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I will save the adequate-but-underachieving NYC egg sandwich by delivering instructional leaflets to all Midtown egg-sandwich makers.
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Introducing The Egg Sandwich Guy Seal of Approval!

Posted by JoeyScoops (Creator)

Hi All,

Sorry it's been a while, I've been trying to figure out the logistics for the t-shirt with the design given to me by talented artist Mike Constantine. I still think using his idea for the shirt is doable, the tough part is just figuring out the best place to order them from that's going to do it well. I've narrowed it to two now so they should be going out in the next few weeks. Please send me your sizes if you haven't.

ALSO, in the interest of keeping the campaign completely positive, the Egg Sandwich Eater's Bill of Rights-type list is STILL ALIVE, but going to the individual delis one-by-one and handing it to them isn't going to change anything. These places are so busy that they're going to think I'm trying to hand them a resume. The flyer will be available at all times on the website, of course, but I've come up with a MUCH BETTER idea: The goal is to find and identify good egg sandwiches and encourage the places that don't have good ones to get better, right? So let's find the egg sandwiches I (or you, or WE) like and give them the Egg Sandwich Guy Seal of Approval. 

I've designed a small, egg-shaped (naturally) sticker (prototype is attached - and uses the same design I'm going to use on the t-shirt) that businesses can put in their window, PLUS the website will have a tab with all the businesses that have received the Seal. When I like a place's egg sandwch, I'll give a short reason as to why it's good and hopefully include pictures.

Should this be limited to NYC? I don't know. I could go either way. I think for now, it should. It would be a perfect, "I'm in this neighborhood, where can I get a definitely good egg sandwich?" kind of thing.

Egg Sandwich Guy Seal of Approval sticker
Egg Sandwich Guy Seal of Approval sticker

But I want all my backers to have the power to submit Seal of Approval recommendations too. 

Either way, that's the plan. It's more positive, and it's going to be more successful.

Email me at with any questions or ideas.

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