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Official Playmats of John's most famous landscapes from Magic the Gathering.
7,362 backers pledged £315,131 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Ryan Bemrose on

      Hey Guy,
      I still don't have any update on mine, would you be able to provide tracking or something to verify I'll be getting mine?

    2. Felipe Dominguez Crespo Hirata on

      Just wanted to inform that I received my playmats!! Thank you everything!!
      You can take me off the MISSING list!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Nathan McCrary on

      " I am sorry if this is not good enough for you" Can you be any more immature? It's not our fault that we did not get our play mats. I know you guys have said something similar to this in a different email about updates. You can't blame people for being upset. They were promised before Christmas. Some people ordered these especially for Christmas. You can't be defensive when customers wait 4 months after the original due date and STILL haven't gotten them yet. Very disappointing . My friend and i ordered our mats the same exact day. He has gotten his but i have yet gotten mine.

    4. John Avon Art 3-time creator on

      Ryan this update is your update. We are currently repacking playmats, prints and APs.

    5. Missing avatar

      Rob85 on

      This is great to hear. My free A5 prints were damaged and I cant wait to get them!

    6. Ryan Bemrose on

      Hey Guys,
      I'm still waiting on my order can I get an updates regarding this?

    7. Missing avatar

      Daniel Vance on

      Hi Guys,

      Happy to report that my playmats arrived today (Canada)!!!

      They look amazing, and thanks once again. Hopefully you have not yet sent the replacements I had requested.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sebastian correa on

      I’ve replied the email with the missing, but it hasn’t been answered yet
      I want to know the cost of shipping before you send it

    9. Missing avatar

      Mario H. Vázquez Barrón on

      My package arrived yesterday (Mexico) I sent John a picture on Twitter, thanks a lot guys!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Joaquín Garzafox on

      My package arrived today (Mexico)! It all looks perfect.

      Thank you very much!

    11. Missing avatar

      Lucas Chaparro on

      I want to pay tracking this time

    12. Missing avatar

      Zach Scheppers on

      You have my deepest respect! Not only do you produce a brilliantly stunning product, but you go above and beyond to correct mistakes that were out of your control. If this is not good enough for anyone, then nothing is good enough for them. Keep up the good work!

    13. Missing avatar

      Kia Lim on

      I hope I am also part of the 350. I followed instructions and replied with the "SUBJECT: MISSING" email. No acknowledgment receipt, but I understand. Thank you for all your hard work.

    14. Missing avatar

      Felipe Carvalho on

      I'm still having problem with the e-mail too. Hope I'm part of those 350 people.

    15. Manuel Pano Gutiérrez on

      Greetings, I think and it pains me to do so, that now it is for sure that i’m Not getting my playmat, being mid March and having no info whatsoever i’m A little sad but I know there’s always a silver lining so I want to thank you Guy and Mr. Avon for all the work and support you’ve given us.

      Salutations from Tapachula, Chiapas, México.

    16. Felipe Dominguez Crespo Hirata on

      Sorry to bother you Guy... but I had trouble with the e-mail and send it directly to the I just would like to know if I'm in those 350 people.
      Sorry about all this... Hope this now goes without any problems.

    17. Adriano Casa on

      For those who are still missing items you asked if we wanted a tracked option added. Any news about that?

    18. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      Hey I just want to say that I got my playmat and it is a beauty. It isn't your fault and I am sincerely sorry that you are having troubles right now. I hope you guys know that you made the community a great product and I am proud to have supported this endeavor.

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Hey guys,
      I received my play mat back in November and I feel like I received more than enough value, is there a way I can donate towards the current difficulty?