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Official Playmats of John's most famous landscapes from Magic the Gathering.
7,362 backers pledged £315,131 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Kristian Ryan Cruz on

      Can i request for assistance. Our local post office wont release the playmat unless i can provide a tracking no. Any chance I can get it?

    2. Sheriff K

      Has anyone stopped to think that this might permanently damage John Avon's wrists and prevent him from further creating the art we love?

    3. Missing avatar

      Mick Bons on

      Thats my Swamp he's signing there ;D

      Bless you right hand, may it be Immune to Carpaltunnel!

      A timelaps of your desk, table top view just like they have in Coverage of tourneys, would have been awsome.

      Can't wait to see your handy work coming in!

    4. John Avon Art 3-time creator on

      @Adam, we are releasing our own Unstable playmats. We were not advised nor asked for endorsement when Ultra Pro / WOTC decided to release them. We will be making an announcement about our plans as soon as we ship all these playmats... :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      A little off-topic but are you guys officially endorsing the Unstable playmats that are being released? I've seen them for sale but also recall you saying you were going to do a kickstarter for those too.

    6. Bt Gilligan on

      Yeah!! Keep it up!

    7. Missing avatar

      Nils Kirchhof on

      Take my energy, John!

    8. Daniel Hicks on

      Hang in there John :) can’t wait to get my new mat.

    9. Missing avatar

      Zachary on

      Proud to have a piece of MTG history! Love the art!

    10. Missing avatar

      Matt McDonald on

      I want to see before and afters. Signature #1 to SIG #5000, see if it changes into straight line ;)

    11. John Avon Art 3-time creator on

      @Ed Artists traditionally sign their work at the bottom. Anywhere else would look, well, curious.

    12. Ed on

      Interesting that you have chosen to sign the lower half of the mat, isn’t that the most worn? Curious is all.

    13. Missing avatar

      Brandon on

      Holy crap. All those sharpies put my “collection” to Shame... and here I was thinking I had a lot. O.o