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Digital Bolex, a 2K RAW Digital Cinema camera for $3K.
Digital Bolex, a 2K RAW Digital Cinema camera for $3K.
Digital Bolex, a 2K RAW Digital Cinema camera for $3K.
440 backers pledged $262,661 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Sensor Calibration Complete!

Hi Kickstarter Backers!

I just got back from Toronto where we had our first sensor calibration session. I sat with the engineers for 3 days in order to get the sensitivity and the color balance of the sensor locked in. And the good news is it was successful!

Read more about it here:

This means we have nearly completed the firmware for the camera, the electronics are complete, and the mechanicals / body is the last remaining thing to be finalized before we build and ship!

Thank you all for your support!

D16 In The Wild!

We got a chance to shoot with a D16 on location for the first time!

Come check out the footage and the BTS!

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The Tooled Parts Are In!

Hi Kickstarter!

Our Tooled parts came in, and we are getting very close to ready for product delivery!

Please check out our new blog post:

Thanks, Joe

It’s Alive! First Cinema DNG Frames from the Digital Bolex

If you haven't heard we are now getting some very nice images from the camera and we have some DNG files you can download!

Please check out the full blog post here:

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The Story from NAB till Now

Hi Kickstarter Backers!

We have an new blog post up!

This is a BIG one!

It's the story from NAB till now.

Here is a little taste...

Last week I missed a call from our business partner Joe Bornbaum. The voicemail he left was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever heard.

“We got an image with the new firmware, it’s not perfect, but the F*ing thing works!”

I flew to Toronto that night on 3 hours of sleep. On Thursday I was exhausted. I came into the office dragging my backpack full of equipment. I desperately wanted to see a clean image coming off the sensor, but I knew that this was very unlikely.

Read more here:

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