The Digital Bolex: The 1st Affordable Digital Cinema Camera

by Joe Rubinstein

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    1. Missing avatar

      Wayne Campbell on

      "we are getting very close now"
      -there's an old Russian saying, "Your elbow is close but you can't bite it"

      Seems like I have been getting these Bolex updates forever. problem is now the digital cameras all offer video-some in high def.

    2. Nine Volt on

      It would be great if you just put a quick post here noting that there is an update on your site. When a post is posted here, Kickstarter sends me an email telling me there is an update.

    3. Missing avatar

      Max Well on

      I check the Digital Bolex site almost daily, but if there is a MAJOR announcement, it would be nice to post here, so we get the email alert like Nine Volt mentioned.

    4. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on

      OK! Messaged received loud and clear :)

    5. Bryy Miller on

      Yeah, not everyone checks forums and sites as much as they should. Kickstarter is a great reminder. Plus, they Kickstarted it.

    6. Missing avatar

      Stefan Szczelkun on

      Main updates via Kickstarter as well please

    7. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on

      Hi Wayne, Thanks for your comment, I know sometimes it seems like "forever" to me too, but in reality it has been less than a year, and look how far we have come.

      As far as the fact that "digital cameras all offer video-some in high def" is concerned, how many of these cameras offer raw sensor data from a global shutter CCD with a standard film format size and lens mount options? Very few is the answer :)