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With the assistance of a laser cutting machine I am trying to create a series of letterpress blocks, prints and woodcuts

For the past 7 years I have been working on illustration, art and design on the computer. Everything I do still gets hand drawn and scanned but I rarely get to work in print anymore and want to start getting my hands dirty again.

Recently I have been learning a lot about laser cutting machines. With my own machine, I could take my body of work to the next level. I plan on creating a series of 8"x10" prints made specifically for this project. Using the precise technology at hand, I can make a woodcut block to be used for print. From there I would ink up the woodcut and create each print by hand. I feel this creates an interesting balance between computer made and hand made work. 

Here's a mockup of the 8"x10" print with silver metallic ink "Super Sweet"

On top of the prints I would also like to make art cut from wood that you can hang directly on your wall. The laser can create interesting depth that will make these pieces stand out on your wall.

This is a mockup of the 9"x12" woodcut "Dark Matter"

Finally for the entry level donators. I would like to make letterpress type that can actually be used. Since not everyone has access to this dying art they will look cool hung on your wall or on your mantel. Best of all I created a custom typeface especially for this project!

A Sample of the woodtype

EDIT: Samples have arrived, check out my post about them!


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    3 laser cut letterpress letters of your choice

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    Original 8"x10" print created from wood cut

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    9"x12" wall art piece

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    8"x10" print + 9"x12" wood cut wall piece

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    8"x10" print, 9"x12" wall piece, full letter press alphabet

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    Commissioned one of a kind art piece just for you, created by me

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