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The RepRap 3D printer that can reproduce itself, as well as useful 3D plastic objects!
The RepRap 3D printer that can reproduce itself, as well as useful 3D plastic objects!
48 backers pledged $3,961 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Cleasai on

      I wish there was a way to delete comments on here. But until that happens please ignore my previous comment as the issue has since been resolved. Thank you.

    2. Cleasai on

      Two years later and I still haven't received anything in return for my pledge.

    3. John Ecker Creator on

      I can message anyone that doesn't directly message me through my project page. Please use that or email at also @mrjohnecker on twitter. Thanks! Project update coming today!

    4. John Ecker Creator on

      Hi, Saeed! I will send you some information about getting started.

    5. Saeed Richardson on

      Greets. I'm relatively new to the KickStarter scene so I'm just finding out about this project. Is it too late to join up? If so, is there any way I might get involved to build my own printer?

      This is really interesting and I am very much interested in building a 3d printer, as well.

    6. Dave Hvoslef on

      Are the Mendel or Huxley available as full ready to assemble kits? Electronics and all?

    7. Missing avatar

      Allan Muns on

      Thanks for your updates.
      I am very proud to support your efforts even though I am a very small cog in the machine that
      may help you achieve your goals.
      I think that Kickstarter is what America needs to put our economy on track!
      Allan Muns

    8. John Ecker Creator on

      @Hubert I didn't sell out of machines. I don't have one sitting on my self. LOL

      I only allowed one fully built Mendel kit because it may cost me around $1050 to build another machine of the same quality as the one I ordered. It cuts into my own wallet to build it for $900.

      I might list another fully built option for a little more or a full kit unassembled if some of you are interested

    9. Missing avatar

      Hubert Chang on

      how about building them in LARGE amount? just build RepRap a lot!!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Hubert Chang on

      You guys sold out ALL machines? !!!!.... is it going to be sold somewhere else?

    11. makerbench on

      We've got a kickstarter project called "3D Printing Electronics for Makerbot, RepRap, Cubely, Others" which might be very complimentary to this one based on comments posted to our project. It is for the PCB boards for the makerbot GEN4 electronics. I have posted a note regarding this one our project as well. Great work.

    12. Pauli Price on


      Now that I know you're completely funded I shared my backing of your project with my daughters. They're so excited about building a 3D printer -- and 'totally' want a companion cube each. Twins! what are you going to do? (The bottle opener is for me.)

      In general, would you recommend the PCB 'group buy' in the project Gary mentioned? [additional info: one of the girls loves to solder] I'm also looking at Tech Zone Communication's Monolithic Electronics Set as an option.

    13. Gary Wooley on

      Here's another KickStarter project for the electronic boards - PCBs or more ... See
      3D Printing Electronics for Makerbot, RepRap, Cubely, Others

    14. Gary Wooley on

      YOU ... ARE ... THERE!

    15. Missing avatar

      Aaron Robinson on

      Congrats on getting funded. I'm really looking forward to getting started with my own 3D printer. I like the product (the printer), but I really like the idea behind it more (self-replication). I'm glad that I can be a part of something like this.

    16. John Ecker Creator on

      Hi Pauli, I've created a new level to at $65. It includes the rewards of the builder at $50 and the helper at $15.

      Re: The full Huxley kit. I have to do some shopping around for the hardware. All I've found so far is full kits including plastic parts, which I don't need since I could print them. The retailer told me they could not split the kit that way. I would like to keep it under $600 if I can find the right supplier or source the parts locally.

    17. Pauli Price on

      I just upgraded my level to include the huxley printed parts. Of course, I still want the bottle opener and the two small objects ($50 + $15 levels), but don't seem to be able to say so.

      What would you set the Huxley full kit level at?

    18. John Ecker Creator on

      I'm considering adding a reward tier for a Huxley full kit. I would be able to print the parts but need to souce out the hardware and electronics. Would anyone be interested in that reward?

    19. Missing avatar

      Ozlander on

      Hi John

      Do you have an e-mail address, I have an offer to put to you.

    20. John Ecker Creator on

      Thanks, I am extremly grateful for the bump!

    21. Robert Haleluk on

      Great Project! I posted it on - in our blog section. We just launched this MYOS site for DIY'ers, inventors and hobbyists to come together and make things. It's still brand new but we're getting articles written about it so we're hoping to form a robust community to help more people make things. Our system mainly deals with injection molded plastics, but we are building this community for everyone.. This way anyone can get their hands dirty and build things!

      Good Luck with your project!! Please check out our site and register on our forums to become a part of the MYOS community. I'll spread the word as much as I can!