Extra shipping rate may apply to locations outside the lower 48 United State

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