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An interactive inky project where you become my co-creators and tell me what to draw. Together we'll create a super sized artwork!
An interactive inky project where you become my co-creators and tell me what to draw. Together we'll create a super sized artwork!
152 backers pledged £8,019 to help bring this project to life.

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Rewards Shipped!

It was the Post Office run to end all Post Office runs! (check out the photo below!)

With a few wee exceptions*, all the rewards have now been shipped!


This has been a mammoth task that I'd greatly underestimated, so thank you all for being so patient. Your inky rewards are now in the trusty hands of Royal Mail. 

Postcards, pin badges and tattoos are packaged in jiffy bags, whilst prints have been rolled in postal tubes. These items have been mailed separately and may not arrive on the same day - don't panic!

I hope things will start to arrive in the next day or so, but please allow a full working week before you start to fret. Those of you living far away should allow at least 14 working days for airmail deliveries. As ever, if there's any problems, drop me an email to hello(at)johannabasford(dot)com

A few exceptions:

1. Friends & Family: I'll be hand delivering your rewards over the coming weeks. The personal touch, aren't you lucky?! 

2. £150 + Backers: We've had a slight delay with the book printers, which means I'm unable to send out your signed copies of Wonderlands yet. These will be sent in a package along with your postcards, pin badges and tattoos, so I'll hold these here till the books arrive and ship these things together. Your prints have been sent separately. Sorry again for this delay, you shouldn't have much longer to wait.

3. Aberdeen collection day: I'll see you all Saturday!

And now to tidy the studio, it's looked like a mailing depot for weeks now!


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Kickstarter Collection Days!

Get your rewards in person...

I’m very almost there with all the letters, prints, postcards, envelopes and postal tubes – it’s been a mammoth task! For my Scottish based co-creators, I’m having 2 collection days, 1 in Dundee and 1 in Aberdeen, where you can come along and pick-up your rewards in person. For everyone else, I’ll be dropping you a line soon about when to expect your inky packages in the post. 

Details on the Collection Days: 


Saturday 15th June 1 – 4pm 

Dundee Contemporary Arts 

This is the same day as the Wonderlands book launch, more details here. 


Saturday 29th June 2 – 5pm 

Musa, 33 Exchange Street  

If you’d like to collect in person, please email me and let me know if you’ll be picking-up from Dundee or Aberdeen and I’ll make sure your rewards are there for you. 

I’m sorry I can’t offer more collection days in different cities, if only I had a teleporter...


Wonderbeasts Rewards

Hello to all my Wonderbeast Co-creators, here's an inky update of what's been going on...

The studio is slowly becoming an inky depot, filled with tattoos, pin badges, prints and postcards.

Not to mention a few hundred postal tubes, juffy bags, envelopes and tissue paper!
Ah those postal tubes, we'll get to those in a moment...

I spent a couple of long days in the DCA print studio, screen printing all the A2 and A1 prints
And the Wonderlands book finally went to print this week (hurrah!).

Those hand written letters of thanks... they are taking a little longer than expected,
But rest assured, I get a few more penned every day and I'll soon have all 152 signed, sealed and (almost) delivered!

So, we're pretty much on track to start parceling up your rewards in the next couple of weeks.
Realisitically, we're looking at an early June dispatch now as opposed to end of May.
(blame those letters!)
But hey, good things come to those who...

If for any reason your postal address has changed since you filled in the survey,
please let me know NOW by emailing me and putting KICKSTARTER ADDRESS in the subject line.


Oh yes, those tubes...
The long and short of it (I use puns to deal with frustrating logistics situations)
Is that they are too long to be sent using my usual Royal Mail service.
Never fear though, I have a plan.
It may or may not involve a hacksaw...

I'll post another update as I start the packaging and let you all know when your rewards will be hitting the mail bags!


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Tagged Artwork

Hello everyone!

Firstly, a big thank you to all my inky co-creators who made it along to the opening of Wonderlands at Dundee Contemporary Arts on Friday and saw our artwork exhibited in the gallery! I'll post some pics of this soon over on my blog. The show is on till Sunday 7th July, so still lots of time to go visit.

In the meantime, I'm delighted to say the tagged artwork is now live! Click the link below to view it. Hurrah! Thanks to the good people at Hamptons here in Aberdeen who did all the magical digi stuff, I literally sent them a drawing with lots of names scribbled on it and some arrows, they did the rest! Have fun finding all your suggestions and there's even a link so you can download the artwork.

Now that the exhibition is open, I'll be focussing on getting all these rewards printed, packed and posted to you. I'll keep you updated, but we're on track to have everything with you by end of May as planned.

Thanks again for being part of this amazing adventure with me!



Thanks to Lyall at SooperDD for the opening night snap!

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Exhibition Opening Night!

An invitation!

I’d like to invite you all to the opening night of Wonderlands – my exhibition at Dundee Contemporary Arts where our co-created artwork Wonderbeasts will be exhibited for the very first time!

Come along and see the full size artwork, along with a plethora of other inky curiosities.

Doors opens at 7pm on Friday 3rd May 

All Welcome

Everyone is welcome; backers, friends of backers, art lovers, art critics, kickstarter fanboys and pen geeks... ;)

The show runs for 9 weeks until Sunday 7th July, so even if you can’t make the big opening night, there’s still plenty of time to visit and see our artwork in the gallery.

The tagged version of the artwork will be going live very soon, so you’ll be able to pin point your inky beast precisely. As soon as the exhibition is open, I’ll be hitting the print studio and putting together your reward packages and writing all those letters of thanks!

 Looking forward to meeting some of you on the 3rd! 


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