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Build projects and apps driven by machine learning for Android in this massive online course.
Build projects and apps driven by machine learning for Android in this massive online course.
Build projects and apps driven by machine learning for Android in this massive online course.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Vivek Agarwal on

      Dear Mammoth Interactive team, if we have any technical query while watching training videos, where do we need to raise our queries?
      Like: I am not able to install tensorflow from pycharm on my Window 7 having Python 3.7 (32 bits). Need help here.

    2. PM on

      $20Beetle, you can simply change the notification settings on your account so you don't receive the notifications for this project. You can make the changes specific to this project so you will still receive the notification for other projects.

    3. Missing avatar

      $20Beetle on

      Could you not abuse the update feature of kickstarter to promote your new course? Utterly disgusting move, get a marketing team you miser!

    4. Mammoth Interactive Collaborator on

      Hi all, please email/DM us if you need any help accessing your course. We are happy to help.

    5. Missing avatar


      I habe contacted support for access. No response

    6. PM on

      Abraham you may wish to contact them directly here :

    7. Missing avatar

      Abraham on

      Hi guys I was unable to access my email during servey as a matter of fact I have only been able to access this for the past 3weeks or so.
      How can I get myself started on the course? Or there a email I can get to get someone to assist me with this?

    8. PM on

      To those who say they do not have access to the course. You should have access as long as you filled in the survey. Go here for access :
      Click forgot your password if you do not know what your password is.

    9. Missing avatar

      Myriam Emond on

      I didn't get access to the courses has well. Double checked my emails, nothing...

    10. Missing avatar

      Nanam Lee on

      Hi, John. I didn’t get any access to the course. I bought virtual reality course. Please send me the access.

    11. Missing avatar

      Neema on

      I backed this project back on February 2nd but I still haven't gotten any info on when I will have access to the course. I haven't been sent any survey or link to the course or anything. From the comments, it seems like it's already available. Can I please receive the appropriate link?

    12. Missing avatar


      Hi John,

      I have massaged on 14 to resend my login details but I have not got any response.


    13. Dylan Jankovich on

      The gamemaker class is incredibly difficult. I believe they updated the system and it doesn't even have any tools in the places they're at in the course, making it tough to follow along. Any chance you guys are editing the course accordingly?

    14. John Bura 8-time creator on

      Hello Scot, please check your email for an email from us on the day you completed the survey, Mar 7. Please check your Spam folder in case we get lost there.

      Mammoth Interactive

    15. Missing avatar

      Scot Scriven on

      Hello Mammoth,
      I did complete the survey, but I didn't get anything else, how can I get access to the course?

    16. Mammoth Interactive Collaborator on

      @dd we got your message and added the folder to the first section. Many thanks

    17. Mammoth Interactive Collaborator on

      @Nishikanta we'd be happy to help! Please direct message us.

    18. Mammoth Interactive Collaborator on

      @Hunt and @Matthew we've emailed you and are happy to see you in the course 👍

    19. Mammoth Interactive Collaborator on

      @Andre, you can try alternate code to access the root directory. Such as:, "./linear_regression.ckpt")

      We hope this helps! Please let us know.

    20. Mammoth Interactive Collaborator on

      @Patrick We have emailed and direct messaged you a coupon to enter. Please use this to join us in the course. Thanks also to @PM for commenting!

    21. PM on

      @Patrick as far I remember there are no unique link. I never received one. I had to login on teachable with my email address. Reset your password if you don't know the password.

    22. Missing avatar

      patrick on

      Or mail, if it was sent by mail*

    23. Missing avatar

      patrick on

      I haven't received a unique link and checked spam email, though I've completed the survey over a month ago.

    24. Missing avatar

      Andre on

      Hi, I am really enjoying the course but have run into an issue and can't find a place on the site ti find help. In "Intro to Android ML Model Import", under formatting and saving model I have the following line as per the lesson,

      When I run it however I get the following error, "ValueError: Parent directory of linear_regression.ckpt doesn't exist, can't save."

