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Digital Bolex, a 2K RAW Digital Cinema camera for $3K.
Digital Bolex, a 2K RAW Digital Cinema camera for $3K.
440 backers pledged $262,661 to help bring this project to life.

kickstarter updates

Posted by Joe Rubinstein (Creator)

Hi Kickstarter peeps!

We had an interview a couple days ago and the interviewer asked us why we had stopped posting kickstarter updates despite the fact that we have been posting weekly news updates on our site.

I told him it was because we believed almost everyone following our project had been transitioned over to our site, but I thought I would come on here and check to make sure that is true.

Do you guys still want me to post updates on kickstarter so it hits your email box or is posting to the Digital Bolex site itself OK from here on out?

I want to thank you all for your patience with this project, we are getting very close now! And the product you receive will be significantly improved from the product description in this kickstarter campaign!

Thank you all for your support and patience,      Joe


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    1. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on

      Hi Wayne, Thanks for your comment, I know sometimes it seems like "forever" to me too, but in reality it has been less than a year, and look how far we have come.

      As far as the fact that "digital cameras all offer video-some in high def" is concerned, how many of these cameras offer raw sensor data from a global shutter CCD with a standard film format size and lens mount options? Very few is the answer :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Stefan Szczelkun on

      Main updates via Kickstarter as well please

    3. Bryy Miller on

      Yeah, not everyone checks forums and sites as much as they should. Kickstarter is a great reminder. Plus, they Kickstarted it.

    4. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on

      OK! Messaged received loud and clear :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Max Well on

      I check the Digital Bolex site almost daily, but if there is a MAJOR announcement, it would be nice to post here, so we get the email alert like Nine Volt mentioned.

    6. Nine Volt on

      It would be great if you just put a quick post here noting that there is an update on your site. When a post is posted here, Kickstarter sends me an email telling me there is an update.

    7. Missing avatar

      Wayne Campbell on

      "we are getting very close now"
      -there's an old Russian saying, "Your elbow is close but you can't bite it"

      Seems like I have been getting these Bolex updates forever. problem is now the digital cameras all offer video-some in high def.