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Official Playmats of John's most famous landscapes from Magic the Gathering.
7,362 backers pledged £315,131 to help bring this project to life.


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      Henry Milky Will on Is this a misprint? I'm sure there are more pressing issues and everything looks amazing but I think there might have been a slip up! What is the best way to address this?

    2. Missing avatar

      Jordan Jones on

      I am in the same boat as Joshua Robbins below me, however I do not live in a small town (state capital) getting concerned..

    3. Missing avatar

      Joshua Robbins on

      I’ve not received my package yet. I gave it some extra time since my city is kinda small sometimes it takes a bit of extra time to get here but I’m starting to get concerned

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrés on

      Shipped 5th of December (backerkit), nothing in Spain yet :(

    5. Tommy Craft on

      Nothing in California either, yet.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason Johnston on

      I have still yet to receive anything. Checking in from Nashville, TN.

    7. Missing avatar

      Antti Horkka

      Got mine in Finland yesterday \o/ Surprisingly fast considering the Finnish post had to be involved. Everything looks great, high fives all around :)

    8. Colin McCarthy on

      Have yet to recieve it in Illinois :( Hopefully it comes soon :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Casey Mest on

      Anyone in Oregon seen theirs yet?

    10. Missing avatar

      Ulises Perez on

      I have yet to recieve it in Florida

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris Schucker on

      December 26th, nothing delivered yet here (Minnesota). Is there tracking information available or an ETA for arrivals? Thanks!

    12. Eric Meadow on

      Waiting on my Mat and other goodies to arrive in CT, USA.

    13. Missing avatar

      Beau Giebels on

      I'm sure that it will come in soon hopefully, but was wondering if anyone knows expected arrival for MD? I assume mats are being shipped from UK and understand delayed time, but was curious. Also, I had tried pledging for the Ancestral Visions playmat and thought I successfully did so, but says that I did not properly fill out survey that I know I did? Information would be appreciated, but I get that you guys are already probably overworked.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ben C. on

      Was hoping to get my kit of all five playmats before X-Mas here stateside. Gnawing my fingers to the bone with anticipation. Maybe tomorrow?

    15. Crystal S. on

      Gotcha. Not really stressed, more like giddy beyond belief at seeing my fiance's face when he sees all this amazing stuff. Thank you both again for all your amazing work. Happy to have been a backer.

    16. John Avon Art 3-time creator on

      Marked as shipped on Backerkit just meant we had processed it to the point of leaving our production line. The actual shipping date will be any date between the 4th and 12/13th of December. Please try not to stress - we did this to bring happiness!

    17. Crystal S. on

      Anxiously awaiting mine. <3 We tend to get mail slower here in southern Indiana, but hoping it comes before Christmas. Backerkit said it was shipped 12.03. I wish I'd gotten tracking. So nervewracking!

    18. Kris Verheire on

      Haven't received it (yet?) here in Belgium, which is a shame for my Christmass presents but I guess I should have more patience :) Fingers crossed.

    19. John Avon Art 3-time creator on

      @Ivo Fernandes: definitely part of the art. John calls them The Blood People.

    20. John Avon Art 3-time creator on

      @Ivo - do you mean this?

    21. Missing avatar

      Ivo Fernandes on

      Hi, received in Portugal but my Plains Playmat has some weird red dots in the middle, its definitely not like the art, how can I send some pictures to you? the rest of the arts are fine.

    22. John Avon Art 3-time creator on

      @ Valentino to everyone who ordered tracking yes..... sent via backerkit

    23. Missing avatar

      Valentino Yung on

      were confirmation tracking numbers sent out?

    24. Missing avatar

      Tom Hoekstra on

      So, since you asked ;) New to KickStarter so wasn't sure if replys were needed. Netherlands here, arrived about 10 days ago already. Everything was undamaged and looked great, so thanks for that!

    25. Missing avatar

      Daniel Greibe on

      I have not received my Playmats either in Denmark.
      I see Christian Jacobsen haven't received his either. Our postal is known for being slow though ...
      Just letting everyone else in Denmark know, that it might be on Postnord, to fix it :p

    26. Ville Kovelo on

      Anyone in Finland already received theirs? I know it's Xmas time and all the post office is swamped but still, it should be here already...

    27. Missing avatar

      Eileen Klaus on

      You guys deserve a break! Still haven't received mine just yet but I'm sure it could be any day now, and not too fussed either way.

      Thanks for your hard work!

    28. Missing avatar

      Christian Jacobsen on

      I have not received Any playmat.
      Is this for All in denmark?

    29. Missing avatar

      Jarik on

      Hello I just received 1 of my play-mats (the forest one),
      But in the survey it asked what my second play-mat should be if I backed the extra 25 pound. (which I did) but I did not receive the second play-mat.

      Will this one be shipped separately or did you guys mess this one up, which can of course happen.

    30. Missing avatar

      Swindy on

      If I still have not received a tracking number or my order is it time to be concerned yet or, are they still going out?

    31. John Avon Art 3-time creator on

      @Christian please read update 37 - and see our comments there. It is FAR TOO SOON to suggest anything is lost.

    32. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      I'm from Italy and I have not received the parcel yet, so you can not do anything and it's lost? :(
      Backerkit tells me it was sent on December 8th

    33. Missing avatar

      Alec Lancaster on

      Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to get this done. You guys deserve a rest!