      How do I fix this?

    25. Missing avatar



      Can I get my details again.


    26. Hunt on

      How do I register? The link says there isn't an active survey.

    27. PM on

      @Matthew Roche if you registered just login at

    28. Matthew Roche on

      I registered from the email sent to us. Absolutely no idea what to do next.

    29. Missing avatar

      dd on

      Hello, I am on Level 2's Intro to Android ML Model Import, and the video makes reference to a Kickstarter resources folder containing images and other resources, but I can't find any such folder. I downloaded the source code.rar file and it doesn't contain this. Where can I get this resources folder?

    30. PM on

      I agree with locksmitharmy. They are not available on an android device and that would solve that.

    31. LocksmithArmy

      If you guys ever wanted to make these downloadable, Id love you forever.

    32. PM on

      @Venkatesh Viswanathan Once you registered trought the personalized link you can access the course here (login page)

    33. Venkatesh Viswanathan on

      Yes, I did that already. I had completed d survey and I read the summary of my pledge. Nothing else in there! Dont think if I have missed any link in that page.

    34. Mammoth Interactive Collaborator on

      Hi Venkatesh, the personalized link was emailed to the address that you provided when making your pledge. Be sure to check your spam folder. If you have lost your survey email, you can submit your email address by clicking here:

    35. Venkatesh Viswanathan on

      ok. so how do i access this course?

    36. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Loy

      Yes. Thanks to Nimish for your honest sharing. Of course, we wouldn't want a low quality course when you folks can invest more time to fine tune and iron out unforeseen bugs before rolling out. I understand the delay in the release of the rewards.

    37. John Bura 8-time creator on

      @Derek our course focuses on using machine learning on mobile platforms. The google course is more of a general machine learning course.

    38. Missing avatar

      Derek Tan

      Google released free machine learning courses. This one better be better because we paid for it

    39. John Bura 8-time creator on

      Hi everybody, the course should be done this week and completely finished editing and uploading next week. We'll send out the rewards next week.

    40. Missing avatar

      $20Beetle on

      How about you actually release the course instead of advertising new one?

    41. Missing avatar

      Ike Okonkwo on

      Just checking on the ETA for the course !!!

    42. Mammoth Interactive Collaborator on

      Thank you for your positive feedback. We appreciate it!

    43. LocksmithArmy

      Im super excited about the unity AI courses. I LOOOVE Glaucos' previous courses (by far my favorite Mammoth instructor).

    44. Mammoth Interactive Collaborator on

      Hi Lawrence,

      We expect to finish the entire Mobile Machine Learning course, including all the stretch goals, by March. Our team is working hard to meet this goal. As soon as we complete this, we will send you an email to redeem your rewards.

      While you wait, check out our free games course here:…

      Many thanks,
      Alexandra from Mammoth Interactive

    45. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Loy

      Hi Mammoth Interactive. I am Backer 620 for the Virtual Reality Edition + T-shirt.

      Have you sent out the coupon to join and which is the URL link?

    46. John Bura 8-time creator on

      Hi TJ, we have responded to take care of your question. Thank you for your patience - we were not available this weekend due to a national holiday.

      All the best,
      Alexandra from Mammoth Interactive

    47. Missing avatar

      Tj momon on

      Good morning. I have sent a couple of emails but have not received a response. I have a couple of issues in regards to the project that I need help taking care of. Can I get someone to contact me asap?

    48. Mammoth Interactive Collaborator on

      Hi Matt! We will send everything out at once via email.

      Alexandra from Mammoth Interactive

    49. Matt G

      Will we get access to the other courses before the mobile machine learning course comes out?

    50. John Bura 8-time creator on

      Hi Darrell, thank you for being our Unlimited supporter. We will contact you with extra details about a shirt via Kickstarter Direct Messages.

      Alexandra from Mammoth Interactive

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