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Digital Bolex, a 2K RAW Digital Cinema camera for $3K.
Digital Bolex, a 2K RAW Digital Cinema camera for $3K.
Digital Bolex, a 2K RAW Digital Cinema camera for $3K.
440 backers pledged $262,661 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Nine Volt on

      Has anyone else besides Philip Bloom received a camera?

    2. Bryy Miller on

      Okay. So I think I'll have enough saved by the time the Bolex comes out to snag one, and I and my compatriots are conspiring on our first short. Good times.

    3. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on

      Thanks Bryy! We'll let everyone know at least a week before we do our next pre-sale!

    4. Bryy Miller on

      I look forward to buying the finished product.

    5. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on

      You're welcome Paul! Hope you like them, we worked hard on them :)

    6. Paul McConnochie on

      Thanks for the screen printed posters!

    7. Paul McConnochie on

      Thanks for the screen printed posters!

    8. Missing avatar

      Altmann on

      Congratulations for the project I was pleased to contribute. There are many comments regarding the lens mounting so I would like to make a suggestion: Bolex H16 cameras were available with a bayonet mount suited for the top-notch heavy Kern Vario-Switar zoom lenses. By means of an adapter easily found on Ebay, there is no limitation to mount C-mount lenses on these cameras.
      Could you think at such a bayonet mount option that will additionally allow a quicker changing of the lenses than the C-mount.

    9. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on

      Thanks Peter! Met Philip for the first time today, great guy!

    10. Peter J Haas on

      Congrats on the Great interview with Philip Bloom at NAB!

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    12. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on

      Thanks everyone, we are so happy and deeply grateful for your support!

      We will make the best camera we can, I can't wait to see what you guys do with it!

      All the best, Joe

    13. Missing avatar

      Marsio Juwono on

      Well done. Can't wait for the camera to arrive.
      Cheers ...

    14. Paul McConnochie on

      Congratulations guys - The adventure really begins now. Really looking forward to receiving this camera... It's shaping up to be a beauty, going on recent specs.

    15. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on

      Thanks Andrew!

    16. Andrew Levine on

      I'm very happy with the new specs (update #11) and look forward to the finalized audio options!

    17. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on

      Thanks Dave :)
      While speaking with Dave I learned that he is the founder of a Bolex user group!

      So cool!

    18. Dave Kavanagh on

      After a long conversation with Joe, I have to say I am feeling relieved. A lot of issues have been cleared up and I gained some insights into the whole process. Of course there are still a few "ifs & buts" but that is to be expected with any new venture.
      Joe has been in contact with me since I first raised my doubts and at no time did I feel out in the cold or undervalued. Thanks Joe.
      As I have said before, this idea is amazing and I am very happy to be involved.

      Kind regards,

    19. Dave Kavanagh on

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks again for your prompt reply. Today is Saturday, not Sunday! I do like the idea, the ethos, the design and the price. I have also been on many forums extolling the virtues of the Digital Bolex, it's concept and specs.
      I have however been working my backside off in order to be able to pay for this camera, it is a lot of money for a struggling filmmaker! I'm sure you understand my fears.
      My main question is this- the camera that you showed at SXSW, are there pictures of it without it's makeshift body? This would definitively put to rest many backers qualms that beneath that black casing lay a GX2300.

      Kind regards,


    20. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your support.

      Stelio and others at Ienso are partners in the Digital Bolex, that means they own shares of the company producing the Digital Bolex camera. I will ask them to send some pictures of the internal electronics that they feel comfortable sharing with the world at this point. As today is Sunday and tomorrow is a holiday I likely will not receive them until Tuesday though.

      I appreciate your concern and will do my best to allay your fears.

      Thanks for your patience, Joe

    21. Dave Kavanagh on

      I love the idea but a few things need to be mentioned. I am a backer but I am considering withdrawing my pledge. An image of the internals of the so called "new" prototype would be most welcome, as the original prototype was another camera called the Allied Vision GX2300.
      Joe stated that it is not unusual to modify other camera's and use them as prototypes, but this is not a Digital Bolex, it is a GX2300, the images and video from which were labelled as Digital Bolex images and video.

