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Digital Bolex, a 2K RAW Digital Cinema camera for $3K.
Digital Bolex, a 2K RAW Digital Cinema camera for $3K.
Digital Bolex, a 2K RAW Digital Cinema camera for $3K.
440 backers pledged $262,661 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Bolex Software Update!

Hey Kickstarter,

Sorry for creating two updates in one day, and I'm sorry we haven't been updating kickstarter as often as before, but we will start it up again!

We just posted a long blog about the software that will be included with the D16!

Thanks for your support,    Joe

kickstarter updates

Hi Kickstarter peeps!

We had an interview a couple days ago and the interviewer asked us why we had stopped posting kickstarter updates despite the fact that we have been posting weekly news updates on our site.

I told him it was because we believed almost everyone following our project had been transitioned over to our site, but I thought I would come on here and check to make sure that is true.

Do you guys still want me to post updates on kickstarter so it hits your email box or is posting to the Digital Bolex site itself OK from here on out?

I want to thank you all for your patience with this project, we are getting very close now! And the product you receive will be significantly improved from the product description in this kickstarter campaign!

Thank you all for your support and patience,      Joe

The Case of the D16

Hello Kickstarter,

Happy Election day for our US backers!

We have a new blog post...

It's about a custom case for the D16 and a cool wrist strap we will be including with all of the kickstarter cameras as an extra reward.

Check it out!

For you camera backers who get a bag as part of your reward, please let us know if you would like to switch to this bag instead.

Thanks Everyone!

Weekly Ustream Chat

Hi Kickstarter,

We have heard from a few people that there is more specific information you would like to hear so we have decided to do a weekly informal group video chat where you can ask us questions and we will answer them live in real time!

Here is a link to the update...

Thanks for your support,   Elle and Joe

October Camera Update

Hi Kickstarter,

There is a new update about the camera on our website, please come check it out...

Some pictures to entice you...

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  • Image 173329 original