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Official Playmats of John's most famous landscapes from Magic the Gathering.
7,362 backers pledged £315,131 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. John Avon Art 3-time creator on

      @Kurt - these prints will only be free gifts to backers. If we start selling them we think that will diminish their worth and exclusivity. If you want other prints please visit our store.

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      Kurt Reeves on

      Would it be possible to pay a little extra and get the unstable prints separate? (so I can hang both and make my wall brilliant)

    3. John Avon Art 3-time creator on

      @Derek, the mats are made in the USA - of this we have no choice. Yes we are having them imported for signing and packaging and shipping them back over there. We however do have a plan and have figured out a cost effective way to get these to people without having to fly John around the world or divide the project into regionally administered portions.

    4. Derek Conklin on

      Christoph Schmann, I'm guessing these will be available on Ebay come January. Might be pricey though. Or you can find a fan of a different land, and trade.

      Or, sign up with a new name, and make another order. I'm sure John has no objections to that.

      If I can ever get to a GP with John, I'll have him sign mine. Be warned, John, you may end up signing these prints anyway over the years!

    5. Derek Conklin on

      I love this. A dedicated artist actually gets to turn his passion into a great commission, and the fans get a collectible.

      I hope you make $200K from this after all is said and done. You've earned it and you deserve it after all these years.

      Here is hoping other artists can template this to gain some financial security as well.

      A word on shipping - Are you going to really ship from England to America? I'm guessing at least 50% of these orders are going to the States. Would it be easier/cheaper to either have the mats made in the States that are going to the states, and then fly John in to sign and package them, or ship the signed materials to the states and package and mail them on US soil? The packaging has to be magnitudes cheaper that way.
      Seems to me shipping is going to be a majority expense. Hope you can cut that down as much as possible.

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      deleted on

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    7. John Avon Art 3-time creator on

      A5, which is about 8 x 6 inches.

    8. Frank Engelsvoll on

      How big are the prints? :-) And I LOOOVE!!! this Kickstarter btw =]

    9. Mario Villalobos on

      This is freaking awesome.

    10. John Avon Art 3-time creator on

      @Christoph, no it will be the same land type on either side - that way people can choose their favourite 5 to display.

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      deleted on

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      deleted on

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      Martin Hesse on

      Awesome, can't wait to hold these in my hands :)