      So is there an actual prototype or is Digital Bolex passing off an other camera's video as their own?

      This really needs to be answered.

      Images of the internals of the "new" prototype, are in my humble opinion, necessary to allay any fears of those that have pledged large amounts of money - Full Disclosure. For any contract to be valid, full disclosure is legally and lawfully required.

      Why has no raw footage been released? Or DNG files?
      The completion date? - Realistic?
      Stylianos Derventzis? Why is he the registered owner of
      For those that don't know, he is the head of ienso.

      Don't get me wrong, I love the design and the ethos. But critical thinking and the upfront answering of questions like these are a must.

    22. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on

      Hey Scott thanks for your support and letting us know the reasons behind it. We'll keep at it!

      All the best, Joe

    23. Scott Ganyo on

      I apologize, but I'm going to have to withdraw my pledge to buy a camera for personal reasons. I still love this project and hope to buy a fantastic camera from you one day.

      But in the mean time, if any of you here would still like to get a camera, it's available now. However, it may not last long as I will also be posting in my social media circles and otherwise to help find another buyer before the end of the pledge drive.

      Keep pushing the envelope, Joe!
      Best, Scott.

    24. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on

      Hi Christian,

      Thanks for letting us know why you changed your pledge.

      I am not aware of the "massive import taxes" you speak of. Can you send me a link?

      Is it more than $800?

      I hope the D16 will be available by early next year internationally.

      Thanks for your support! Joe

    25. Christian Schmeer on

      Hey guys, I have dropped out of the $2500 pledge. Considering the massive import taxes / VAT and hassle of using the myUS mail service for such an expensive product, I don't think it's worth it for me. I will keep my pledge at $1 to get eMail updates though, as I am still interested in buying a camera once it will be available in the UK.

    26. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on

      Also I'm sorry, there are no more pre-orders available at this time.
      We are doing our best to make more cameras available as soon as we can.

      Thanks for your patience, Joe

    27. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on

      Hey Christian,
      The camera will have changeable lens mounts.
      The front panel of the camera will be removable.
      So far we have planned C, EF, PL, M, and B4 mounts.

    28. Christian Schmeer on

      Will the "optional" lens mounts be exchangeable (e.g. available as options to buy) or do we need to choose before receiving the camera? It would be great to have a camera that can take different lens mounts!

    29. Christian Schmeer on

      argh.. no more pre-orders? :(

    30. Daniel Bérubé on

      Lots of great discussion is happening on the forums

    31. Dionne Jones on

      Brilliant! Love you, guys! :D

    32. Daniel Bérubé on

      @Ryan or @Joe or anyomem who wants to comment - I am thinking of getting a Kern Macro Switar 26mm f1.1 RX C-mount Lens - and possible a 10mm, 16mm and 75mm - should we be looking at the preset versions? Also, it would be great to talk about this and more lense options in the forums at

    33. Daniel Bérubé on

      Hey all,

      Joe just created the Digital Bolex Forum at

      Would really be great if we could start posting some threads there and getting a community going.

      Also, very interested in talking about best lense options there.

      Check it out!

    34. Paul McConnochie on

      I second the replacable battery suggestion. The idea of a fixed internal battery seem a bit backwards for a camera like this. Don't know if you guys are too far down the design line to switch to a removable battery - But thought I should speak up for it as well.

    35. Daniel Woiwode on

      Hey Joe, just a couple questions:
      First the spec sheet lists an internal battery with an optional external via XLR. Would you consider having it run on interchangeable, rechargeable batteries though? Like maybe Anton-Bauer or Canon LP-E8 or LP-E6 batteries? This would be far more useful, keeping the camera portable and not tethered with an XLR cable, plus it'd keep the price of the camera cheaper for shooting.
      Second, if the sensor only outputs 4:2:2 color, how will the camera be able to record 4:4:4?

    36. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on

      Hey Daniel,

      Another backer reminded me about the difference between RX and non-RX lenses. I am looking into the best solution to this, I think there may end up being two different C-mount lens mounts.

