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Official Playmats of John's most famous landscapes from Magic the Gathering.
7,362 backers pledged £315,131 to help bring this project to life.
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      Vinícius Louzada on

      Just got mine in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. Everything's in order, thanks John and Guy!

    2. Missing avatar

      feelydan on

      Just got mine in Minnesota, USA on January 24th. Another friend in a near by city got his two weeks ago, so there may be some delay even within the same metro area. It's amazing! Thank you! You guys are the best!!!

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      Stephen Berezhnoy on

      I just got my playmat in Portland, OR, United States. Looks great, thanks for all your hard work, good luck on future projects.

    4. Missing avatar

      Pontus Rehn on

      Received it in Linköping, Sweden today! Beautiful mats, bummer about delivery time but it got here safe :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Adam Watson on

      Still haven't received my mat. Russellville, AR.

    6. Missing avatar

      Zeb on

      I got mine a couple days ago. Everything looks great. It took a while to arrive but it was worth the wait. Thank You!!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Stephen Boggemes on

      Backer 775, still no play mat. Some folks in my area received theirs last week. Michigan, US

    8. Peter Whitefield on

      Hi. backer #1441 in Australia have not yet received my play mat.

    9. Missing avatar

      James Phillips on

      Backer #4116, South Africa, still have not received anything.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kyle griffin on

      Backer #506 in Virginia, USA, still not here, but waiting patiently.

    11. Missing avatar

      Conor Giffin on

      I'm still waiting, but I missed the survey date, and am in AZ, USA

    12. Missing avatar

      John Seow on

      Connecticut, USA
      Received it on Jan. 16, thanks!

    13. Missing avatar

      Zachary Reineke on

      Arizona, USA

      Got it today. Thanks!

    14. Missing avatar

      Harley Keith on

      I'm in Massachusetts, USA, and have yet to receive my package. Waiting as patiently as I can.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ryan Everett Henderson on

      Backer #1810, still haven't received anything as of 1/17/18 in Illinois, USA

    16. Missing avatar

      Brian Hesselbach on

      Received my playmat and prints today (1/17/18) in Vermont, USA. I am thrilled. I'm not worried about the delay, I'm just glad to have them. Thanks so much!

    17. Danny Montgomery on

      I just got my playmat today and its awesome! Here in Wisconsin.

    18. Alex on

      Still nothing in Texas :(

    19. Missing avatar

      Andrew P on

      Just arrived in Maine! Everything looks great!

    20. Missing avatar

      Thomas Laughton on

      Still nothing. It’s my son’s birthday tomorrow so hoping it shows up then. Was supposed to be his Christmas present.

    21. Missing avatar

      fichtip on

      Nothing so far in Austria, EU :(

    22. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      received my play mats and they look amazing
      thnx so much

    23. Ian Pugsley on

      Backer #6379, haven't received my playmat yet in WA state, USA.

    24. Missing avatar

      Christian Jacobsen on

      Backer #3063
      Have still not recieved my playmat. Denmark Copenhagen

    25. Missing avatar

      Conlan kennedy on

      Backer # 4400 something. Got order last night 1/16. Tampa, Florida.

    26. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      Haven’t received my playmats yet. In Eastern Ohio.

    27. Missing avatar

      Hunter Cole on

      Just got my mat in here in Florida

    28. Missing avatar

      Chang Rong Tan on

      Have yet to received my mats as of Singapore 17 Jan . Still waiting patiently for it..

    29. Missing avatar

      Conner Williams on

      Just received mine this morning in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Thank you so much!

    30. Missing avatar

      Lucas Gray on

      Still haven't received mine as of Jan 16 in the US.

    31. Missing avatar

      Evan! on

      received mine yesterday in West Virginia, USA. great stuff!

    32. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Nothing as of 1/16 in Nova Scotia, Canada. =(

    33. Missing avatar

      Vinícius Louzada on

      I'm backer 409 and I'm still waiting my playmat to arrive here in Brazil. The post service here is notoriously bad, especially for international delivery, so that might be the cause. Looking foward to it!

    34. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Brugger on

      Received it 1-16-18 in Austin, TX. Was backer 2,623.

      Totally worth the wait, thanks!

    35. Erik Wikström on

      Mine hasn't arrived yet. Sweden here.

    36. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      Just received mine in San Diego, CA. Amazing work guys, well worth the wait!

    37. Kyle Scott on

      Still waiting over in WA state. Being patient though I know it will be worth it!

    38. Missing avatar

      Philip on

      My playmat arrived today (was backer ~3000). It appears to have not cleared customs until Friday (1/12). To everyone still waiting, I'm assuming that's the reason why: it's just stuck in a processing center somewhere.

    39. Missing avatar

      42th on

      I got my playmat and prints today (Jan 16) in South Carolina. :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Clayton Mallory on

      Still waiting near Columbus, OH. Have a friend that received two weeks ago and he's less than 20 miles away. Hoping it's not lost...

    41. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      Got mine today in Boise Idaho

    42. Missing avatar

      Gary Stedman on

      ID, US. My package arrived today, and I love it! Thanks for all the hard work you did getting us these wonderful playmats and prints.

    43. Joshua Griffin on

      Got mine today (16th) in Maryland.

    44. Missing avatar

      Michael Cote on

      I'm in Alberta, Canada, and it still hasn't arrived yet... but I'm hoping it comes week, I can't wait!

    45. Missing avatar

      Nick Gomez Doolittle on

      I’ve received my playmat there was only one small issue, it’s hard to pick out the signature on the swamp art because of the black sharpie. Awesome work though John and I look forward to seeing more art from you!

    46. Eric Richards on

      My mat showed up today in Michigan. Thanks so much! I was patient and am glad it finally arrived.

    47. Missing avatar

      Paul Logie on

      Hello, I have been reluctant to complain etc. as I understand that patience is needed, but I still have not received my playmates. I am in the Midwest of the US. I have a friend in the same city as methat received his mats almost 2 weeks ago. I did get the ancestral vision mat and he did not so maybe that’s a factor. At what point is another recourse going to be taken?

    48. Missing avatar

      Joshua Robbins on

      Mine just arrived today. Only took a month, but looks great.

    49. Missing avatar

      Kenny Walther on

      Received my playmat and extras today in Florida, and they look gorgeous!

    50. Missing avatar

      Quentin Black on

      Got mine today! Looks awesome!