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Sci-Fi film that does not rely on CGI effects. Join us as we experiment with the wonders of our own world, in order to create another.
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Joey Shanks

136 backers pledged $10,342 to help bring this project to life.

Spaceship "SPUD" Animation Tests

Hello gang!!!

The final stretch is upon us.  5 days to go and we are at 72% ($6,200) of our $8,500 goal.  Its going be close and sure make for good drama!!!

Last update I said campaign ended next Monday, that was a mistake.  IT ENDS this SUNDAY at 9:13pm!!!!

To newcomers to the campaign, thanks for joining us and please post and embed everything "Sci-Fly" related!!!

Please go to our Vimeo channel and check out all the "Sci-Fly" campaign videos and please share the links as you see fit.  They all have links to our Kickstarter campaign page.   -------->  

Or better yet, embed and post the link to our campaign directly!!!  Here is that link.....

I tried making a clay version of our ship "Spud".  It is a very crude 1st attempt but I can only use things I find around the house for now.  The finished "Spud" will have a sweet cockpit, triggers, thruster controls, after burners, and a assortment of lasers and missiles.  We need the funds before we can design and create all that goodness. 

Shots that are also included in this video...

1)  Alka Seltzer tablet in water with yellow food coloring. 

2)  Pop Rocks with a couple drops of Soda mixed in

3)  Bubble filmed at night with heavy "rim lighting".  (even thought about incorporating these bubble elements into a "Wormhole" for traveling at the "speed of light."


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