      One for RX and one for non-RX, there may be an adapter answer too.

      Best, Joe

    37. Daniel Grey on

      I have read the shorter focal length Switars are RX corrected so anything under 50mm won't suit the digital chip. Are you guys aware of this?

    38. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on

      Hey Justin,

      Yes the internal buffer will be a 256gb SSD drive which will allow for about an hour of continuous recording.

    39. Justin Heaney on

      Hi Joe
      How will the "take length" be determined?
      By the buffer?
      If so, how long at full spec?


    40. Ryan Patrick O'Hara on

      @ Dan,

      I'm not Joe, but I know a bunch about lenses. With that said, if there was a forum about lenses, you could not drag me away from it. :) CP.2's are one of the few cinema prime sets that have interchangeable mounts. You can order the lenses with your choice of mount from Zeiss: PL, EF, F, E and MFT. The most common two are EF and PL, and the mounts can be swapped by any lens tech.

      Joe's CP.2's do not look to be PL. They are likely EF mount, which is the Canon EOS system mount. In the video, it appears Joe puts a lens on and rotates the lens to lock it in place. PL lenses don't do that. They are placed in the mount at one orientation and then the mount collar rotates around the lens flange to lock it in place. The lens does not rotate. But if you want an easier way to tell, Joe (later in the video) is putting a lens away, and the back cap is not PL back-cap.

      All lenses have pro's and con's. Some top-notch c-mount lenses have advantages over modern PL/EF, while modern PL/EF lenses have advantages over c-mount. They just made a choice. I own a set of PL primes, a PL zoom, and a PL anamorphic prime lens. I also have a bunch of c-mount glass. For the purposes of how I plan to use the digital bolex, I'm cleaning up my c-mount Zeiss lenses. But that is because of how I plan to use the camera.

      There are many Schneider, Cooke, Angie and Zeiss lenses in c-mount I am drooling over. C-mount lens shopping can be a tricky mine-field to navigate. Be careful and do research. :)

      Can't wait to talk glass! It's my thing.

    41. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on


      Yes we are on it! We want to get a forum up asap!

      And as far as why I chose the CP2's I just really wanted a set :)
      Ever since I first read about them I have been drooling.
      One of my favorite 16mm lenses was a Ziess 10-100 I had for my Arri 16BL.

    42. Joe Rubinstein 2-time creator on

      Hi Victor,
      Thank you! We currently don't have any plans offer any more discounts, but you never know.

      If we do we will definitely let all of our kickstarter backers know first!

      Thanks, Joe

    43. victorvusa on

      Sold of the initial allotment... congrats! For those of us who don't care about limited editions or any particular serial number, are you going to offer any more discounted pre-orders?

    44. Daniel Bérubé on

      @Ryan, Ok so if they were Ziess CP2's the prototype must be PL mount? Joe can you speak on why you chose CP2's instead of Zeiss/Cooke?Angenieux/Shneider C-mount?

      And perhaps Joe, you should create a forum now so we all can start discussing threads complimentary to your product(s)?

      I would like to start a thread on best lenses to look for but not sure if it is appropriate here?


    45. Daniel Grey on

      Is it possible to get some stock footage (adobe cinema DNG) for download?

    46. Missing avatar

      Paul Woodd-Walker on

      This is all very exciting... So it seems the image side of things is all under control, the workflow coming along but as a doc cameraman I'm thinking field practicalities and ergonomics. When working as a part of a small unit mostly handheld with both primes and zoom lenses, one or two radio mics (maybe top mic), a wireless monitor, maybe an on board monitor for a couple of weeks... I see the two horseshoe attachments but with there be any screw in options / other ways to attach accessories? And a consideration of making the camera more shoulder mounted and nicely weighted without it completely loosing it aesthetic and becoming some sort Frankenstein and me becoming some sort of hunch back? One other thing; what about internal ND filters? Good luck, Paul

    47. Brian Leahy on

      Hey Rube, in case you hadn't seen it yet, you guys got a nice little post on PetaPixel

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