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Update #5

Short and Sweet...and by "Sweet" I mean "Awesome"


The third time is truly the charm when it comes to locations. Last night we signed a contract and exchanged money with a great pizza place in Finleyville. We'll be taking over April 23!!!

For the first couple of weeks we won't be changing anything so that their existing clientele can get to know us, and we can learn their menu. Then we're going to add the meatball sandwiches.

Next week I'll be posting exactly where the place is and a schedule for when I can finally send out the rewards you guys deserve.

I didn't want to wait another minute though to tell you guys that it is now really happening. Joe and I are so excited, and we can not wait to see all of you soon.

Update #4



Guys, we are blown away with the huge outpouring of support we've received. While we were starting to think we weren't going to reach our goal, we were still glad we'd done this because of how much great feedback you guys gave us. A lot of you are people we know pretty well, but a surprisingly high percentage of people donated to us because they saw us mentioned on a friends' website or facebook wall and liked our idea enough to make it happen. That means a lot to us.

Yesterday, thanks to some prior donors upping their donation and a few new donors, we hit our goal. This means that we're going to get our restaurant. It also means...

The bloggess is getting her sandwich. (We're at the bottom of the post I linked to). There will, indeed, be glitter on it. 

Also, even though I hadn't promised him one; we're going to have a featured sandwich of the month in honor of Dan and Improbable Island because for non-facebook sites, the islanders sent us the most donors and the most cold, hard cash. Cold, hard cash that will be converted into meatballs in a process that is best left unseen. :-) Seriously, you guys rock. I told Dan I wanted to do an Improbable sandwich, and he thought about it for two seconds before asking me if it could be the Sneaky Lion sandwich*. Those of you that know Dan, will not be shocked at all by this revelation. (Also, for those of you that have never visited, Improbable Island is a text based game that combines the joys of role-playing with a lot of lulz. And lions.)

I'm going to get the surveys wrapped up in the next couple of days so that at midnight, Saturday they are ready to go out, and you guys can tell us where you'd like your rewards sent.

Again, thank you. You all are amazing people, and we hope to see all of you as soon as possible.

Joe and Sabrina

* By all means, feel free to speculate in the comments on how one would make a meatball sandwich that will convey sneaky lions because Joe and I are currently stumped.

Update #3 - For backers only

Try the Fries


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Update #2

What were you doing New Year's, New Years Eve?

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We took advantage of a gathering of guinea pigs, I mean, close friends and tried out a couple of new sandwiches on them. The Chicken Bacon Ranch got good results, but the Chili Meatball sandwiches got the most acclaim. Joe's chili is delicious in a bowl, and when you add it to our pork meatballs with some grilled onions, cheddar cheese and bacon, it is just heavenly.

We also tried out the Black & Bleu for the first time with a larger group. This is actually one of the first sandwiches Joe made at home after he came up with the concept, but it was great to hear that other people like it.  This treatment is really good on all the meatballs: it's cajun spices with crumbled bleu cheese and crispy bacon on top. It'll definitely warm you up on a cold day without making you need to gulp down water.

Sabrina also discussed the $500 reward with someone (you get a featured sandwich of the month named after you) and ended up coming up with her first sandwich idea at the same time. We're going to taste test it before she starts bragging about how great it is, but it sounds tasty on paper. (Don't think too much about that; it makes less sense if you do :)

We're so excited about the way 2012 is shaping up! Thanks to all of you for helping us out :)

-Joe and Sabrina

Update #1

Off to a good start!


Wow! I just clicked on "Discover New Projects" and then under cities, clicked on Pittsburgh, and we are the first ones listed under "Currently Funding". This is a good thing indeed :)

I'm hoping we can get featured as "Most Popular" on the food category or even on the front page, and I think we're on pace to do that. You guys have been fantastic about not just donating, but also spreading the word on facebook.

It's kinda weird how a business project is really making me feel so much love and support from our friends. Of course, to Joe and me this isn't just a business; it's a dream we've shared for over a decade. And knowing that you guys get that and are trying to help us just means so much.

I hope everyone has a very safe and very happy new year.


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    Like the $500 except you get to help design the sandwich. We’ll work with you on what’s available (sorry, we can’t afford truffle infused swallow’s nest). When it debuts, we will mail one for you anywhere in the world. We’ll keep it cold and give you instructions on how to reheat it. Also $200 rewards.

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    We’ll cater your football (or any other kind) party for up to 30 people anywhere in the United States. We’ll bring our sandwiches of course, but we’ll provide the other party fixings. Note: This won't be available until May 2012, and we'll need a couple month's notice so we can arrange travel time. Also the $200 rewards.

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