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Manage, share, and sync your large files with the power of git and the ease of use of a simple folder you drop files into.
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Joey Hess

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the end of the kickstarter campaign, and the start of something new

My year funded by this Kickstarter to work on git-annex is over. I'm pleased to say I built what I set out to make, and a lot more besides, thanks to your generous support.

Looking back, if I had only gotten funded for half a year, there would be so many things I'd not have been able to do. There would be no Android port, no Internet Archive integration, no Windows port, incomplete XMPP support, no screencasts walking through setting up the git-annex assistant. So, what might I accomplish if I got funded for six months more?

I've decided to try to find out! If you'd like to help make it happen, watch the video and visit

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three ports and a movie

I'm excited to have released today a git-annex assistant port to Android! Today's release also has the first stage of a port of git-annex to Windows. I also saw the Mac OSX port running today for the first time. 

In recent months, I've made several screencasts showing off different parts of the git-annex assistant. You can see them all at and I've included the introductory screencast with this update.

I have accomplished so much more over the past year than I ever dreamed I would! All thanks to my backers for making it possible. My Kickstarter funding continues for another month, and I will be continuing to polish and improve the git-annex assistant. Stay tuned for more news.

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backer rewards

Hi, been a while since I posted an update here. I'm continuing to work hard on developing the git-annex assistant, and soon I will release the first beta version of it, which will be basically usable.

I've also started working on fulfilling the Kickstarter rewards. I received this sample of the USB key today. Getting it turned out to be a saga, you can read about the whole story in my blog:

I've sent out shipping information surveys to backers who will get the USB keys. Stickers are also coming soon, and the t-shirts will probably be a bit later.

As for my backers who signed up as beta testers or to influence the direction of the project, your less tangible rewards will kick in once the first beta release is out. I'll be using your feedback to prioritize features I add to the git-annex assistant, as its base becomes complete.

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one month along, and a milestone

I've been head-down coding on the git-annex assistant for an entire month. And today I have reached an important milestone: It can sync files between computers!

I have a short video demoing this that you can see on my blog:

Also, remember that you can follow my day-to-day development work on my dev blog:

BTW, for backers who selected keychain or t-shirt rewards, I hope to start work on fulfilling those soon. First I need to get a nice looking vector (SVG) version of the git-annex logo to put on them.

the homestretch -- and a screencast!

Just a quick update on the last day of my Kickstarter. Now's the time to lock in your reward selections, and the last chance to tell your friends. 

I've made a quick screencast to say Thanks! and show what I've built so far. 

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