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Sci-Fi film that does not rely on CGI effects. Join us as we experiment with the wonders of our own world, in order to create another.
Created by

Joey Shanks

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New campaign SPECTRUM | Made for the GIANT SCREEN


Hey guys !!!

Its been a while :-)

Just wanted to share our newest film & campaign for SPECTRUM.

SPECTRUM will deal with Supernatural weather made for the Giant Screen.

Check out the campaign here...

During the course of production we will also create a series of instructional videos to serve as a template for aspiring filmmakers who may want to try and get there film screened on these "giant screens."

Help us empower indie filmmakers so they can get their films seen on the GIANT SCREEN !!!!

thanks for giving this a look guys !!!

-- Joey Shanks --

SCI-FLY to SHANKS FX (Vote for us to win the WEBBY) Internet's Top Honor

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Hello once again, it's been a while!!

Our web series just got nominated for BEST HOW TO / DIY series in all of cyberspace.

Help us win the PEOPLES VOICE award by voting for SHANKS FX here...

Its a very simple process, just click on link, then sign in with either Twitter, Google+, Facebook, or your email.  Then click twice on our icon to place vote. 

And please share link to your friends!!!

THE WEBBY AWARDS are referred to as the OSCARS of the web, so this is a big deal. 

Over 12,000 submissions!!!

More great thing soon to come  :-))))

Click on Image to VOTE for SHANKS FX
Click on Image to VOTE for SHANKS FX



Hey Gang,

Got a new SHANKS FX episode, and the effect was used heavily in SCI-FLY. 

I hope you enjoy and pass it along if you see fit.

SCI-FLY will end it's festival run in the next couple of months, which is sad, but there will be a new project coming along shortly!!!

Cosmic Gif
Cosmic Gif

Star Trek "Teleporter" effect

Just noticed it's just over a year since our campaign was successfully reached. 

Time flies & the SCI-FLY train keeps rolling on!!!

We will be heading to the LA Film Festival in a couple days to screen SCI-FLY.  It will be our first time in Cali, very excited :-)

Also have a new episode of SHANKS FX up, check it out if you got a minute.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy.

all the best,

-- joey shanks -

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Magnetic Putty Episode

Hey gang!!!

It's been a while, but we're still cranking out "Shanks FX" episodes that deal with how we created the effects for SCI-FLY.

Here is our newest one, and I think it is quite a visual experience.  I hope you enjoy & please pass the video around the web if you find it worthy.

Hope everyone is happy & healthy. 

Watch "Magnetic Putty" episode here ------>

Also, pick you up a copy of "Geek Magazine" at your local book store. You will find a familiar face :-)

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