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The debut album from England-born, Berklee-trained folk singer/songwriter Joe Holt
The debut album from England-born, Berklee-trained folk singer/songwriter Joe Holt
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Mixing finished!

Posted by Joe Holt (Creator)

Hi everyone,

I'm very excited to say that we've finished mixing all twelve songs for the album! YEAH!!! We're preparing to master them now, and should get going on that within the next few weeks. 

One rather large update is that my song "One Thing" will not be on the album. I think we're going to release it as a single, independently of Brighter Moons. It was a difficult decision and we had thirteen great-sounding songs, with one to cut. I chose One Thing because we recorded it months before the rest of the sessions, with different mic placements and recording techniques, and it just sounded a bit disparate. The twelve songs left really do sound like a cohesive entity; a real album. I think you'll see what I mean in a few weeks.

As we progress into mastering, I want to quickly tell you all about a few other people behind the scenes of this project: namely, our engineers.

Sam Milinazzo is the recording engineer behind the album. We spent countless hours in the studio, in his apartment, in Berklee rooms and over the phone to make sure this album sounds exactly the way I had in mind. I worked with Sam first on my song "You Fill Me Up," which we recorded live in a Berklee studio last year. Sam just graduated with me and he's really really cool. He also co-produced the album, giving creative advice and helping keep everyone sane in the studio. He has fantastic ears and is a real pleasure to work with.

Gabe Herman is our mixing engineer, and he is absolutely incredible. I met him a few years ago when he was the engineer behind my friend and voice teacher Brian Cheney's debut opera album. He was deftly twiddling about a hundred buttons, wielding this giant orchestra as if it were a single instrument. He mixed the Empty EP and his ridiculous talents have given these songs a new life. He came at this project with so much energy and passion, giving us a fresh outlook on how the songs should sound. His musicality is inspiring and awesome.

Jim Chapdelaine is our mastering engineer. He studied guitar under Pat Metheny at Berklee a few decades ago, toured the country with his band, then began engineering, working with Carol King, Phoebe Snow, and countless other artists (when he mastered Empty he had just finished a project with Deer Tick. Right now he's working with the Tedeschi Trucks Band). Oh, he's also won 13 Emmys for his engineering work with PBS. He's also really nice and stuff.

In other news, the t shirts have arrived and they look super awesome. I'm nearly done with these rewards, and by the time we finish mastering, I'll be ready to send out the first round!

Thank you all so much, again, for your support. Having just graduated, I feel a bit scared of the nebulous-sounding "REST OF MY LIFE," but this album gives me a method to attack this insane dream of a career.

And god it sounds so good already. 

x Joe 


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