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Build fortresses, defenses, & creatures. Then engage in a 3 way war between mechs, dinos, & the undead!
Conquer worlds as you take down a mad god in this unique FPS. Features procedurally generated worlds + user generated voxel content.
Conquer worlds as you take down a mad god in this unique FPS. Features procedurally generated worlds + user generated voxel content.
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Onward Towards Steam!


So our GDC demo event has come and gone, and having wrapped up Gaiden 3, we turn our focus towards Steam launch!


We already created our Steam "Coming Soon” page, with plans to launch via early access in mid May. Feedback has been surprising positive! Why do I say “surprisingly?” Because as a developer, I have this vision of what the game may be like one day, and it’s still far from that, so I’m always surprised when I realize a raw version of my game and see how react positively to it in such a limited state. But I also acknowledge, you all are very supportive… once we go public, feedback and criticism will come. And I hope we can continue to maintain a great community environment around our game. We still haven't worked out pricing, but we may initially launch it the game at a lower price than what we had on Kickstarter. But fret not, all Kickstarter backers will getting something special from us one day for believing in us. Just a simple in-game item as a "thank you for believing in us" token of appreciation. 


We also launched our Steam Community Hub page! Ongoing, most of our community interaction will happen here instead of our forums. Our forums will be limited to just people who have either bought the game, or were invited in. The goal is to use our forums to have deeper discussions on game design and weed out the trolls. We hope this creates a more collaborative environment for you. If you still haven’t signed up for our forums, just ping me directly and I’ll give you the secret access code!


So what about Gaiden 4? So we’ll actually still be making a Gaiden 4, which will focus on cleaning up some of the build features so you can start creating your own maps. But for you early backers, you might as well download the full Steam version instead as we will shift towards creating one version of the game, and continually build on top of that. We wanted to create a Gaiden that was fun to create stuff and then run a contest for the best promo! Best of all… we’re looking at Steam Workshop integration for you to share your voxel creations!


Thanks to the GDC event, we were in crunch to build as many features as we could to showcase, but these features were never tightened up. So we’re now spending the time to really make the core mechanics feel good. What does that mean? It means we’re defining the proper scale of characters and structures. We’re making movement around the map feel fluid. We’re making jumping, dashing turning feel like second nature. And from there, we’ll make the shooting mechanic feel exciting. And from there, we’ll improve the AI to feel challenging. Once all that is done, we’ll turn our attention towards an objective system, which I think you’ll find to be quite fun!

Things Are Achanging Here at Wicked Loot

For the next update, I wanted to shed light on some changes here at Wicked Loot. The studio has changed quite a bit over the last year. As a company we pivoted, as we are no longer focused on created a platform for user generated content, instead adopting Steam's platform instead. The team dynamics has changed, as several people we original worked with have moved on as our game direction has changed. Where we go from here needs to be reflection of some core values we have at Wicked Loot, which primarily center around a collaborative creation process with our users. The way we think about art creation ongoing is going to be bold and experimental. Through the process, we'll continue to share with you the adventures we go on, sharing both trials and tribulations. 

And, last year, we went to Hawaii for a few months to create games. This year, we're going to...

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      deleted Creator on April 14, 2014

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      Clunker on April 14, 2014

      So, does this mean that the voxel 'store' you created (and that many of us have registered on) will *not* be used to create a library of Voxel items for Sparks Rising players to upload/download to and from?