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FOREST CREATURE is a project born out of friendship and long standing mutual musical respect between Seth Faergolzia & John Ludington.
FOREST CREATURE is a project born out of friendship and long standing mutual musical respect between Seth Faergolzia & John Ludington.
54 backers pledged $1,447 to help bring this project to life.

Forest Creature's Seth Faergolzia

Hi Forest Creature Fans,

Thanks again for funding our album last year.  Tons of people have come back to us with wonderful feedback and appreciation.  We had a wonderful tour through Europe and do plan on taking our time with a secondary release sometime in the future.  I'm writing to let you know that I've got a new album in the works and it's nearly done... All there is to do is to reproduce it!  I've started a new fundraiser for this purpose.  If you have the time, please take a look at this and donate... it also helps if you spread the word to people you think might be interested in the project.  Please check it out!

Seth Faergolzia:  Doubting Won't Do

Wishing you all the best!


Ready to distribute your rewards

We are home in Upstate NY and we're ready to get all of your rewards distributed. It's 10AM so Seth has already driven Anouk to school and he's hopefully napping right now. My nephews are excited that I'll be visiting for a week before returning to California. The youngest is pouting because I've stopped playing hide and seek momentarily. On Sunday the Forest Creature will perform once more in Rochester at Meddlesome Lab. This tour has changed the way I look at writing as well as how I see the world. I hope it has inspired you in some way or at least brought a little joy to your life. Thank you to all who came out to our shows and supported us and thank you to all who donated. If within two weeks you have not received your reward please contact me through the Kickstarter site or at and put the phrase "kickstarter" in the heading. Be well. Ciao!

Slumbering, lumbering to the ancient sea

The Forest Creature winds it's way sleepily to Sicily. It approaches the end of a journey with the longest distances to travel still ahead.  Italian voices sound like people singing everywhere, the notes ascending at the ends of phrases.  Such are the dialects of Northern Italy. The streets of Padova are made of 3 or 4 different sizes of stone. Over time trucks and cars have warped the handy work and as less people choose to learn how to maintain it the pay rate increases. Here and there a piece of delightful history is paved over with tar but there remains a well paid profession. The economic downturn is not so prevalent in Avelino as it is in Rome. Maybe hope lies in that Avelino's industry is agriculture. Everybody has to eat. Ancient structures wiz past. The landscape getting sandier, the air warmer. The voices of southern Italy descending now at the ends of phrases. The Forest Creature is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Empty apartment buildings painted in earth tones line the coast without the familiar lines of laundry everywhere. The sea is bright blue and still today. The train is now in a ship and we stroll the deck, speckled with sea foam, our gaze on Sicily. 

Cow figurines: the Forest Creature roams to Roma

Standing at a dock in Morges, Switzerland I asked our host, "Fabien, the mountains across the water, that's still Switzerland right?" He told us that we were looking at France. The dock went on making its sounds, gulls, boats, random dangling objects high on a pole. We stared. "This is Earth, that is Earth," he said. Then into the mountains went the Forest Creature. Small villages can sometimes make for the best shows. And stories. For instance, in Geisenstein there were two brothers. One was a successful farmer with healthy cows and he made a Swiss cheese popular in his village. The other did not have the knack for the dairy thing and spent his days neurotically sculpting clay figurines. Of cows. He is said to have done nothing but crank out these little ladies. Both brothers are gone now but the village is not without their legacy. Another packed show in another village in Austria. A last minute thing at a gallery by a lake in the Alps. A small crowd (one of few) in Vienna. Go figure. We performed as well as we would at any show. Better. The FC has reached a plateau where it is sculpted as fine as the hundreds of little cows in Geisenstein. Austria is fading into Italy out the train window. Earth. 

From The Black Forest to The Alps

Sunday, March 15  We are on a train going from the French speaking, south western part of Switzerland to the German speaking middle. We are meeting people every night, making friends. Earlier this week we travelled south through the Black Forest in Germany. In a small pub in Ottersweier people of all ages danced and and went crazy for us!  Seth and I have learned more of each other's songs, upping the energy and length of each show.  I drank schnapps that night.  I protested insistently as sugary shots kept appearing but a guy brought out a bottle his dad made, authentic, yellow plum. It was good to be boisterous with a pack of happy men.  We planned to hike the following morning but the schnapps was as good and pure as our intentions. Someone told me that the coo coo clock was invented in Lahr, in the center of the Black Forest. Again the crowd last night was as joyful to have the Forest Creature around.