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Exploding my work into new directions and utilizing new mediums to create durable permanent works to exhibit in NYC 2015!
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Hope everyone had a special holiday... I'm very Thankful!

Posted by joe Mangrum (Creator)
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Thankful for those in my life that recognize the value my work brings to the world. As we are all represented as a tiny grain of sand in that metaphor of the living universe, my work is about finding that balance, that level of freedom and individuality that all those colors can represent different cultures, ideas, and ways of doing things. That perhaps in this diversity a cohesion that lifts us metaphorically to something beautiful, sustainable and respectful.

It's hard too see in a world so mad and damaged as it seems at times, but I'm thankful for having been able to smiles on so many faces in my lifetime thus far ... Let it be contagious! Are you smiling right now?

I am!

I do not enjoy asking, but I must, and I certainly appreciate all that have given this far.

I have made 800 sand paintings thus far. If everyone gave just .02cents for each that's a modest contribution of just $16.

Think of how many smiles that has produced? Is a smile worth .02 cents?

With your generosity, please let your friends know, it's quite possible that if even a small fraction of my audience each gave .02 cents for each painting, just $16. I could fulfill stretch goals and travel to other parts of the world and put smiles on their faces too!

Can we stop a war? If everyone is smiling, what's to fight about! I can dream right?

Please share this link:

And say something about my work in your own words. Please encourage your friends to contribute as no amount is too small or large, if you have already contributed, consider adding a bit or getting an extra set of postcards to share.

With just 9 days to go time is passing quickly.

Thank you... And bring smiles to the world. �

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